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Opened the first travel agency specializing in runners – Motion Travel

first_imgMotion travel is a new travel agency on our market, but the real news is that Motion travel is the first agency specializing in runners going to European and world races, as well as promoting Croatia as a racing destination and the arrival of runners from Europe to race in Croatia.The whole story was created out of our own need and then the moment happened when the light above our head came on and an idea was created. Namely, the owner of the Motion Travel agency, Josip Ćorić, is a runner himself and with his friends he had the need to go to various marathons in Croatia, as well as the desire for European marathons and races.Problem?Except in our own arrangement and effort, there were no ready-made and concrete offers for going to various races, targeted at runners, both for races inside Croatia and outside of Lijepa Naša. “The idea came up last year, because as a runner I did not have an offer or an agency that would organize everything to go to half-marathons and races in various cities in Europe. As a passionate travel enthusiast and employee in agency tourism for the last 11 years, I have also come across concrete business opportunities, researched the market, talked to fellow runners and seen my opportunity to open an agency of the first of its kind.”Points out Ćorić, the owner of a newly opened travel agency specializing in runners.Solution?Motion travel, the first specialized travel agency for runnersThe need of people for “movement” as well as a large base of runners in Croatia, which grows from year to year, led us to establish Motion Travel, the only agency in Croatia specializing in recreational, amateur and professional runners and of course their fans to race in Croatia and Europe, says Ćorić, and adds that they want to be a link between the organizers and the runners. “We are already communicating with racing clubs from Germany and Austria, to generate ready-made packages for runners to visit our marathons and races. We also communicate with our racing clubs and for now the reactions are extremely positive and everyone is thrilled with the idea and launch of the first specialized agency for runners.”Says Ćorić and concludes that they have just started and that their goal is to promote and position Croatia as an ideal destination for runners.Exactly the link that the market lacked – the link between race organizers and runners, and the promotion of the entire destination and the arrival of foreign runners at our races.Runners are constantly on the move, looking for new challenges and raising their own boundaries, and are constantly looking for new locations to run, and just running is a great blend with tourism. On average, runners are over 30 years old, they take their family with them, they want to get to know the destination and consume other facilities, they come in the pre- and post-season and generate higher tourist consumption. Croatia is perfect for this type of tourism, especially in the pre- and post-season, because we have a pleasant climate, islands, sea, rivers – beautiful and diverse nature, and a complete tourist product.Over 50 million people regularly run in the EU, and their annual consumption is estimated at 9.6 billion euros.Also, we can and must be proud that in Croatia we have the first application for tourist running, the first Run friendly hotel concept, excellent, recognized and quality races from Istria, Dalmatia, the whole continent to Slavonia, and now the missing link, the agency for departure and arrival of runners for races in Croatia.So, we have everything, we need the synergy of all as well as the support of the whole system to speed up the development process and raise the performance scale to a higher level for a quality and rounded racing and tourist platform. This is how tourism develops in the pre- and post-season.Every start is difficult, so is the new entrepreneur Josip Ćorić, who is full of ideas and energy, so help him with advice, connect and create new added values ​​together. See more about Motion Travel at official websites Running is much more than running, running is movement and a way of life. So let’s not invent hot water, but first and foremost use what we have, our potentials and turn them into resources. #CroatiaFullOfRunnersRELATED NEWS:CROATIA’S FIRST IN THE WORLD GETS RUN FRIENDLY HOTEL CONCEPT – RUN HOTELTOURIST RUNNING VIA SIGHTRUN APPLICATION AVAILABLE FROM SPLIT NOWlast_img read more

