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Teach you how to locate your website’s profit model

profit, profit or profit! Most of the purpose of the station is for profit, of course, do not rule out a part of lovers in order to meet their own interests and build the station. Then a web site from the early site, after a normal flow, how to let the oneself put a lot of thought, and even your site dug the first pot of gold? So today, how old Wei to talk with you position yourself profitmodel, hope to have a little to see some inspiration to their own website "money view" of the small webmaster comrades. read more

Rookie talk about the hearts of the three major station status quo

I don’t know how others ranked the three largest station, but for me, in my heart, the three station are China station (Chinaz), stationmaster net (Admin5), Chinese station (zzchn). The first two may be a lot of people are the same, may three a lot of webmaster webmaster heart will including Ali mother community or portal or other webmaster, webmaster Chinese may be a lot of people have different ideas, and even a lot of people have forgotten this station. However, Adsense China from the very beginning I like, from the beginning of his information, his style, his program source code, I like it very much, at that time, in addition to Admin5, is my most frequently went to the place. But then there was change, which led to a lot of people may have forgotten it. But I believe there are still many webmasters concerned about zzchn. read more

What did Digg do wrong a community that did not form a viscosity

[core tip] the $two hundred million valuation during the peak period was a close finish of $five hundred thousand today. In the end what is the mistake in the Digg seven years of history, resulted in a 2 Web typical of today is not the perfect ending up? Digg experience and lessons left us what to think of


in July 12th, Digg was acquired by Betaworks, the purchase price of only $500 thousand. The total purchase price is only $16 million, even when the price of the former team and the patent is awarded. Compared with its peak Google approach of $200 million in acquisitions, its contraction was staggering. In the end what is the mistake in the Digg seven years of history, resulted in a typical 2 Web reduced to today’s hastily? Digg experience and lessons left us what to think of read more

The development of commercial static website program let me 5000

sees a lot of experience that runs website, the stationmaster that relies on website advertisement income to write experience, I write a few experience that develops business program.

I was in college when the development of web applications, but is a dynamic website program, 2005 fourth graduation day, a Shenyang friend called me and said: your mall system can help me to revise the static, is the kind of background program to generate the static pages I said: OK, the total price of 1200 yuan, 400 yuan deposit clients. Before graduation, I successfully completed the project, as scheduled, got the remaining 800 yuan. read more

Why is Google labeled malware web site

yesterday, as usual, check out a small station on the internet. Baidu included normal, snapshot 24 hours, when open the Google check, found a big problem, the Google included links have been added "the site may contain malicious software, may harm your computer."

in front of a halo, unlikely ah, my station is good, how could there be a malicious software, the first thought is will allow hackers to the black, can be looked at his station, did not find what is wrong with it, your computer is not a virus, also installed in 360360 the police did not open the web site. Then open the FTP, compare the website files on your computer and the file size, several documents mainly is the same size, there is no problem; several major download files from the Internet, check the source code, there are no problems found. I don’t get it. My station is good. Why would you bring it with you? read more

Next gold mine seven types of mobile medical profit model development status and Prospect Analysis


Global Mobile Communications Association reports that the growth of the mobile medical market will bring in $23 billion by 2017. AI media consulting data show that by the end of 2017, China’s mobile medical market will also exceed 10 billion yuan. Although mobile health care market is regarded as the next "gold mine", but because of the complexity of the system, the business model is not easy landing". However, there are already 7 profitable mobile medical services around the world. Experts have analyzed the current situation and prospects of these models and provided the development ideas for the domestic mobile medical market. read more

Baidu K movie station was actually included

some time ago I sent an article, my station was finally Baidu K, and the results of the article just 1 weeks, and Baidu released.

my website word called Youku, obviously keyword and optimization based. Youku keyword to second pages, 2 weeks by K

at that time, that keyword brings traffic, in fact, did not imagine much, on more than 1000, SEO is very powerful, but not as powerful as you think, or the long tail keywords to traffic is the most important.

actually I do is reduce the keyword density, for a stable space, in a similar Baidu included adding Links (in fact, it is a station to take the adventure), do not know is coincidence or what, the station was in collected again after being K. read more

