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Wolf Administration Selected To Participate in Innovation Program to Address Treatment for Opioid Addiction

first_img Press Release,  Substance Use Disorder Harrisburg, PA – Today, Governor Tom Wolf announced that Pennsylvania has been selected to participate in the highly competitive J-PAL State and Local Innovation Initiative in order to better study the most effective treatments for individuals struggling with opioid use disorder. J-PAL North America is a research center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. J-PAL State and Local Innovation Initiative supports state and local governments in generating new and widely applicable lessons about which social programs are successful and why. Pennsylvania, along with Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, Rochester, and South Carolina were selected from among 25 applicants. As a participant of this program, Pennsylvania will receive an $82,000 grant and technical assistance and trainings from J-PAL to conduct their research.“I’m thrilled that Pennsylvania will have the opportunity to participate in the J-PAL State and Local Innovation Initiative,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “Fighting Pennsylvania’s opioid and heroin epidemic is a top priority for my administration and we are committed to using rigorous evidence to find solutions to this urgent problem. On behalf of the citizens of the Commonwealth, I look forward to working with J-PAL’s exceptional team of researchers to learn important lessons that will support the fight against the opioid abuse and heroin use epidemic that is plaguing Pennsylvania and the nation.”The United States is currently in the midst of a drug-overdose crisis. Since 2000, approximately 500,000 drug-overdose deaths have been recorded in the US. Between 2000 and 2014, the rate of deaths from drug overdose increased 137 percent, from 6.2 per 100,000 persons to 14.7 per 100,000 persons. With nearly 2,500 overdose deaths in Pennsylvania in 2014 according to the Pennsylvania Coroners Association and estimates that the 2015 total will be higher, the need to address this epidemic is dire.The commonwealth will work with J-PAL North America in designing a randomized evaluation to assess the effectiveness of substance use disorder treatment combined with Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) across various levels of care, in order to assess the best treatment options for patients struggling with opioid use disorders across the continuum of care.“Pennsylvania has shown themselves to be a leader in their commitment to using rigorous evidence to address some of the most pressing challenges facing state and local governments in the U.S.,” said Mary Ann Bates, Deputy Director of J-PAL North America and Co-Chair of the J-PAL State and Local Innovation Initiative.Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: Facebook.com/GovernorWolf June 21, 2016 Wolf Administration Selected To Participate in Innovation Program to Address Treatment for Opioid Addictioncenter_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

EgyptAir crash: Human remains discovered at sea from doomed Paris flight

first_img 45 Views   no discussions Share Tweet Share Sharing is caring!center_img Share InternationalLifestylePrintTravel EgyptAir crash: Human remains discovered at sea from doomed Paris flight by: Express – July 4, 2016 66 people died on board the doomed EgyptAir flight(Express) HUMAN remains have been recovered by a search vessel at the underwater crash site of the doomed EgyptAir flight.Egypt’s aircraft investigation committee said the Mauritian-based ship John Lethbridge has recovered all of the mapped bodies from the sea floor and will later return to the crash site to look for more remains.The remains will be taken to Alexandria port and handed over to coroners and prosecution officials.The flight from Paris to Cairo crashed on May 19, killing all 66 people on board. The cause of the crash is still unknown.The Egyptian Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee said Egyptian and French forensic doctors on board the vessel oversaw the body recovery process.The remains are due to be examined by prosecutors and forensic specialists in Alexandria before going to Cairo for DNA analysis.The memory chips from the airliner’s black box voice recorders are not damaged and investigators should be able make use of them, according to the committee.Last week Egyptian investigators said the black box from the MS804 flight confirmed smoke was on board.Automated electronic messages sent by the A239 aircraft revealed the smoke detectors went off in a toilet and in the area below the cockpit moments before the plane disappeared.Investigators have also revealed that soot was found on a piece of wreckage from the plane.The voice and flight data recorders were recovered from a depth of about 3000m in the Mediterranean.The second black box, the cockpit recorder, is still being repaired in Paris.No cause for the crash has yet been ruled out, but aviation officials believe the cause is more likely to be technical failure rather than sabotage.last_img read more

