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first_imgDanny MooneyOnce again there was a terrific turnout of more than 500 runners and walkers for the annual Glenswilly GAA Club 5k.Local Letterkeny athlete Danny Mooney was the winner on the night when he just pipped fellow Letterkenny man Ivan Toner in a time of 15.44.The Michael Murphy Sports-sponsored event attracted young and old alike with all proceeds going to the underage structures at the club. The following is a list of those who took part and their times.Well done to everyone who took part.Place Bib Name Gender AG Club Time1. 1234 Danny Mooney m SM Letterkenny AC 15:44,72. 413 Ivan Toner m M35 Letterkenny AC 15:45,93. 329 Colin Roberts m M45 City of Derry Spartans 15:51,34. 416 Gavin Corey m SM Sperrin Harriers 15:51,55. 508 Anthony Doherty m M35 Letterkenny AC 15:59,76. 438 Emmett McGinty m SM City of Derry 16:04,47. 97 Michael Black m M35 16:39,68. 487 Liam Doherty m M35 Letterkenny AC 16:44,39. 130 Peter O’Donnell m SM Milford AC 16:52,410. 328 Michael Murphy m M40 City of Derry 16:56,911. 240 Raymond Birch m M35 Letterkenny 16:58,512. 86 Ben Carr m JM Finn Valley AC 17:04,413. 233 Conor Boyce m JM 17:12,314. 437 Martin Lynch m SM Milford AC 17:30,215. 318 Paul Russell m SM Milford AC 17:39,916. 396 Brian Ferry m M35 Letterkenny AC 17:44,617. 89 Mark Diver m SM Letterkenny AC 17:44,818. 465 Shaun Boyce m SM Milford AC 17:48,619. 119 Kevin Mc Gee m M40 Rosses A.C. 17:55,820. 466 Brian Crossan m M35 Kickboxing LK 18:00,021. 140 Barry Coyle m M35 18:00,222. 444 Lee Breslin m JM 18:06,523. 54 Johnny Watson m SM 18:07,524. 372 Karol Doherty m M35 18:07,525. 27 Sean McGinley m JM Glenswilly GAA 18:18,026. 394 Declan Mc Bride m SM Cranford A.C. 18:19,827. 301 Joe Gibbons m SM Glenswilly GAA 18:20,128. 246 Patrick Brennan m SM Letterkenny AC 18:20,629. 148 Colly O Donnell m M40 Letterkenny 18:29,230. 259 Damian Murphy m M40 Raphoe Road Runners 18:33,331. 245 Ciaran O’Donnell m M45 Letterkenny AC 18:38,932. 620 Fergal McGee m SM Rosses AC 18:40,933. 493 John Daly m M45 24/7 Triathlon Club 18:42,634. 552 Darren Hunter m SM 18:57,035. 135 Tommy Boyle m M45 Rosses AC 18:58,236. 409 Ciaran Gibbons m JM Glenswilly GAA 19:01,637. 463 Niall Gildea m M35 19:16,238. 397 Anthony McDaid m M40 19:28,439. 141 John Hughes m M50 Letterkenny AC 19:29,840. 414 Jane McGinley f SW Letterkenny AC 19:32,141. 507 Marty McCabe m M40 19:35,542. 339 Barry Mackey m M50 LAC 19:38,743. 62 Conor Faul m JM 24/7 Triathlon 19:42,544. 218 Luke Toye m JM Glenswilly 19:43,845. 406 Eugene McGettigan m M40 24/7 Triathlon Club 19:47,646. 470 Cathal Gallagher m SM Glenswilly GAA 19:51,147. 121 Philip Mc Gee m JM Letterkenny AC 19:52,548. 377 Kevin C m SM 19:58,549. 548 Stephen Cunningahm m M35 19:59,050. 425 Marie Boyle f W35 Letterkenny AC 20:00,151. 415 Paul Sweeney m M40 LAC 20:04,652. 237 Adrian Callaghan m M40 Letterkenny AC 20:07,953. 385 Gwyn Yemm m SM 20:09,154. 398 Niall Griffin m M45 Rosses AC 20:13,855. 162 Seamus Gallagher m M60 LAC 20:15,356. 335 Eliiah McGinley m JM Finn Valley AC 20:16,757. 439 Patrick Doherty m JM Glenswilly GAA 20:18,758. 115 Patrick Mc Fadden m SM 20:20,959. 490 Sinead Boyle f W40 Rosses AC 20:25,460. 227 Nuala Bose f JW Olympian AC 20:26,261. 341 Frank Pinder m M50 Individual 20:27,262. 365 Mark McAteer m JM Glenswilly 20:28,863. 496 Naoise Enright m M40 Letterkenny AC 20:29,564. 358 Boyd Russell m JM Olympian AC 20:29,765. 611 Angus Hunter m M50 20:30,566. 489 Shaun McDaid m SM 20:35,267. 315 Giles McGee m M35 20:37,168. 488 Noel O Baoid m M40 Rosses AC 20:42,169. 109 Michael McDaid m M40 Glenswilly GAA 20:42,170. 78 Stephen Shiels m SM Letterkenny AC 20:42,871. 235 Patrick Duffy m M45 20:44,272. 388 Christopher Cuskelly m M40 Lifford Strabane AC 20:44,873. 533 Joe Devine m M45 Glenveigh 20:47,374. 547 Donal Rodgers m SM Dungloe GAA 20:49,575. 625 Curly Coyle m M40 Ramelton 20:50,376. 404 Eoghan Scott m JM Glenswilly GAA 20:53,377. 215 Reid Kelly m JM Glenswilly 20:53,478. 75 Glenn Gallagher m SM 20:54,479. 519 Michelle Hunter f SW Finn Valley AC 20:58,680. 524 Aidan McDevitt m SM Glenswilly 21:05,581. 238 PJ Lyons m M40 Individual 21:08,582. 361 Deirdre Diver f SW Letterkenny AC 21:14,483. 231 Marie Rooney f W55 Tir Chonaill AC 21:15,184. 614 John A Mullen m M45 Letterkenny AC 21:16,385. 47 Sean Bonner m SM Glenswilly GAA 21:18,886. 374 Owen Coyle m M55 Rosses 21:23,587. 176 Kevin Coyle m SM 21:25,088. 157 Eamonn Kerr m M45 Ray Men on the Move 21:26,389. 219 Shane McDaid m JM Glenswilly 21:28,990. 368 Hugh Allan m M50 Raphoe Road Runner 21:31,691. 51 Eugene Boyle f W45 Castlefin Running Group 21:35,092. 224 Owen Collum m JM Glenswilly 21:40,393. 214 Jake Kelly m JM Glenswilly 21:43,994. 343 Richard Raymond m M60 Letterkenny AC 21:45,995. 302 Conor McGinty m JM Glenswilly GAA 21:47,296. 8 Gary Kelly m JM Glenswilly GAA 21:50,997. 484 Noirin Nic Aoidh f W40 21:51,398. 316 David Larkin m M35 21:52,299. 304 Ciaran Hunter m JM Glenswilly GAA 21:52,8100. 310 Chris Ashmore m M50 Run for Fun Letterkenny 21:53,3101. 323 Paul Gillen m M45 21:55,4102. 211 James Byrne m JM Glenswilly 22:00,4103. 98 Stephen Clinton m SM Glenswilly 22:00,6104. 61 Michael Boyle m JM Glenswilly GAA 22:04,2105. 175 Brian McBride m M60 LAC 22:07,7106. 528 Mark Forker m SM Dungloe GAA 22:09,3107. 116 Leigh Crerand f SW 22:11,4108. 522 Frank Galligan m SM 22:16,2109. 168 Christopher Mc Monagle m SM 22:18,7110. 523 Darren McGinley m SM Glenswilly 22:22,8111. 529 Lisa Patterson f SW Raphoe Road Runners 22:22,8112. 462 Liam Ferry m M35 Run for Fun 22:24,0113. 494 Eugene McGinley m M50 Killybegs Swanlings 22:25,5114. 66 Donal Gallagher m JM Glenswilly 22:26,5115. 483 Anne Ni Eolan f W35 22:28,2116. 476 James Carberry m M35 22:28,8117. 542 John McElwaine m M35 Lifford Strabane AC 22:31,3118. 457 Pat Byrne m M50 Killybegs Swanlings 22:35,0119. 445 Gerard Mullen m M40 LAC 22:35,9120. 340 James Donaghey m M45 Convoy AC 22:38,6121. 500 Gary McBride m SM Run for Fun 22:40,6122. 