Scott Shafer reflects on time as URI secondary coach

first_img Published on September 4, 2015 at 11:29 am Contact Matt: mcschnei@syr.edu | @matt_schneidman Facebook Twitter Google+ As the secondary coach at Rhode Island, Scott Shafer did everything.Liquid nailed white boards to old green chalkboards. Cleaned out light fixtures for the first time in years. Bolted together new lockers after securing donations over the phone.A far cry from his head coaching duties at Syracuse today, Shafer’s second coaching stop encompassed vastly more than managing the cornerbacks and safeties. From 1993-95, he absorbed an array of football knowledge under the tutelage of the elder URI staff and was entrenched in the grassroots operations of a college football program.“We did everything and it was great because it made you appreciate everything as you moved into your coaching career and moved up the ladder,” Shafer said.As a graduate assistant at Indiana from 1991-92, Shafer worked with the offense and was exposed to the resources at the hands of a Big Ten program. But in his first three or four days on the Rams’ defensive staff, he helped clear out offices and lay out carpet in the coaches locker room.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textHe worked the phones with former students and players. He unloaded 18-wheelers stacked with facility equipment. During the summer, each coach watered the practice field in the morning, stuck around for an hour, turned off the sprinklers and came back in the evening.“You appreciated the people that were taking care of the facilities and making sure that they were up to snuff if you will,” Shafer said. “So for us it was just kind of ground-roots training and I was just lucky enough to work for a lot of great people.”After emptying closets and painting walls white, Shafer delved into tactics.Mike Mallory was the defensive coordinator and current Pittsburgh head coach Pat Narduzzi was the linebackers coach. Their on- and off-field philosophies were identical, Shafer said, easing the transition into his new role.Any money the staff had was spent listening to more experienced coaches talk about what Shafer was trying to learn.“We got to go kind of be flies on the wall and listen to Bob Stoops and Jim Leavitt talk about their defense at Kansas State,” Shafer said. “We got to listen to Bob Pruett at Florida and about what he was doing defensively at the time before he was at Marshall as the head coach. The late Terry Hoeppner was a great defensive coach at Miami of Ohio at the time, we got to spend time talking to him.”Mallory, Narduzzi and Shafer all took notes, compared what they saw from each coach and crafted together a formula of their own.“It all goes back to listening to those that were brighter than us and had a little bit of wisdom,” Shafer said. “… and it’s worked out pretty good for all of us so far.”The kiwi storyNarduzzi’s wife always gave him kiwi to take to work since nobody provided lunch in the early 90s. During a defensive meeting, Shafer told Narduzzi he was allergic to kiwi but Narduzzi didn’t believe him.One day before practice, he peeled off a kiwi and rubbed it on the front of his desk and his phone, figuring he’d use his phone to make a call at lunch. At 1 o’clock, Narduzzi walked in to a pre-practice meeting and Shafer’s eyes were swollen shut.“He’s a DBs coach, it’s nice to be at practice to be able to see your DBs, right?” Narduzzi said on Wednesday’s ACC coaches teleconference. “He’s like, ‘Man, something happened.’”Missy Shafer yelled at Narduzzi, the first time he got yelled at by a coach’s wife, and she brought in Benadryl for her husband.“So make sure when you guys are up there you don’t bring any kiwi to the press conference.” Commentslast_img read more

Noble Nole. Novak Djokovic to open restaurant offering free food.

first_img“Money is not problem for me. I have earned enough to feed all of Serbia .I think that they deserve this after all the support they are giving to me.” Djokovic said in a statement.“Because of my family, I’ve always had a love for food. But as an athlete, it became something more—the fuel that determines how I play, how I recover and how alert I am on the court. I attribute a great deal of my professional success to my diet. Food is my passion. Of all the things I’ve experienced in life, food has changed me the most. I wanted to share that impact with the world”In 2015, Djokovic became the first tennis player in history to win $20 million prize money in one season. In 2016, after winning the French Open, he became the first tennis player in the history of the game to surpass $100 million in career prize money.The 12-time Grand Slam champion has dropped to number 6 in World rankings after ending his season in July due to injury. He is however set to return to the sport in January to begin a new season.RelatedNovak Djokovic Out For The Rest Of 2017 Due To Elbow InjuryJuly 26, 2017In “Sports”Novak Djokovic’s Father Blames Grigor Dimitrov For Son’s Coronavirus InfectionJune 24, 2020In “Featured”Novak Djokovic: I’ll Surpass Nadal And FedererMay 23, 2020In “Featured” Tennis star, Novak Djokovic is known to be in the restaurant business. In 2009, the Serb opened a restaurant called ‘Novak’ close to the Belgrade Arena in the Serbian capital. In 2016, he also opened a vegan restaurant called ‘Eqvita’ in Monte Carlo, where he and his family live. The 30-year-old is in the process of building his third restaurant, this time offering free food to those in need. The multi-millionaire revealed customers will be able to dine for free, claiming he wants to give back to those who have supported him throughout his incredible career.last_img read more

Vendor slapped with larceny charge

first_imgTwenty-one-year-old Donald Evans, who vends at the Route 44 bus park, on Monday appeared before Georgetown Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts after he was slapped with a charge of simple larceny.The charge stated that on December 30, 2018, at Lombard Street, Georgetown, he stole a cellphone valued $30,000; the property of Sheneza Knights. Evans denied the charge after it was read to him. Police Prosecutor Annalisa Brummell did not object to bail but asked that conditions be applied.Magistrate McGusty released Evans on $20,000 bail. The case will continue on January 16.last_img read more

