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Security Council voices support for incoming Burundi Government

“The installation of a broad-based government on the basis of an internationally sanctioned peace process makes armed rebellion an unacceptable means of political expression,” the Council said in its statement, read out by its President, Ambassador Jean-David Levitte of France. He called on the Forces for National Liberation (FNL) and the Forces for the Defence of Democracy (FDD), together with the Burundi Government, to strictly observe the rights of the civilian population and other provisions of international humanitarian law.The Council also called on all countries, particularly those in the region, to stop all forms of support to the FLN and the FDD, and urged all Member States to encourage the armed groups to join the peace process. Additionally, the Council asked for the States of the Regional Initiative to mark the installation of the transitional government by further enhancing their bilateral and regional cooperation with the new government. In its statement, the Council appealed to the Burundian parties to quickly reach agreement on the establishment of a special protection unit entrusted solely with the police function of providing personal security for politicians returning from exile. It welcomed the convening of a pre-implementation stakeholders meeting in Arusha, Tanzania, and urged the international community to provide urgently support for the training and deployment of that special protection unit. The Council also called on donors to increase humanitarian assistance to Burundi and to accelerate its delivery. read more

Portyanko – Best foreign player in France

← Previous Story EHF forbids Tatran to play in SEHA?! Next Story → Cervar and Vujovic acquire new players! Juliya Portyanko, the Macedonian international playing for Arvor, has been voted the best middle-back in the French league, and also the best and most useful foreign player in the league. The success is due to the fact that she helped greatly the team to get to the 2nd place in the league, right behind the champions, and for the next season, as Portyanko says, the expectations are much higher and we can even expect a title challenge. read more