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How to treat the new owners love Shanghai not included low weight website content of the original ep

According to the Shanghai We still remember the 2010 Google

but at the same time, I also told the station last night: a person does 1 things we are doing good things and can not attract the attention of the people, if you do 100 pieces of time, I believe that people’s eyes are bright blood, see the. That is to say, as a webmaster should not be quick, insist to write original articles every day, wrote 100 articles, 1000 articles, 10000 articles, if love Shanghai is not the first time included, so that Google search market in China has replaced the love of Shanghai. read more

Shanghai Longfeng webmaster do optimization of how to adjust the attitude

for us, we should have a very high imagination and creativity, creativity is very important for a web site, but the search engine is also very friendly, search engines love creative website, this website will not repeat the contents of every day, and every day is a fresh original content, promote this can be a very good optimization effect of Shanghai dragon.

station is a occupation often need to study and additional knowledge on the Internet, because the Internet every day will launch a fresh content and technology of the countless, for our station will be good to learn something about the establishment and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge to supplement their own stomach ink, only in this way willing to learn the webmaster can have a good achievement in the website. read more

A few points on the Robots.txt.

know these, presumably we are aware of the importance of robots, so in the end robot written what point? The approval of the Yantai home today to talk about their own views:

3. for User-agent writing, some aspects need to pay attention to

Sitemap: defines the search engine crawl site map take the address of the

Allow: definition allows search engines address

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization staff must understand Robots.txt, this is a qualified Shanghai dragon er must understand knowledge. So, in the end what is the need to understand the robots read more

What is the difference between love of Shanghai and Google optimization

, a word segmentation method.

three, outside the chainThe number of the chain

love Shanghai is growing very fast, but Google’s number is on the chain tardy, love Shanghai more than 3000 > domain domain name

love this enemy, is nothing more than the highest utilization rate of the search engine, although Google’s search share than love Shanghai, but if you do Google optimization to bring traffic is also very much, so I love Shanghai to do search engine optimization needs to take into account the love of Shanghai and Google. Essentially, the two algorithms are basically the same, at least the conflict is very small, but each has its own characteristics, should be dealt with separately. Here I do love Shanghai window of the world leather Google optimization found some of their differences. read more

About love for Shanghai text links some conjecture

first, after a major update in December 7th Shanghai love of the chain, December 14th again big update

second, love Shanghai for text links to crawl, is repeating yesterday’s tips, it prefers the front crawl peer text url. Wrap (end. Is love) of Shanghai as a separate, but a colon (:) comma (,) such as delimiters are ignored by Shanghai love, of course, the space is properly ignored. Of course, this is not 100%, love Shanghai and grab a small probability of other characters, but most of the time we maintain this text link format; (a separate line) XXX (you want to grab the text (XXXX) corresponding to the URL you want, of course is the text type, not a hyperlink) is able to love is a better Shanghai grab. read more

In order to be my website, I quit working

web site for two years period continued to stop doing, in a small town in the South has been a worker’s career, always doing it by halves, countless reasons, technology is not in place, no computer is not convenient, but the most important thing is not perseverance, no confidence, Spring Festival home, home ADSL, 2 years of work, accumulated a little capital, this time to buy a computer I once again picked up the site, but also determined to stick to this please good! I finally put the website made up we can support read more