159 Stephen McDaid m SM Glenswilly 22:44,0123. 255 Billy McMahon m M50 Ray Men on the Move 22:46,3124. 373 Evan Duddy m JM Glenswilly 22:46,6125. 623 Joe Coyle m SM Ramelton 22:47,5126. 503 Jude Hards m JM LAC 22:49,7127. 226 Henry Bose m JM Olympian 22:54,4128. 131 Paul Walker m M50 Letterkenny Run4Fun 22:55,8129. 90 Seamus McAteer m M40 Ray Men 22:56,8130. 169 Cían Randles m JM Glenswilly GAA 22:59,1131. 395 Eugene Mc Ginley m M50 Raphoe Road Runner 23:00,0132. 232 Lee Boyce m JM 23:05,8133. 166 Kevin Lynch m M50 LK Gaels 23:08,0134. 65 Jack Gallagher m JM Glenswilly 23:10,3135. 363 Shane McAteer m JM Letterkenny AC 23:13,1136. 139 Mikey Toner m JM 23:15,8137. 88 Catherine Regan f SW 24/7 Letterkenny Triathlon 23:17,7138. 427 Brian Duffy m M40 23:20,5139. 145 Oisin Mc Daid m JM 23:20,8140. 369 Joe McLaughlin m M35 23:21,2141. 626 Garvan Gallagher m M35 Run For Fun 23:21,9142. 411 Manus McFadden m M35 Glenswilly GAA 23:22,5143. 204 Karol Crossan m M35 Glenswilly 23:26,3144. 330 Philip Connolly m M60 Letterkenny AC 23:29,4145. 49 Mark Bonner m JM Glenswilly GAA 23:30,4146. 7 Conor Kelly m JM Glenswilly GAA 23:31,5147. 544 Patrick McMonagle m M45 Glenswilly GAA 23:35,0148. 158 Martin Langan m M40 Convoy A.C. 23:38,0149. 331 Oisin Randles m JM 23:46,4150. 621 Fiona McGinley f SW Rosses AC 23:53,9151. 230 Finley Bose m JM Olympian 23:55,1152. 117 James Gallagher m M40 23:56,5153. 128 Sean McGinley m JM 23:57,3154. 154 Devan Friel m JM Glenswilly GAA 23:57,9155. 501 Clare molloy f W40 23:59,0156. 59 Ronan Doherty m JM Glenswilly GAA 24:08,2157. 58 Eoghan Doherty m JM Glenswilly GAA 24:10,4158. 468 John Ward m M45 Tir Connail AC 24:11,6159. 362 Sharon McAteer f W35 24:12,3160. 22 Jamie McCauley m JM Olympian AC 24:13,0161. 320 Peter Russell m JM Olympian Glenswilly 24:14,9162. 467 Rachel Crossan f W40 24:16,3163. 275 Marie Mullen f W45 Letterkenny AC 24:17,5164. 419 Maria Boner f SW Tir Conall AC 24:25,0165. 127 John McGinley m M60 24:25,0166. 110 Claire Bohan f SW Glenswilly GAA 24:26,7167. 607 Sophie Kelly f W40 24:26,9168. 549 Rachel Bell f W35 Raphoe Road Runners 24:31,2169. 497 Darragh Enright m JM Glenswilly GAA 24:32,2170. 164 Catherine Malone f W45 Run for Fun 24:35,1171. 229 Anne Marie Bose f W45 Olympian 24:38,0172. 475 Chris McNulty m SM 24:40,0173. 471 Caroline McNulty f W35 Finn Valley AC 24:42,2174. 258 Ruairi Dowds m JM 24:44,2175. 236 Odhran Duffy m JM 24:45,2176. 429 Mark Russell m SM 24:46,4177. 380 Aileen McGeehan f SW Tir Chonaill 24:48,0178. 399 Kathleen Griffin f W40 Rosses AC 24:50,2179. 386 Barry Foley m SM 24:52,9180. 160 Conor McDaid m SM Glenfin 24:58,5181. 381 Michael Gibbons m M45 Run for Fun 25:01,5182. 430 Con Duffy m M35 25:03,9183. 136 Patrick Gallagher m JM Glenswilly GAA 25:05,4184. 434 Daithi Gallagher m JM Glenswilly GAA 25:13,8185. 79 Gerry Burke m M55 25:14,6186. 95 Michelle Delaney f SW Tír Chonaill A.C. 25:14,8187. 491 Shaun O’Donnell m M50 Killybegs Swanlings 25:15,7188. 443 Bridgeen Doherty f W40 Run for Fun 25:15,8189. 308 Caolan Doherty m JM Glenswilly 25:28,5190. 351 Billy Broderick m M50 Killybegs Swanlings 25:29,6191. 156 Chris McNally m M50 25:33,8192. 273 Gloria Donaghey f W55 Finn Valley AC 25:38,0193. 203 Aoibhin Randless f JW St Eunans 25:40,2194. 57 AnnMarie Roche f SW Run for Fun 25:43,3195. 50 Darragh Bonner m JM Glenswilly GAA 25:43,3196. 46 Deirdre Bonner f SW 25:44,4197. 469 Caroline Ward f W45 Tir Connail AC 25:47,1198. 412 Fidelma Mullaney m M35 Run for Fun 25:47,8199. 306 Michael Doherty m JM Glenswilly 25:49,6200. 309 Cillian Bonner m JM Glenswilly 25:50,7201. 498 Matthew Enright m JM Glenswilly GAA 25:53,1202. 322 Clement Bonnar m M50 26:02,4203. 420 Barry Creagh m M45 26:03,6204. 265 Eileen Morning f W40 Swanling 26:06,7205. 251 Denis Sheridan m M50 Milford AC 26:12,1206. 477 Frank McTaggart m SM Milford AC 26:12,3207. 132 Clare Gallagher f JW 26:15,6208. 379 Stephanie Brennan f SW Tir Chonaill 26:16,6209. 378 Nicola Bonner f SW Tir Chonaill 26:16,8210. 134 Niamh Gallagher f JW Glenswilly GAA 26:23,0211. 442 Darren Friel m JM Glenswilly 26:23,5212. 73 Mary Hegarty Brogan f W40 Run for Fun Letterkenny 26:27,5213. 627 Daire Maguire m JM Glenswilly 26:29,7214. 516 Barry Tinney m SM 26:29,9215. 96 Andrea Mc Meniman f SW Tír Chonaill A.C. 26:40,4216. 321 Mary Bonnar f W50 26:40,8217. 334 Hannah McGinley f JW Finn Valley AC 26:41,1218. 270 Mark Gildea m M35 Run for Fun 26:41,8219. 393 Carla Delaney f W35 26:44,1220. 170 Lisa Gallagher f W40 26:44,9221. 239 Noel Heekin m M35 Sliabh Liagh 26:45,6222. 459 Kyle Canning m JM 26:47,5223. 530 Hazel Long f SW Raphoe Road Runners 26:51,1224. 521 Conor McMonagle f JW Glenswilly GAA 26:51,7225. 56 Marie Geoghegan f W40 Run for Fun 26:54,9226. 41 Bernie O Donnell f W45 Milford AC 26:56,9227. 173 Jean McGlinchey f W50 Run for Fun 27:02,6228. 454 Packie Boner m SM 27:03,9229. 32 Jack McGlynn m JM Glenswilly GAA 27:16,9230. 417 John Lapsley m JM Glenswilly GAA 27:17,0231. 532 Stephen McElhinney m M40 27:21,8232. 531 Rachel Enfield f W40 27:22,0233. 45 Nadine Friel f JW Glenswilly GAA 27:27,5234. 390 Monica Grier f W45 Ray Women on the Move 27:30,5235. 21 Eve McCauley f JW Olympian AC 27:32,5236. 319 Anna Russell f JW Olympian Glenswilly 27:37,0237. 202 Emmet Browne m JM Glenswilly 27:38,0238. 455 Dympna Boner f W40 Tir Conall AC 27:38,3239. 606 Zach Gallagher m JM Glenswilly GAA 27:38,9240. 474 Conor McGrenra m JM Glenswilly 27:39,5241. 269 Marina Boyle f W40 27:40,1242. 613 Charlie Joe McGinley m M45 Letterkenny AC 27:41,5243. 113 Brid McHugh f W35 Tir Conall 27:46,1244. 111 Marian McShane f W40 Tir Conall 27:46,4245. 151 Mary McGranaghan f W40 Raphoe Road Runners 27:54,6246. 282 Caroline McGill f W50 27:56,3247. 177 Catriona McIntyre f W45 27:57,1248. 391 Hilary Moore f W45 Ray Women on the Move 27:59,1249. 283 Connell McMonagle m M50 28:00,7250. 84 John Crawford m M45 28:02,3251. 85 Eddie Crawford m M50 Glenswilly GAA 28:02,7252. 342 Noreen Pinder f W45 Individual 28:04,6253. 