A few steps to Taobao

everyone in the use of data shelves, as far as possible to modify the baby name to the most complete. We can do an experiment, search for their own selling baby. The result is usually, can not find their own treasure, but can search for many other sellers of the same kind of baby. Why,


in fact, the answer is very simple, buyers search baby will search in the bar to enter the baby keywords, each person with each input keywords are not the same. In order to better let buyers search your baby, your keyword must be reflected in the baby name, or within the scope of the search engine allowed, so the more complete the baby name, the better. That way, no matter where the buyer searches, baby, your baby is very likely to be searched by buyers. There will be business to do Oh, read more

ndustry segmentation site venture less investment low risk big returns

why would you say that the industry segmentation site is a less investment, low-risk, and return big business? I’ll explain to you.

I, investment.

1, funds.

industry segments in the early stage of the investment is very low, I have mentioned in front of many times, although a slight difference around, but the total investment will not exceed 10 million. If you own the construction site, or has set up a good entrepreneurial team, your investment will be lower, only need to buy space and domain name on the domain name,.Cn is now 1 yuan / year, while the.Com is about 56 yuan / year, plus a 1G space, the price there are three hundred to two, from two thousand, (because there are many factors affecting the specific), that is to say, your funds is 200 yuan -2000 yuan, this is probably the least entrepreneurial investment now. read more

nternet product model = good gene capital Baotuan

for immediately forming PPTV investment I do not know how to see these days only reviews, articles on the website, I feel about you for the deal was more optimistic, in fact, with Ali in the mobile hardware as we will find the investment PPTV is granted after all. The TV box is coming out soon, this time a forerunner of the video industry to promote a, is to reduce the risk of failure, after all who can not imagine before Ali mobile phone as embarrassing.

, but what I want to write today is not entirely around Ali’s strategic investment, but the recent frequent acquisitions, the similarities and differences behind it. Think about starting from the unfamiliar street, Ding Ding Ali strategic concessions, the Internet has begun to how many cooperation, how many mergers and acquisitions, product integration times, has made the system more products now to BAT, whether it is the video industry Iqiyi, PPS, PPTV, and even social micro-blog, High German map application mobile terminal it has become BAT’s products, coupled with the fame of the WeChat and Yi, now the giants of the product system can be said to reach a near monopoly situation, then why is there such a situation, do small companies only through mergers and acquisitions to achieve the long-term development of read more

Climbing a diamond a week is by no means an online myth

seller from the first day of the open, as was the start of a drill desire, longing for the title of crown seller, but really when you step by step to input energy to make the operation flow, sales, such words a little bit in destroying one of entrepreneurs with cavity fighting. Sword teacher is also a step by step this way, after 2 years of shopping mall operation after suffering, and finally began to dream of pace.

attached: sales record report

June 1st -6 19, sales of 0

6 and 19, -6, 23, sales of 174 read more

A failed entrepreneurial experience

see friends here communication so lively, I this rookie also send my story, and give you some reference,.

well, get to the point:

in 2000, I entered the University, studied the sports specialty, likes and the plan department student contacts, similarly, the computer hardware software also studies very skilled,.

2002, the first time I formed my first website, the Department of sports class 2 class 2000 alumni records, because built in the LAN, with graduation was deleted,.

2003, the first and the project department friends planned to use computer design graduation resume to make money, then the Internet seems to have been no professional cover sale website, engage in a network server, on line, sell cover resources, at this time, the project Department of the friends for exit, only one person to go that made life completely on their own planning, implementation, harvest the first four digits of the money. read more

Exploratory application website plug in and influence

host: Good evening, everyone. I’m the host of this lecture. First of all, thank you very much for coming here on Saturday night to attend the lecture. This is the first lecture by the interview group, and there is no chance to do it later. Of course, we also hope to get the chance. Please have some experienced friends here to give you a lecture. After all, the task of this group is the interview task of the open source plug-in network, and the interview has been successfully carried out for the fourteen time. I would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" and thank you for your support all the time. Said so long, not yet said why suddenly opened a lecture, ha ha, I believe there are many friends also have this question, so I’m here to explain to you. A few days ago was invited to go to the station Feizhou Youqun a lecture, he thought for a long time and finally determine about plug-in theme, time is 8:30 tonight. Then I suggest that he also open a lecture in this group, but also let the group of friends can exchange, after all, water and fertilizer can not flow to other people’s fields, ha ha. That’s how it started. read more