By UPF Italy Giuseppe Cali This is the second con
By UPF Italy Giuseppe Cali This is the second con

first_imgBy UPF Italy, Giuseppe CaliThis is the second conference in the Italian Parliament, following the establishment of the IAPP, by True Parents. Around 70 participants gathered, including parliament members, journalists, head of NGO, representatives of very prominent organizations and institutions.The theme was the same of the latest Human Rights UN day: “Stand up for someone’s rights today”.Nowadays, Italian society is going through a deep transformation, for several reasons, including the huge wave of immigration from poor and war devastated countries. The topic of human rights is daily discussed in all media in many ways, with very different reactions and approaches, making it a real battlefield. We wanted really to bring the Principle point of view on this very important human life related issue and show the heart of True Parents.By chance, happened that in the same day the parliamentarians were very busy in voting for the new National government and the discussion for it was exactly on the same time of our conference. This could be a killing factor for the success of it, but incredibly enough some of them made a outstanding effort to attend our conference anyway. One of them, Hon. Eleonora Bechis decided to stay with us all the time, running out at the very end, just in time to vote, while others were going in and out, passing from one hall to the other continuously.This attitude, showed the level of interest and attachment they have to us and our organizations. Differently, they could easily find an excuse not to attend our conference, but surely, they consider us very relevant for the sake of the country.Gabriella Mieli, vice-president of WFWP Italy, was the MC and organizer of the program. She read the Ban Ki Moon speech, given at the last Human Rights Day of UN. On our side, we had three speeches:Carlo Zonato, UPF Italy President introduced the meeting explaining the role of UPF, giving a testimony of the founders, our True Parents, Elisabetta Nistri, President of WFWP Italy, spoke about “Peace and Human Dignity”, quoting True Mother to explain how she is guiding us in many activities in order to develop the standard of true women and couples, Giuseppe Calì, Italian National leader, spoke about “The role of religions in the establishment of human rights”, explaining the importance of the interreligious dialogue in the peace building and the establishment of a better society. He read several passages of Father’ speeches on this topic. All our papers were appreciated very much and elevated the spirit of the conference, to an unusual level for a parliament hall.The other speakers were very well known human rights activists and parliamentarians. A movie director, Ilaria Borrelli, introduced a film, that is nowadays shown in movie theaters in Italy, and was shown at the UN assembly and Euro Parliament, talking about children’s rights. Other speakers were: Antonio Stango, President of LIDU the Italian branch of the International League for Human Rights, Marco Ricceri, President of EURISPES, one of the most important research institutes in Italy, Vincenza Palmieri, President of INPEF a prominent educational institution for Families and Children, Hon. Souad Sbai, former Italian Parliament member and President of an African Women organization fighting to educate and rescue African women in Italy, Hon. Eleonora Bechis, current Parliament member, and responsible of a government committee for helping immigrated children that lost their parents and remained alone. There are thousands and thousands of such children now in Italy and they are totally alone, sometime at a very young age.The level of the papers was extremely good, very detailed, passionate, spiritual in many ways, expressing the deep desire to improve people’s life and morality and especially protecting children and women that nowadays are devastated either by criminal organization, but also by a culture that prevent them to develop properly in their true freedom, character and happiness, even in the western developed countries. The response from the public was incredible. First, the level of audience was very high, including parliamentarians, and prominent personalities and human rights experts. Then, the give and take between speakers and public became so intense, that we could easily say that the content of the question and answer sessions (we had one every two speakers), was important as much as the papers that were presented.At the end, we were happy, with a sense of accomplishment and advancement of the Italian Providence. We appreciated and could benefit from the cooperation of some 2nd generation members, that with their young spirit, abilities and smile could add grace and efficiency to the conference. Recently, we are experiencing a “kind of magic”, every time we go on public. We understand this happens thanks to God and True Parents, but we are all extremely happy to become more and more, bit by bit, even with our many limitation, instrument of God’s Will to rebuild the world. We are, on the same time, sure that True Father, sided by Jesus, all saints and all brothers and sisters mobilized in the Spiritual World, is supporting us very much. As we feel grateful to True Mother and deeply connected to her effort to save the world, we feel in the same way connected to True Father’s Heart to conclude the restoration process of all the cosmos. We know he is with us constantly and we feel his love more and more. We can just say: Thank you Heavenly Parent, thank you True Parents! Organized by UPF and WFWP in cooperation with Italian Parliamentarians that attended the London and Rome conference to start the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace.last_img read more