249 Damian McConnell m M40 28:06,3254. 453 Kyle Lynch m JM Glenswilly GAA 28:11,3255. 120 Katie Mc Gee f JW Letterkenny AC 28:11,8256. 48 Megan Bonner f JW Glenswilly GAA 28:14,3257. 87 Kathleen McDevitt f W50 Fintown 28:19,7258. 212 Darcey Kelly f JW Glenswilly 28:21,1259. 114 Liam Haughey m M50 Pieta House 28:23,9260. 165 Enda Nicolls m M40 28:24,0261. 42 Josie Gallagher f W45 28:28,0262. 608 Martina McBrearty f W55 28:34,8263. 448 Fiona Temple f W40 24/7 Letterkenny Triathlon 28:38,0264. 217 Paul Crerand m JM Glenswilly GAA 28:40,0265. 262 Tiarnan O’Boyle m JM Glenswilly 28:47,7266. 99 Chloe Tinney f JW Glenswilly 29:06,3267. 161 Niamh Devine f JW Glenswilly 29:06,9268. 11 Oisin Gallagher m JM Glenswilly GAA 29:09,1269. 450 Cadhan Friel m JM olypian AC 29:10,0270. 12 Noreen Molloy f SW 29:11,1271. 10 Amanda Gallagher f W40 Glenswilly GAA 29:12,0272. 163 Goretti Sheridan f W40 Run for Fun Letterkenny 29:12,7273. 350 John Quinn m JM Glenswilly GAA 29:21,1274. 5 Shane Devine m JM Glenswilly GAA 29:21,2275. 129 Marie McGill f W45 29:29,3276. 167 Amanda Faul f W35 29:35,4277. 149 Caolan Kelly m SM Glenswilly GAA 29:42,4278. 355 Amanda Toland f W35 29:42,5279. 150 Sheila Kelly f SW Glenswilly GAA 29:42,6280. 629 Jimmy Gildea m SM Letterkenny AC 29:42,9281. 118 Gerard Sharkey m M50 Swanlings 29:45,5282. 317 Fionnuala Larkin f W35 29:46,5283. 67 Trish Callaghan f W35 29:55,7284. 431 Denise Anderson f SW 30:04,9285. 155 Codie Friel m JM Glenswilly GAA 30:14,0286. 137 Katelyn Toner f JW 30:15,9287. 101 Anne Marie Harold f W40 Glenswilly GAA 30:16,0288. 138 Sinead Campbell f SW 30:16,2289. 617 Annette Darcy f W45 30:19,2290. 174 Noreen Sharkey f W50 30:29,5291. 40 Mary Gallagher f W45 30:29,7292. 601 Shay Callaghan m JM Glenswilly 30:35,9293. 228 Oliver Bose m JM Olympian 30:38,0294. 70 Luke Patton m JM Glenswilly GAA 30:43,8295. 71 Claire Patton f W35 Glenswilly GAA 30:46,4296. 3 Brian Devine m JM Glenswilly GAA 30:50,0297. 436 Luca Cannon m JM Glenswilly GAA 30:52,0298. 456 Vicky Boner f JW Naomh Conall 30:53,5299. 326 Holly Duddy f JW Olympian AC 30:58,8300. 602 Muireann Callaghan f JW 31:00,8301. 616 Rachel Mullen f JW Glenswilly 31:01,5302. 133 Amy Gallagher f JW Glenswilly GAA 31:01,8303. 147 Liam Gallagher m JM Glenswilly GAA 31:03,5304. 375 Orla Duddy f JW Olympian AC 31:04,2305. 604 Orla Gallagher f JW Glenswilly GAA 31:07,7306. 327 Anna Duddy f JW Olympian AC 31:16,9307. 83 Katrina McDaid f W40 31:23,9308. 261 Darragh Dunleavy m JM 31:24,2309. 172 Bernadette Campbell f W45 31:29,7310. 610 Andrea McGettigan f W40 24/7 Triathlon Club 31:32,1311. 609 Bridie Devenney f W35 24/7 Triathlon Club 31:35,9312. 252 Dermot Moy m JM 31:45,4313. 541 Matthew Kelly m JM Glenswilly GAA 31:45,9314. 452 Adam Lynch m JM Glenswilly GAA 31:54,8315. 311 Robert O’Brien m M40 32:05,0316. 313 Mary O’Brien f W40 32:05,7317. 435 Gerard Cannon m SM Glenswilly GAA 32:06,0318. 60 Aoife Boyle f JW Glenswilly GAA 32:15,4319. 545 Michaela McMonagle f JW Glenswilly GAA 32:19,8320. 612 Corina Gibbons f SW Glenswilly 32:20,1321. 277 Catherine Cannon f W55 Letterkenny Gales 32:20,3322. 458 Shane Walsh m JM Glenswilly GAA 32:27,0323. 55 AnnMarie Shiels f SW Run for Fun 32:27,7324. 551 Ava Harkin f JW 32:36,6325. 550 Claire Harkin f W35 Run for Fun 32:37,0326. 208 Eoghan O Donnell m JM Olympian AC 32:41,0327. 205 Martin O Donnell m M40 Olympian AC 32:41,5328. 33 Harry McGlynn m JM 32:57,7329. 100 Michael McDaid m JM Glenswilly GAA 32:59,8330. 108 Orlagh Faul f JW 33:01,9331. 103 Orla McDaid f JW Glenswilly GAA 33:05,2332. 307 Helen Doherty f SW Glenswilly 33:17,4333. 68 Lucy Patton f JW Glenswilly GAA 33:23,0334. 276 Deirdre Duffy f SW 33:53,8335. 499 Lorraine McDaid f SW 33:54,8336. 630 Danielle Diver f JW Glenswilly GAA 33:56,7337. 43 Jamie McFadden m JM Glenswilly GAA 33:58,0338. 44 Marie McFadden f SW Glenswilly GAA 33:58,2339. 492 Emma McDaid f JW 33:58,3340. 53 Cian Carberry m JM Glenswilly GAA 33:59,0341. 605 Shauna Walsh f W40 Glenswilly GAA 33:59,7342. 332 James Carlin m M40 Olympian AC 34:03,2343. 618 Marina Cassidy f W50 34:19,4344. 234 Brian Boyce m M45 34:27,7345. 278 Brona Gillespie f W50 34:31,8346. 400 Patrick Callaghan m M35 Glenswilly 34:32,9347. 603 Mary Callaghan f W35 Glenswilly 34:33,0348. 295 Anne Marie Mailey f SW 34:40,0349. 171 Adam Logue m JM Glenswilly GAA 34:42,2350. 376 Darren Whelan m SM Glenties AC 34:46,5351. 333 Aine Carlin f JW Olympian AC 34:50,1352. 384 Chloe Deeney f JW 34:50,7353. 383 Niamh Bonner f JW 35:01,0354. 382 Ann Marie Deeney f W35 35:01,2355. 619 Cathy Nee f W50 35:16,0356. 418 Maria Lynch f SW Glenswilly GAA 35:18,4357. 267 Shea Wallace m JM 35:20,2358. 424 Ronan McAteer m JM Glenswilly 35:45,1359. 423 Michelle McAteer f SW Glenswilly 35:45,6360. 433 Emer Callaghan f SW 35:50,4361. 432 Breda Doherty f SW 35:50,6362. 441 Aidan Friel m JM Glenswilly 35:55,6363. 346 Marian Cullen f SW Letterkenny Run4Fun 36:32,6364. 367 Sheila Harold f W35 36:47,9365. 353 Teresa Marie Walsh f JW Glenswilly 37:14,6366. 421 Brendan Walsh m M40 Glenswilly GAA 37:23,6367. 422 Sharon Gillespie f SW Glenswilly GAA 37:27,8368. 15 Lucy Grant f JW Glenswilly GAA 37:47,7369. 352 Jacinta Walsh f SW Glenswilly 38:00,9370. 248 Ryan McConnell m JM Letterkenny 38:26,1371. 76 Claire Patterson f JW 39:14,7372. 77 Annie Mc Laughlin f JW 39:15,2373. 207 Ellen O Donnell f JW Olympian AC 39:37,0374. 4 William Devine m JM Glenswilly GAA 39:43,1375. 460 Oran Canning m JM 39:43,5376. 495 Aoife Devine f JW Glenswilly GAA 39:44,9377. 461 Caitlin McAteer f JW Glenswilly 39:45,7378. 260 June Dunleavy f W40 39:55,5379. 250 Frances McBride f W40 40:11,3380. 122 Ha Mc Gee f JW Letterkenny AC 40:36,5381. 123 Grit Mc Gee f W40 40:52,4382. 403 Caolan Scott m JM Glenswilly GAA 40:57,2383. 81 Caoimhe Friel f JW Glenswilly 40:58,1384. 222 Rachel Browne f JW Glenswilly 40:58,3385. 80 Aoife Campbell f JW Glenswilly 40:58,5386. 472 Martina McGrenra f W35 Glenswilly 41:03,1387. 106 Lara Faul f JW 41:04,1388. 451 Wendy Cole f SW 41:06,1389. 