Effect of filing website industry brought face to face verification

in February 22, 2010, the Ministry of Industry issued on further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial), a clear run to third filing system at the same time verification scheme, the site founder I need to carry the required verification of original documents, materials to access service unit for the record site for verification procedures.

so, verification scheme will bring what kind of impact to the whole industry website? read more

Do local station for fourth years the ideal is always with no reality whatever in the face of realit

has been in the fourth year as a local station. This is not a summary post, nor is it a memory post. I just want to write something to commemorate those who accompany my website all the way through the day, thanks to those who helped me in my webmaster career webmaster.

half a year ago, I sent an article in A5: "three years of local stations: flow, popularity, no profit", then referred to the commercialization of local communities, but I still do not have commercialization. Six months ago, love Ganyu (, IP, 4000+, PV 58 thousand, no profit; now, day IP, 5000+, PV, 7w. The site’s parameters are growing, perhaps in the hands of other webmasters, now counting money at home. However, this station in my hands, can only be regarded as a very popular local station. Yield nothing. read more

A new webmaster experience

I am

from the second half of 2000 began to contact the Internet, just began at that time is the contact in the school room inside the computer, is the DOS system, can only be used with the WPS in the above database, C programming language and the like, but then only know to play, no serious to learn. Only learned five pen typing, and some simple computer knowledge, this year we began to appear in Internet cafes, Internet cafes, small, only about 10 units around it, using a dial-up Internet, I remember we had a chat room, do not know what to talk talk afternoon, (now think only enough funny) then we school computer room has also been updated, we have a lot of students begin to learn to do ", I also made a very simple" hanging in the school room on the server, but later playing in the cafe in Rome, gave up the study. read more

26 optimizations that must be done for a successful web site

1, prepare and build content

before you register your domain name, you should write down your thoughts and prepare enough content for 100 pages. Please note that at least. That’s 100 pages of real content, instead of the link page, about us page, contact us or copyright statement and mixed ".

2, domain name

you should choose a domain name that is easy to build a brand. You want, not keyword.Com. Keyword rich domain names should be discarded, and easy to build brands and easily identified domain names are the best. read more

Do a good job filling content so that the electricity supplier website sales fly up

both elong vertical electricity supplier website, or Tmall, Jingdong and other comprehensive business website, their sales is nothing more than three aspects: price, content and evaluation, which I think is the webmaster of the most easily overlooked link, because of people’s subconscious, always feel that a business site sales volume is proportional to the price and the site is given, as long as the site of the awesome price, buyers will be single, slightly other ideas webmaster may reuse the user of the herd mentality, to praise the high rate of baby son summed up on the website, improve the purchase rate of users, but from first to last few people pay attention to the electricity supplier website content, so to see the website "naked" product information, you’ll be surprised. read more

How do news websites increase traffic Try interaction

review: news is the traditional news media and the portal, users understand and dissemination of news channels become more and more diversified, multi angle, and recently popular media. So now focuses on news media website day is not so comfortable, in the information era of diversification, the news website to reach new heights is not an easy thing, how to better attract online traffic? Not only is the quality of content and the attitude of the news so simple to fix, I’m afraid the user said is the user, where users need what kind of news? read more

Five questions that should be considered before writing a blog

your blog will fail. Sorry, that’s true.

no one is tracking how many blogs have existed and how many have been abandoned, and there are hundreds of millions of blogs on the conservative estimates – most of them – yesterday. Don’t let your blog get into the statistics of these failed blogs.

As a self thinking guy,

, I often have an urge to start a new and creative adventure. We all know how easy it is to start a blog. It’s too easy. But when I woke up in the cold sweat at 3 in the morning, an idea came out of my mind, and I asked myself a few basic questions… read more