Avast Secure Browser review
Avast Secure Browser review

first_imgAvast Secure Browser review by Martin Brinkmann on April 09, 2018 in Internet – Last Update: April 09, 2018 – 58 commentsAvast Secure Browser is a free Chromium-based web browser by security company Avast that is advertised as private, fast, and secure on the official download site.The web browser is the official successor of Avast SafeZone Browser which Avast discontinued some time ago to focus development on the new browser.We will take a close look at the web browser in our review; you will learn about installation and use, functionality that it provides, and whether the fast, secure and private promise is kept.Avast Secure BrowserAvast Secure Browser is available as a standalone download for Microsoft Windows and also as part of Avast’s security products. You find the download link in the summary box below the review.SafeZone installations will be updated automatically to the new browser.InstallationThe standalone download is offered as a web installer which means that most program components are downloaded during installation. A click on options on the first installation screen displays several setup preferences:Place a shortcut on the desktop (yes), taskbar (yes), and in the start menu (no).Launch the browser when the installation finishes (yes).Set the default program language.Import bookmarks and settings from my current default browser (no).Import cookies from my current default browser (no).Make Avast Secure Browser my new default browser (no).You need to check the import options if you want to import bookmarks, settings or cookies from the default system browser. Note that the import function supports imports from the default system browser, and that the import will fail if the default browser is not supported by Avast (example: if Pale Moon is your default browser, imports will fail as it is not supported).Note that the browser supports the importing of bookmarks and settings from other browsers after installation.Just load secure://settings/importData at any time to configure the operation. Supported browsers are Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. You may import from a bookmarks HTML file as well.Note: Avast collects and sends usage statistics and crash reports to company servers automatically. Users are not prompted about this during installation. You may disable the collecting and sending on secure://settings/ under privacy and security.Using the browserAvast Secure Browser is based on Chromium, the open source part of Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera and other Chromium-based browsers.If you used Google Chrome in the past, you will feel at home right away as the interface resembles that of the browser.You will notice some differences though as well as Avast’s browser comes with several built-in browser extensions.Three extension icons are visible in the browser’s toolbar that provide video downloading and ad-blocking functionality and a link to the new Security & Privacy Center.A quick check on secure://extensions/ (yes, Avast uses secure:// for internal pages and not chrome// or about://), lists a total of seven extensions of which five are enabled. The installed extensions are:Adblock — an ad-blocker powered by uBlock Origin. Supports third-party filter lists, custom rules, and whitelists.Avast Passwords (disabled) — integrates with the passwords component of Avast security products. You need to install compatible software on the device to use it.Avast SecureLine VPN — integrates Avast’s SecureLine virtual private network in the browser. Enabled by default but requires that Avast SecureLine VPN software is installed on the Windows machine.Bank Mode (disabled) — switch to a virtual desktop to communicate with important sites such as online banking sites. Bank Mode is only available if Avast Antivirus or other Avast security programs that support it are installed on the PC.HTTPS Encryption — enforces the use of HTTPS on supported websites.Privacy — an anti-tracking extension that blocks companies and sites from tracking you online.Video Downloader — download videos to your PC.Avast Secure Browser users may disable or enable extensions but it is not possible to uninstall any of them.Security & Privacy CenterSecurity & Privacy Center is another feature of the browser that is a unique feature. It is a control interface to enable or disable built-in features, and is used by Avast to list company products that complement the browser.You control the ad-blocking, privacy, HTTPS encryption, and password manager extensions from the Security & Privacy Center, and new tools that are not listed as extensions.These are:Anti-Fingerprinting (disabled) to block or limit fingerprinting for tracking purposes.Anti-Phishing (enabled) to protect against phishing attempts.Extension Guard (enabled) to block the installation of untrusted browser extensions.Flash Blocker (enabled) to block all Flash content.You may launch a new private browsing window (called Stealth Mode) and a Privacy Cleaner (clean browsing data) from the Security & Privacy Center as well.Avast’s browser lists the installation status of Avast Antivirus, Bank Mode and Avast SecureLine VPN at the top of the page. Download links are provided when products are not installed; the links redirect to the Avast website.Avast Secure Browser BenchmarksHow fast is Avast’s Secure Browser? My initial assumption was that the browser’s performance should be more or less identical to that of Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers.I ran tests using stable versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Opera and Avast Safe Browser. Benchmarks are linked; feel free to give this a try on your end and report the results in the comments below (Basemark and HTML5 Test: higher is better, Ares: lower is faster).Browser / TestBasemarkAresHTML5 TestAvast Secure Browser58126ms528Google Chrome57025ms528Microsoft Edge20785ms476Mozilla Firefox9084ms489Vivaldi42927ms520Opera41529528The benchmark results show that this is indeed the case. The small score differences between Avast Secure Browser and Google Chrome are not significant; expect the same performance in Avast’s browser and Google’s browser.To sum it up: The performance of the web browser is excellent. It is as fast as Google Chrome in benchmarks and that carries over to real-world usage as well. While you won’t see a five times performance boost when you compared it to Mozilla Firefox, it is an area that the browser does really well in.What about privacy?One of Avast’s main promises is that Secure Browser protects user privacy better than other browsers. I decided to run tests using the default configuration and with all privacy features enabled.Panopticlick by EFF stated that Avast Secure Browser offered “strong protection against Web Tracking” and that the browser did not have a unique fingerprint (in both configurations).Other privacy tests highlighted that the browser’s protection was not perfect but still better in many cases when fully enabled.  The test on Maxa Tools, for example, listed the number of installed plugins, the device’s IP address and the location based on the IP, as well as other information. A rerun of the test with fingerprinting protection enabled did not improve the results.You may see some improvement depending on which test you run and whether you connect to Avast SecureLine VPN, but the same can be achieved with any other VPN as well.To sum it up: Avast Secure Browser comes with built-in functionality to protect user privacy. While that is good overall, it does not offer 100% protection against all forms of invasive data collecting or fingerprinting.Closing Words and verdictAvast Secure Browser is a brand new browser that is based on Chromium. The browser is fast and comes with privacy enhancing extensions and settings that do improve privacy up to a point.The fact that usage statistic and crash reports sending is enabled by default damages that somewhat; I’d expect a prompt from a privacy-focused browser during setup that asks me whether I want to enable the send-home functionality or not.Another negative is that you can’t uninstall extensions that the browser comes with. Disabling may work for most users but if you like a clean browser, you may not like the sticky nature of all default extensions.Avast is off to a good start with the new browser. It offers better functionality than the company’s SafeZone Browser and does well in benchmarks and other tests. The company needs to publish regular updates to not fall behind the Chromium release cycle and leave security issues unpatched for too long after patches become available.It is too early to tell whether Avast is up for that. I’ll revisit the browser in a couple of months and keep an eye on it in the meantime to find out more about that.Now You: What’s your main web browser right now, and why?Summary12345 Author Rating4 based on 40 votes Software Name Avast Secure BrowserOperating System WindowsSoftware Category SecurityLanding Page https://www.avast.com/secure-browser Advertisementlast_img read more