209 Oran Frize m JM Glenswilly 41:13,0390. 144 Shannon Mc Daid f JW 41:19,7391. 82 Donna Carr f SW 41:19,9392. 473 Ronan McGrenra m JM Glenswilly 41:24,2393. 38 Deirdre McDaid f SW Glenswilly GAA 41:25,8394. 210 Tiarnan Frize m JM Glenswilly 41:26,8395. 143 Lana Griffin f JW 41:35,1396. 142 Katie Hapsley f JW Glenswilly GAA 41:35,3397. 104 Andrea Ward f JW 41:59,1398. 102 Brid McDaid f SW 42:09,1399. 31 Damian McGlynn m M40 42:11,9400. 213 Carl Kelly m SM Glenswilly 42:12,1401. 480 Sarah Carberry f JW Glenswilly 42:18,1402. 201 Anne Marie McDaid f SW Glenswilly GAA 42:24,8403. 37 Rosie Doherty f SW 42:25,3404. 344 Marie Mc Elwaine f SW 42:30,5405. 223 Frances Collum f SW Glenswilly 42:30,6406. 178 Sinead McIntyre f JW 42:32,4407. 615 Emily Mullen f JW 42:34,0408. 325 Emily Mullen f JW Glenswilly GAA 42:34,0409. 324 Laura Sweeney f JW Glenswilly GAA 42:34,0410. 247 Ciara McDevitt f JW 42:34,4411. 216 Bridgin Kelly f SW Glenswilly 42:41,7412. 30 Cathy McGlynn f W40 42:41,8413. 146 Grace Gallagher f W45 Glenswilly GAA 42:48,3414. 354 Mariosa Walsh f JW Glenswilly 42:58,4415. 504 Sean Enright m JM 43:00,2416. 505 Joanne Enright f W35 43:02,8417. 479 Louise Carberry f JW Glenswilly 43:10,1418. 478 Collette Carberry f W35 Glenswilly 43:37,0419. 512 Amanda McDaid f SW 43:40,8420. 29 Fiona Gallagher f W50 44:32,1421. 28 Claire McGinley f W40 Glenswilly GAA 44:32,1422. 486 Aoine Duddy f JW Glenswilly 44:49,1423. 485 Caitriona Duddy f JW Glenswilly 44:49,9424. 337 Lily O’Connor f JW 44:54,0425. 63 Aoife Gallagher f JW Glenswilly 45:00,6426. 64 Shana Byrne f JW Glenswilly 45:01,2427. 338 Pat O’Connor m M55 45:09,2428. 428 Peter Bradley m M60 45:25,1429. 628 Aimee Cullen f JW Glenswilly GAA 45:40,2430. 510 Dualtagh Conaghan m JM Glenswilly GAA 45:48,6431. 514 Ari Conaghan f JW Glenswilly GAA 45:50,5432. 271 Sophie Fitzsimons f SW 46:25,2433. 272 Bernie Fitzsimons f SW 46:25,3434. 153 John Friel m M40 Glenswilly GAA 46:27,3435. 152 Meliosa McDevitt f JW Glenswilly GAA 46:28,3436. 279 Sophie McDaid f SW 46:28,6437. 280 Pauline Kelly f W35 46:29,1438. 264 Jay Dowds m JM 46:36,6439. 509 Mary McDaid f W55 46:42,8440. 464 Jack Gildea m JM 46:46,0441. 266 Aaron Wallace m JM 46:51,2442. 407 Aoibhinn Gallagher f JW Glenswilly GAA 46:55,1443. 624 Brigid Friel f W45 47:07,4444. 2 Donna Devine f W35 Glenswilly GAA 47:08,0445. 449 Adam McDermott m JM 47:14,8446. 268 Shelley Wallace f W35 47:17,8447. 263 Joanne Dowds f W35 47:18,9448. 336 Siobhan McLoone f W50 47:31,1449. 225 Sean Collum m JM Glenswilly 47:42,9450. 345 Mark Mulholland m JM Glenswilly GAA 47:43,9451. 349 Coral Mott f JW 47:48,8452. 74 Thomas Carberry m JM Glenswilly GAA 47:59,3453. 220 Rose Carberry f SW 47:59,5454. 546 Blaithnait Gallagher f JW Glenswilly GAA 47:59,7455. 502 Imogen Hards f JW 48:00,0456. 506 Kelsi Burke f JW 48:00,3457. 52 Paula Carberry f SW Glenswilly GAA 48:00,5458. 243 Alice McHugh f JW 48:00,7459. 221 Maeve Murray f JW Glenswilly 48:01,1460. 244 Lia Molloy f JW 48:02,0461. 389 Fiona Black f W40 48:02,8462. 520 Roisin Kelly f SW Glenswilly GAA 48:03,8463. 274 Jimmy McFadden m M50 48:19,3464. 26 Liam Kane m M50 Glenswilly GAA 48:20,6465. 25 Carmel McGinty f W50 Glenswilly GAA 48:21,0466. 356 James Russell m JM Olympian AC 48:58,8467. 92 Angie O Donnell f SW 49:21,0468. 91 Casey O Donnell f JW 49:21,4469. 94 Shane O Donnell m SM 49:21,9470. 515 Leigh Conaghan m JM Glenswilly GAA 49:24,9471. 513 Pauric Conaghan f JW Glenswilly GAA 49:25,7472. 294 Eve Callaghan f SW Glenswilly 49:28,9473. 288 Jude Patten f JW 49:31,6474. 622 Kate Friel f JW 49:32,9475. 543 Anne McMonagle f W45 Glenswilly GAA 49:33,8476. 357 George Russell m M50 49:34,2477. 359 Trish Russell f W45 49:34,7478. 254 Josephine Gildea f SW 49:35,9479. 284 Riona Horan f JW 49:36,0480. 93 Frank O Donnell m M55 49:39,3481. 285 Deirdre Horan f W45 49:50,7482. 366 Tanya Harold f JW 49:54,3483. 511 Orlaith Maguire f JW Glenswilly GAA 49:54,9484. 446 Leah f JW Glenswilly GAA 49:54,9485. 370 Mary Higgins Gallagher f SW 50:00,9486. 371 Mary Callaghan f SW 50:01,2487. 125 Ultan Gilligan m SM MacCumhaills 50:05,2488. 241 Amelia McHugh f JW 50:05,9489. 17 Odhran McLaughlin m JM Glenswilly GAA 50:06,0490. 410 Calum Crerand m JM Glenswilly GAA 50:23,3491. 34 Anne Farrell f SW Glenswilly GAA 50:49,0492. 303 Deirdre O Donnell f SW 50:49,5493. 440 Paddy Crerand m M45 Glenswilly GAA 50:51,0494. 105 Marie Ronaghan f SW 50:53,2495. 257 Sue McGlynn f SW Glenswilly GAA 50:58,8496. 256 Nora McGee f SW Glenswilly GAA 50:58,9497. 392 Amanda Witherow f SW 51:02,3498. 107 Bernie Ronaghan f W55 51:02,4499. 124 Saorla Gilligan f SW MacCumhaills 51:03,8500. 126 Catriona Gilligan f SW MacCumhaills 51:04,1501. 9 Kyle Kelly m JM Glenswilly GAA 51:30,8502. 18 Angela McLaughlin f JW 52:06,2503. 6 Sinead Kelly f SW 52:07,0504. 402 Mary Rose Scott f W40 Glenswilly GAA 52:07,0505. 23 Lee McCauley m JM 52:12,6506. 401 Noel Scott m M40 Glenswilly GAA 52:13,0507. 24 Lucy McCauley f JW 52:13,9508. 19 Kevin McCauley m M40 52:14,5509. 292 Seimi Gallagher m SM Glenswilly 52:19,8510. 36 Sea Farrell m SM Glenswilly GAA 52:20,1511. 206 Anita O Donnell f W40 Olympian AC 52:20,4512. 14 Mags Grant f W35 Glenswilly GAA 53:22,6513. 16 Harry Grant m JM Glenswilly GAA 53:23,5514. 525 Fidelma McFadden f W45 Glenswilly GAA 54:47,9515. 526 Oscar McFadden m JM Glenswilly GAA 54:48,5516. 527 Peter McFadden m M50 Glenswilly GAA 55:10,6517. 517 Terlagh Conaghan f JW Glenswilly GAA 55:34,3518. 518 liam Conaghan m M40 Glenswilly GAA 55:34,4519. 291 Rachel Patten f JW 57:36,0520. 289 Hannah Patten m JM 57:36,7521. 286 Eithne Patten f W45 57:36,9522. 287 Sean Patten m M45 57:36,9523. 348 Jonny Cannon m SM St Eunans 58:10,4524. 347 Tatiana McNamara f SW Glenswilly 58:10,5525. 242 Annabella McHugh f JW 58:19,1526. 387 Cora Mc Daid f JW 58:19,3MOONEY WINS GLENSWILLY 5K – WHERE DID YOU COME? was last modified: June 21st, 2016 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Danny MooneydonegalGLENSWLLY 5Klast_img read more

SA Agulhas on climate awareness voyage

first_img“The Southern Ocean is regarded as key in understanding the processes of climate change,” the department’s oceans and coasts deputy director-general, Monde Mayekiso, said at the start of the voyage in Cape Town. The new vessel will have enhanced technologies and capabilities to further understand the ocean environment and to bring that understanding to an increasing number of South Africans. The ship is sailing from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and then on to Durban, before heading back to Cape Town. The voyage will highlight the various scientific activities undertaken by the Department of Environmental Affairs in Antarctica and the Southern Oceans, the opportunities and threats posed by the ocean to coastal communities, and the real and considerable impact of oceans on the climate. The three Sanap research bases include the ones on Marion Island, Gough Island, and the SA National Antarctic Expedition (SANAE) IV base station at Vesleskarvet nunatak, which is a rocky outcrop peeping out of a snowy surface. SA National Antarctic Programme The 17th Conferences of the Parties (COP 17) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change takes place in Durban from 28 November to 9 December. South Africa’s ice-strengthened polar research and supply vessel, the SA Agulhas, is on a symbolic 10-day voyage to raise climate awareness ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 17) starting in Durban later this month. Modern, fuel efficient replacement “South Africa has an advantage in that the Southern Ocean is on its doorstep, so to speak, and now we’ll have the ideal tool and platform to do cutting-edge research.” SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materialcenter_img 14 November 2011 This voyage will also highlight the last voyage of the SA Agulhas to Antarctica in December 2010 before it is replaced by a new vessel, the SA Agulhas II, being built in Finland at a cost of about R1.5-billion. The SA Agulhas has 138 people onboard, comprising 40 crew and 98 scientific and other staff. She is used to service the three South African National Antarctic Programme (Sanap) research bases in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica as well as various research voyages. She spends most of her time out of harbour. With a mix of scientists, academics, students and journalists on board, the vessel set sail from Cape Town on Saturday to raise awareness around climate change in the country’s coastal cities. The SA Agulhas also provided the capacity for South Africa to commit to and honour international agreements, including deploying drifting weather buoys that significantly increased the country’s weather predicting capability, and servicing automatic weather stations on remote islands like Southern Thule and Zawadovski. “By the time COP 17 draws to a close, the SA Agulhas will be on her last voyage to the Antarctic,” Mayekiso said. “South Africa has been involved in Antarctica, the Southern Ocean and on the sub-Antarctic islands, Marion and Gough, for more than 50 years, doing research. “For 33 of those 50-plus years, the SA Agulhas has been the means to get to the remote stations and providing the platform to do oceanographic research and meteorology observations from. “She served us very well – transporting supplies and fuel and carrying the relief overwintering teams to the islands and Antarctica.” In the build-up to the conference, the voyage will have on-board exhibitions, symposiums and lectures from climate change scientists showcasing the work the vessel has done in the area of climate research for the last three decades.last_img read more

Nation Brand Forum speaker profile: Martyn Davies

first_imgSouth Africa has as many global companies as South Korea, but the world doesn’t know this, says Martyn Davies. For South Africa to be recognised as a global business leader, he believes its people need to share the same national values. He will be speaking at Brand South Africa’s 2017 Nation Brand Forum on 5 October. Catch economic analyst, Martyn Davies, at the 2017 Nation Brand Forum being held at Summer Place, Johannesburg on 5 October. Davies will discuss ways of improving South Africa’s standing on the global economic stage. (Image: Shamin Chibba)A 2010 World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Global Leader, Dr Martyn Davies currently leads global firm Deloitte’s Emerging Markets and Africa division as well the Africa firm’s China and Japan Services Group.Davies has led the World Economic Forum’s Mining and Metal Industry Group and has been awarded a WEF Dangote Fellowship for young Africans, an honour bestowed to those who show outstanding leadership, professional accomplishments and commitment to society.He was previously ranked the number one analyst in South Africa in the Other African Economies and Markets category by the Financial Mail in its annual Analysts of the Year awards.Beyond working with a third of all companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, he has advised governments including those of Botswana, Ghana, South Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK and South Africa.Davies completed his PhD at Wits University and went on to study in South Korea, Harvard and Oxford universities. He is a visiting professor at IE Business School, Madrid, Spain. He believes that South Africa does not get the credit for its business acumen, and has often pointed out that the country has created a similar number of globally competitive corporations as South Korea, a country hailed for its economic miracle.He believes that until South Africans begin to see the bigger picture and understand and embrace its role in the world, the country will not fulfill its potential. “We need to forge a nation and we are not doing enough to forge a nation state…I think that one of the negatives of South Africa is that we still need to see similar, true values – political, national values – being created and instilled in people for us to truly progress as a nation.”Married, with three children, he was awarded national colours in cycling for South African Universities. An avid reader, Davies himself has published articles in accredited journals, including Asian Economic Policy Review, the Review of African Political Economy, and the South African Journal of International Affairs. He has been a commentator for the Financial Times and The Washington Post, BBC, Al Jazeera and AFP.last_img read more

Spring Forage Update

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Russ QuinnDTN Staff ReporterOMAHA (DTN) — Kimberly Meier has sold about twice as much alfalfa seed this spring as she normally does.Her region of northern Illinois saw high rates of alfalfa winterkill this spring after a winter of colder-than-normal temperatures. The Ridott, Illinois, farmer and seed dealer said, because of that, she sold about 120 bags of alfalfa this spring, while a normal season would be closer to 60 bags.“We had bad winterkill in this area this year,” Meier told DTN. “And it’s whole fields — I have never seen it this widespread.”The condition of forages across the Midwest is about as diverse as the region itself. The cool, wet spring has afforded ample moisture to most areas, which should be good news when the weather finally warms up, but which has also slowed growth of many forages, potentially affecting overall yields.LOTS OF WINTERKILLAlfalfa winterkill seems to be an issue this spring throughout Wisconsin and stretching into surrounding states such as northern Illinois and eastern Minnesota.Meier said the situation started last fall with extremely wet conditions followed by warm temperatures in January. Then, that was followed by extreme cold in February. While they did have some snowfall around Christmas, most of the snow was melted in the January warmup, exposing the alfalfa plants to the cold during February.From talking to agronomists in the area, most seem to believe this is why the region has seen higher incidents of winterkill, Meier said. The fields most affected appear to be newly seeded field and older stands.Meier said alfalfa producers in her area often flirt with danger by taking a last cutting in the fall and not allowing for much regrowth before winter hits, which can weaken plants and lead to winterkill. This appears to be a growing season in which squeezing in that last cutting may have not paid, she said.“This is a tough deal, as around two-thirds of the alfalfa is gone now,” she said. “There is going to be even less forage available, as most will only get one or two cuttings with the spring-seeded alfalfa.”The University of Wisconsin published a report evaluating and managing alfalfa stands with winterkill. It can be found at: https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/….Other areas appear to have escaped widespread alfalfa winterkill. Jared Goplen, a University of Minnesota Extension crops educator from Morris, Minnesota, said the alfalfa situation in western and central Minnesota is generally OK, for the most part.Winterkill appears to be contained to hilltops and valleys. Most fields in the area were covered in snow most of the winter, which would have protected crown roots from the cold. There may have been some ponding in fields for an extended period of time this spring, so some low spots may have been drowned out, he said.“Overall, I would say a majority of the alfalfa fields have some level of winterkill and drown-out areas, but the bulk of fields are growing well,” Goplen said.The situation is similar farther to the west in North Dakota. There wasn’t much winterkill in alfalfa there thanks to plenty of snow that insulated the crop from extremely cold temperatures, according to Marisol Berti, North Dakota State University Extension forage and cover crops specialist.What the cold spring has done is slowed alfalfa growth somewhat. Most of the crop in the state is not even 6 inches tall, which will delay first cutting, probably into mid-June or even later if it stays cold, she said.“That is about two weeks later than normal for first cut alfalfa,” Berti said. “I am sure some farmers have already run out of hay to feed cows, so this delay will affect them.”SLOW-GROWING GRASSFarther to the south and west, forages are also somewhat behind normal in growth.Seth Wilbanks, a livestock and grain farmer from Hughesville, Missouri, said his forages are delayed with the cool conditions seen this spring. He said, last year around this time, he began to cut some grass hay. However, this year with the increased amount of moisture and the shorter crop, he doesn’t think much hay will be harvested anytime soon.Fescue is a popular grass for Missouri forage producers. Normally, by late May, the crop is headed out and about knee high. This year it is considerably shorter, Wilbanks said.Despite concerns about a delayed crop, Wilbanks believes his forage crops could end up yielding close to average — and maybe even above average — thanks to the plentiful moisture. Last year, his central Missouri area suffered through a severe drought, he said.“Once it does get warmer, I think we are going to more tonnage with maybe some issues with quality,” said Wilbanks, who grows corn, soybeans and several different types of forages for his cow-calf herd.Perennial forages in Nebraska will be grazed later than normal, said Bruce Anderson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Extension forage specialist. Yields on cool-season grasses could be lessened some due to the cold spring.“I think these cool-season grasses could really be short this year,” Anderson said.On the plus side, warm-season grasses in the state could see great growth once the temperatures begin to rise. Soil moisture levels are high, so when the heat comes, yields should be fairly decent, he said.Some farmers in Nebraska face a challenging growing season after devastating floods tore through the state in mid-March, destroying fences and depositing large amounts of sand on pastures and hay fields.Anderson said he fielded many calls from livestock and forage producers this spring who face limited or no forage production. In many cases, farmers affected by flooding may turn to annual forages on acres not flooded, he said.The most common cool-season small grain for forage is oats, but others such as cereal rye, triticale, wheat and barley could be planted. Warm-season forages that could be planted include sudangrass, sorghum/sudangrass, forage sorghum, pearl millet and German (foxtail) millet.Other plant species, such as brassicas, can be used for summer annual forages. This would include plants such as forage radishes and turnips.After the floods in mid-April, DTN wrote an article about choosing the right forages for your operation. To read the article, visit: https://www.dtnpf.com/….Russ Quinn can be reached at russ.quinn@dtn.comFollow him on Twitter @RussQuinnDTN(AG/SK)© Copyright 2019 DTN/The Progressive Farmer. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Establishing Yourself as a Trusted Advisor

first_imgTo be a trusted advisor, you need trust, and you need advice.What Is Not AdviceYour product is not advice. Nor is your service. Nor are the solutions that you happen to sell. The features, benefits, and advantages of what you sell are not advice either.Your management team isn’t advice, and as impressive as your board members may be, they aren’t advice. You know what else isn’t advice? All of your locations, and all of the logos of the big, recognizable, widely-admired companies you serve. As remarkable as your clients are, they are not advice.Your differentiation strategy isn’t advice either. The things that make you different and make a difference for your clients may help you distinguish yourself in a crowded market, but they are not advice.If you are spending the precious little time you have with your dream clients talking about you, your product, your company, your clients, and what makes you different, you are not “advising.”What Is AdviceWhat are all the forces weighing down on your dream client and causing them to produce results that are less than they should be? How should they be thinking about these forces, and what should they do about them?What are the risks of not responding to the systemic challenges that threaten your dream client’s business? What are their choices? What are the trade-offs? What are the risks of taking action now?What opportunities are available to your dream client now? Which provide them with the greatest advantages and which hAve the fastest return on invested time, money, and resources?How you engage with your dream client matters.Where you start the conversation is important because you are defining your relationship. If you begin the conversation with the things that you are comfortable talking about but that don’t create value, then you are not establishing that you have the potential to be their consigliere.If on the other hand, you start the conversation with strategically important issues, you demonstrate that you know something worth knowing, something that can benefit your dream client.Business acumen is the new sales acumen. s What is at risk by starting the conversation too low is nothing less than your relevance.last_img read more

Tripura High Court rejects bail plea of CPI(M) leader in PWD scam case

first_imgThe Tripura High Court on Thursday rejected the bail application of former Minister and CPI(M) leader Badal Choudhury, indicted in the alleged ₹640-crore Public Works Department scam of 2008. Lawyers representing the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly insisted on bail citing Mr. Choudhury’s fragile health. After the bail plea was rejected, counsel indicated their decision to move the Supreme Court. Mr. Choudhury was admitted to the ICU of the government GBP Hospital after he complained of chest pain in the custody of West Agartala police on Wednesday.He was locked up at the police station barely for 30 minutes after the police took his custody upon his discharge from the private hospital where he took admission a week ago ending his disappearance amid intensive police search.Street protestsThe CPI(M) has been organising street protests for the past two days protesting the alleged forceful removal of Mr. Choudhury from the private hospital. The party alleged that police officials misbehaved with its leader at the police station.Former Member of Parliament, the 69-year-old CPI(M) veteran was made prime accused in the case filed by the Vigilance Department. The investigation was later handed over to the Crime Branch.Sources said senior police officials were consulting doctors at the GBP Hospital on taking back Mr. Choudhury in their custody.Remains elusiveMeanwhile, former Chief Secretary Y.P. Singh, who was the Principal Secretary incharge of PWD in 2008, remained elusive despite searches by a team of the Crime Branch at New Delhi and Gurugram. Another accused, former PWD Chief Engineer Sunil Bhowmik, was arrested and remanded in custody.last_img read more

Perez leads Heroes side, Bolick heads Saints roster in NCAA All-Stars

first_imgMOST READ LOOK: Venues for 2019 SEA Games Perez will be joined by his Pirates teammates Mike Nzeusseu and MJ Ayaay, the Chiefs’ Salado, Lervin Flores, and Allen Enriquez, the Generals’ Sidney Onwubere, Francis Munsayac, and Jerome Garcia, the Heavy Bombers’ Tey Teodoro, Ervin Grospe, and Jed Mendoza, and the Cardinals’ Christian Buñag, JB Raflores, and Laurenz Victoria in the Heroes lineup.Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netBolick, meanwhile, will team up with fellow Red Lions Javee Mocon and Davon Potts, the Knights’ Nambatac, Bong Quinto, and JP Calvo, the Altas’ Gab Dagangon, Prince Eze, and GJ Ylagan, the Blazers’ Gerard Castor, JJ Domingo, and Edward Dixon, and the Golden Stags’ Alvin Baetiong, Kevin Baytan, and Ian Valdez in the Saints roster.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutCoach Topex Robinson of the league-leading Lyceum will call the shots for Heroes, while San Beda coach Boyet Fernandez will be the lead bench tactician for the Saints.Aside from the All-Star Game, exciting side events also spice up the mid-season activities. Read Next Also competing are EAC’s Francis Munsayac, St. Benilde’s Unique Naboa, Perpetual’s Keith Pido, Arellano’s Levi dela Cruz, JRU’s Aaron Bordon, Letran’s Jeremiah Taladua, Mapua’s JP Nieles, San Sebastian’s Michael Are, and San Beda’s Radge Tongco.NCAA alumni also return to don their school colors one more time as they forge partnership with marksmen from the seniors’ and juniors’ teams in Shooting Stars.San Beda will be made up of Clint Doliguez, Evan Nelle, and Dan Sara, Arellano will be represented by Zach Nicholls, Kobe Camacho, and Keith Agovida, while JRU will bank on Jed Mendoza, Toby Agustin, and Paolo Pontejos.Mapua will be bannered by Leo Gabo, Clint Escamis, and Randy Alcantara, Perpetual will lean on GJ Ylagan, Jielo Razon, and Gerald Dizon, EAC will be flanked by Jervin Guzman, Maui Cruz, and Dhan Diolanto, St. Benilde to entrust its luck on Edward Dixon, Joshua David, and Karl Santos, and host San Sebastian to be composed of Michael Are, Rustin Rodriguez, and Paul Riguera.Lyceum will be composed of Wilson Baltazar and Mac Guadaña, while Letran will have Daryl Pascual and Neil Guarino for the contest. Both shools have yet to announce the alumni to join in the games. Photo by Tristan Tamayo/ INQUIRER.netCJ Perez and Kent Salado will spearhead the team which will clash against the alliance of Robert Bolick and Rey Nambatac in the 2017 NCAA All-Star Game on Friday at Filoil Flying V Centre.With a new grouping this year, stars from Lyceum, Arellano, JRU, EAC, and Mapua will join forces in the Heroes teamagainst the Saints squad, made up of stalwarts from San Beda, Letran, San Sebastian, Perpetual, and St. Benilde.ADVERTISEMENT Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Catriona Gray spends Thanksgiving by preparing meals for people with illnesses Flores banners an intriguing field who are all staking their claim as this season’s king in the Slam Dunk Contest.He will be joined by San Sebastian’s Allyn Bulanadi, San Beda’s Arnaud Noah, EAC’s Rustan Bugarin, Perpetual’s Kervin Lucente, Letran’s Renato Ular, St. Benilde’s Justin Gutang, JRU’s Jefferson Sarmiento, and Lyceum’s Yancy Remulla.AC Soberano, meanwhile, will defend his throne in the Three-Point Shootout as he shoots for back-to-back titles in the competition.Out to take the crown from the Red Lion sniper are EAC’s Sidney Onwubere, San Sebastian’s RK Ilagan, Letran’s Jerrick Balanza, Lyceum’s Wilson Baltazar, JRU’s MJ Dela Virgen, Mapua’s Almel Orquina, Arellano’s Brylle Meca, St. Benilde’s Matt Johnson, and Perpetual’s Jack Hao.Lyceum guard Jaycee Marcelino is also the favorite to win this year’s Skills Challenge, but his path to the crown is shaping up to be a tough one with nine other speedsters out to win the plum.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. For the complete collegiate sports coverage including scores, schedules and stories, visit Inquirer Varsity.center_img LATEST STORIES Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC WATCH: Streetboys show off slick dance moves in Vhong Navarro’s wedding PH’s Dumaan treks rough road to gold in pencak silat SEA Games in Calabarzon safe, secure – Solcom chief Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa UPLB exempted from SEA Games class suspension View commentslast_img read more

Ohio State Coach Zach Smith Trashes Michigan In Response To Recruiting Pamphlet, Posts Photo Of Rings

first_imgFans of the Michigan Wolverines react to a 14-3 loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes on November 17, 2007 at Michigan Stadium.ANN ARBOR, MI – NOVEMBER 17: Fans of the Michigan Wolverines react to a 14-3 loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes on November 17, 2007 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)It may be June, but Ohio State and Michigan are in mid-season form in the trash talk department. Saturday night, Buckeyes wide receivers coach Zach Smith, taking exception to what appears to be a recruiting pamphlet produced by Michigan, blasted the Wolverines on Twitter. Smith, who is clearly ticked off that Michigan is is promoting its assistant coach Jedd Fisch as a better alternative for recruits to develop under, fired back, boasting about Ohio State’s three victories in a row over the Wolverines.Smith also predicted a fourth straight victory and posted a photo of all of the rings he’s won in his coaching years. It’s strong.U mad bro?? #LevelsToThis #IfTheyAintHatingYouAintPoppin pic.twitter.com/QhnJceNL4W— Zach Smith #Zone6 (@CoachZachSmith) June 7, 2015@CoachZachSmith that’s all they got?!— Darron Lee (@DLeeMG8) June 7, 2015Check my Resume… And if it’s confusing… Check my live resume next November. It will be the same resume as the last 3 Novembers.— Zach Smith #Zone6 (@CoachZachSmith) June 7, 2015Back to my regularly scheduled Saturday… #ThisAintWhatYouWant #Zone6 pic.twitter.com/6bxT0IoN3E— Zach Smith #Zone6 (@CoachZachSmith) June 7, 2015Jim Harbaugh and his staff certainly aren’t bowing down to Ohio State. But the Wolverines may want to win a few games before they start comparing anything between the two schools.last_img read more

OPEC countries to pump more oil to contain price increase

first_imgWhile OPEC’s largest producer, Saudi Arabia, is seen to be open to higher production, Iran has been hesitant because of its trouble to increase output and tensions with the U.S. President Donald Trump has been calling publicly for the cartel to help lower prices.The production limits by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and Russia since 2016 have helped increase oil prices, with the benchmark U.S. crude contract hitting its highest level in more than three years in May. Some analysts note that while Trump has blamed OPEC, his policies have also helped increase the cost of oil by, for example, limiting exports from Iran.Some analysts believe that Saudi Arabia needs a Brent price closer to $90 a barrel to cover its domestic spending but is feeling pressure from the United States to head off rising prices by boosting output. Russia may be happy to pump more oil and settle for prices in the $60s, according to Tamar Essner, chief energy analyst for Nasdaq.There are other considerations than dollars and rubles. How that translates into effective production increases is uncertain, as some OPEC countries cannot easily ramp up production. Iran, for example, has been hit by U.S. sanctions that hinder its energy exports. Venezuela’s production has dropped amid domestic political instability.The price of oil jumped after the announcement, with the international benchmark, Brent, gaining $1.61 to $74.66 a barrel.Al-Mazrouei noted that the decision “is challenging for those countries that are struggling with keeping their level of production.” However, he indicated that some countries could pick up production if others lag.“We will deal with it collectively,” he said.Friday’s decision means OPEC will observe the production level it agreed on in late 2016, when it cut output by 1.2 million barrels a day. In practice, its combined output was even less due to production problems. That has since then helped push up the price of oil by almost 50 percent.Non-OPEC countries like Russia had agreed in 2016 to participate in OPEC’s effort to raise prices, cutting 600,000 barrels a day of their own production. They will discuss with OPEC on Saturday on whether to increase their own production. Daniel Yergin, the vice chairman of research firm IHS Markit and author of several books on the energy industry, says geopolitical factors are a big element in the oil production talks.Yergin said Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates support the current, tougher U.S. policy toward Iran, Saudi Arabia’s rival for influence in the region. So they will want to support Trump’s call for higher production and lower prices. Iran will struggle to increase production, meaning it could lose market share and revenue.By Kiyoko Metzler And Geir MoulsonTHE ASSOCIATED PRESScenter_img VIENNA, AUSTRIA – The OPEC oil countries agreed Friday to increase their combined production by almost 1 million barrels a day, though questions remain over some members’ ability to do so amid domestic trouble and sanctions.After a meeting in Vienna, Emirati Energy Minister Suhail al-Mazrouei said the cartel decided to fully comply with its existing production ceiling.Because the group had been producing below that level, that effectively means an increase in production. The minister said that amounts to “a little bit less than 1 million barrels.”last_img read more

Rains thunderstorm leave nearly 50 dead in 4 states

first_imgJaipur/Bhopal/Ahmedabad: Nearly 50 people were killed as rains coupled with thunderstorm and lightning hit several parts of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra overnight, officials said Wednesday. The unseasonal rains and storm also caused damage to property and crops in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Rajasthan witnessed the maximum casualties with 21 people killed in rain-related incidents following by Madhya Pradesh where 15 were killed. While 10 people were killed in Gujarat, three were killed in Maharashtra. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to twitter in the morning to express anguish over the loss of lives in the rains in Gujarat and announce relief. Soon afterwards Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath hit out at the prime minister, accusing him of being concerned only about his home state Gujarat. The PMO in a tweet later said,”PM @narendramodi has expressed grief at loss of lives due to unseasonal rains and storms in MP, Rajasthan, Manipur & various parts of the country”. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday “An ex-gratia of Rs 2 lakh each for the next of kin of those who lost their lives due to unseasonal rain & storms in MP, Rajasthan, Manipur & various parts of the country has been approved from the PM’s National Relief Fund. Rs 50,000 each for the injured has also been approved,” the PMO said. Home Minister Rajnath Singh said the government is closely monitoring the situation in rain-hit areas and is ready to provide all possible help to states affected by rains and thunderstorm. In Jaipur, Rajasthan Relief Secretary Ashutosh A T Pednekar said 21 people died due to unseasonal rains. “4 deaths were reported in Jhalawar, Udaipur and Jaipur each, two each in Jalore and Bundi and one each in Baran, Rajsamand, Bhilwara, Alwar and Hanumangarh, he said. Compensation of Rs. 4 lakh each has been announced to the families of victims. Another official said crops have suffered damage and the assessment is being done. Several cattle were also killed in rain-related incidents. Condoling the deaths, Chief minister Ashok Gehlot said in a tweet, “Deeply pained by loss of lives due to unseasonal rains and storms in various parts of the country including Rajasthan. My thoughts and prayers are with bereaved families. I pray for the speedy recovery of those injured”. Of the total 21 deaths, 7 are in Kota division.Heavy dust storm accompanied by moderate to heavy rains, thundershowers also lashed parts of Hadouti region (Kota division) on Tuesday causing damage to crops. Survey of crop damage is underway. BJP candidate from the constituency Om Birla demanded the state government declare compensation to farmers for crop damage. Birla also blamed the state government for not issuing alert and taking measures to prevent the crop damage. The department has predicted dust storm/thunderstorm accompanied with high velocity winds and lightning at a few places during the next 24 hours. Officials in Bhopal said unseasonal rain accompanied by thunderstorm and lightning hit various parts of Madhya Pradesh, leaving 15 people dead and injuring some others. Rains claimed three lives each in Indore, Dhar and Shajapur, two in Ratlam and one each in Alirajpur, Rajgarh, Sehore and Chhindwara districts. Nath expressed grief over the deaths and charged that Modi’s concerns were limited to his home state Gujarat. “Modiji, you are the PM of the country and not of Gujarat. In MP also, more than 10 persons were killed because of unseasonal rains, storm and lightning. But you have confined your feelings to Gujarat only. Though your party has no government here people live here also,” Nath said in a tweet. The BJP hit back, accusing Nath of doing politics over the loss caused by rains and storm. BJP media head and Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni said in Delhi that Nath is well aware of the procedure that the state government has to first inform the Centre about the damage in such a natural tragedy to get relief but instead of doing so, he was tweeting and doing politics. “Instead of informing the Centre, he chose to do politics over the tragedy,” Baluni charged. In Ahmedabad, Gujarat government’s director of relief G B Manglpara, told PTI that at least 10 people have died in the rain and dust storm reported from various areas including districts in North Gujarat and Saurashtra region. Also, a portion of a tent erected for Prime Minister Modi’s rally in Himmatnagar town of North Gujarat was also damaged in the dust storm, an official earlier said. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced an aid of Rs 2 lakh each to the kin of the deceased in the western state. “While the PM has already announced ex-gratia of Rs 2 lakh, the Gujarat government will also give Rs 2 lakh to kin of those who lost their lives,” Rupani told reporters in Dahod. “We will also conduct a survey to assess the damage to crops and pay accordingly to affected persons,” he added. Apart from rain, the storm also resulted in hailstorm in some parts of Rajkot district of Saurashtra and Banaskantha district of north Gujarat. In Mehsana, farm produce kept in the open in the agriculture produce market committee premises got damaged, an official said. Besides, officials in Banaskantha said the watermelon crop, mainly grown in and around Deesa, got damaged due to hailstorm and thunderstorm. In Maharashtra, a 71-year-old woman, a 32-year-old man and a temple priest died when lightning struck them in Nashik district during rains on Tuesday, police said.last_img read more