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Comprehensive and accurate analysis of your competitors is the first step to do the Shanghai Dragon

webmaster encyclopedia and love Shanghai two Wikipedia is a very good example, their.

analysis of keywords ranking

first is the strategic view, is to see the overall quality of the site as a whole, including the following aspects, loading speed, color collocation, document quality, layout, contents, which does not represent more technology and data, but sometimes some degree of heart surface phenomenon can reflect the overall the quality of a site and webmaster. But there are also some dumpster do very beautiful, this kind of situation has, but only a few alone. The general situation of the overall quality of the web pages or owners of the effort is proportional to the relationship. read more

Ah Bin five Shanghai dragon ER daily work must be done

IIS log: every day must look. Don’t look at small IIS logs, which There is much fineness in. Because the return by IIS status code to adjust the site condition. For example, the return status code is 404, it means you appear dead links, in a timely manner to writing ROBOTS shield the dead link, if it is to return to 303, then you didn’t update the pages, need to adjust the page updated, and the key is the number of visits. If the situation is to reduce the possibility that the website right down. Need to check the site adjustment. read more

Betta CEO Chen Shaojie live too early to talk about the second half of the industryLove spell to win

2, learning tyrants type continuous entrepreneur Wang Xing

Chen Shaojie told reporters, "regulatory intervention, for us such head enterprises is a good thing, positive, orderly environment is conducive to orderly development."."

Wang, 25 years before the age of

in the Internet era, but also the emergence of a number of daring Ganpin Fujian entrepreneurs, some of them are already listed companies CEO, some investors, some are still running all the way.

hasn’t arrived in the second half, read more

Forwards not pay attention to the operation of Shanghai Dragon

Is the study of the search engine to adjust the

4, Shanghai dragon operation. Here is related mainly in the relevant content, not a theme links. That is not related, or a proportion of problems. For example, your site theme is Hefei Shanghai dragon, then you are in the content construction in Hefei Shanghai dragon related content, such as other aspects of life as a theme, not overwhelming. Import links also pay attention to a relationship, high-quality external links factor correlation.


website called Shanghai dragon popular point, make the site to get good rankings. Then, adjust the striker here think that is the story of a Shanghai dragon manipulation. A search engine to Shanghai dragon operating practices, on the other hand, is not conducive to the search engine of Shanghai dragon manipulation. read more

Four effective methods for fast exchange chain of local tourism website

, through the QQ plus group to find relevant industry QQ group

second, exchange site search related sites through the chain chain. This method is also a lot of people are in use, before a lot of people love to buy Links Ali cloud, Ali cloud affected Scindapsus algorithm, very few people to buy links, so most of the people or by the friends of the chain site to exchange chain, such as webmaster helper network and go9go link platform. The platform can be customized to search relevant types of chain sites, to the webmaster is very convenient, but also eliminates the need for the webmaster to a > read more

Fan Zhuo national plan depth analysis Shanghai love love Shanghai red

design what is the "love Shanghai red, not winning he will also guide you to a search box, search for a keyword, so imperceptibly, let Shanghai people use love every one more used to love Shanghai, let not used love the people of Shanghai, to develop a habit of love Shanghai use the correct. Brief summary: there are problems to all the people of Shanghai love a habit, love Shanghai.

there is love Shanghai in the "love Shanghai red" campaign, in fact not so much in should, because the interface has the following red Yao point 100, send Dangdang and other shopping vouchers, which in fact is to the online store and then advertise, the details of which I do not know, but there is certainly a cooperation in the inside of the ingredients, so that Shanghai is not sure how much money in it. read more

A good web site optimization process which requires the quality of editing

second, the need to consider the user experience of reading writing. On the ability to integrate resources only to the basic conditions of search engines provide valuable information, then we see second points, the final group is of course we face our users, the user is actually an entity, is a thinking is normal, non judgmental concepts so in writing in the process of taking a veteran perspective to analyze and the user can not always forget reading experience, for example, an article has very high value, but paragraph division is not clear, level of confusion, a lot of ordinary people can not understand, this is not respect the reading demands of the user, it is rational. The best for the reasonable section, the appropriate time to add the appropriate images to help users understand the contents of the article, for difficult concept or > read more

About love for Shanghai text links some conjecture

first, after a major update in December 7th Shanghai love of the chain, December 14th again big update

second, love Shanghai for text links to crawl, is repeating yesterday’s tips, it prefers the front crawl peer text url. Wrap (end. Is love) of Shanghai as a separate, but a colon (:) comma (,) such as delimiters are ignored by Shanghai love, of course, the space is properly ignored. Of course, this is not 100%, love Shanghai and grab a small probability of other characters, but most of the time we maintain this text link format; (a separate line) XXX (you want to grab the text (XXXX) corresponding to the URL you want, of course is the text type, not a hyperlink) is able to love is a better Shanghai grab. read more

Dongsheng grass root how to borrow money, the right hand left hand occasion, from businessKorean ven

1. Analyzing strengths: what are the selling points?

in the field of Internet in Korea, what is happening, or will happen? China Internet BAT, South Korea has what? P2P, O2O in South Korea as hot? What South Korea’s venture capital and entrepreneurs think, when they talk about China, a huge market for the 1 billion 400 million people, and how ambition and

services, there is need for people to provide services! As the grass root, we lack the specific skills, will build a website, not SEO, not art, not design…… if we follow this thinking down himself to death, will be to abandon the "counter attack" read more

After optimizing the template, GG unit price has finally reached 0.05Industry analysis 2016 angel in

What is the real exit path for

valuation can return? At the beginning of 2016, angel investors will experience a similar public stock market’s experience as a "correction"? As the 2015 Silicon Valley master Unicorn Bonanza said: companies that accept equity investment, no matter at what stage, the valuations are high, the angel investment stage is no exception. In mid 2015, Angel Group’s investment was $4 million, the highest in angel investment, up 33% from 2014. One can only hope that investors and entrepreneurs will cool down and realize that trading prices are generally best for all parties. I hope this year’s practice of instant success will converge. read more

Notification about lianmeng server system upgradeThe 24 year old entrepreneur four years worth of ne

he is Zhang Jinrui, a post 85 entrepreneur, Chinese rookie entrepreneur, won the ten outstanding youth of Henan nominated entrepreneurial star. From 500 yuan to tens of millions of net worth, entrepreneurial way of leaps and bounds, dazzling behind us so that we can not help but explore his thoughts.

Jinrui project?

Zhang Jinrui: in fact, these three projects in what I did not seem very different, in essence, is to meet customer demand in some areas, and the market is lack of good product to meet this demand, this is our lack of market opportunities. The present commercial society is full of opportunities, because there are too many traditional industries that can use new technology and ideas to transform and make it more suitable for the market demand. I always believe that as long as the accurate control of market demand, and to meet this demand, it will be recognized by the market, and get good returns. read more

Talk about your experience with League promotionSina blog blocked Taobao links, thousands of Taobao

I started contacting the league during the middle of 06. I haven’t done it before. I don’t have any experience. But because they have done personal Adsense, done a lot of union advertising, so it is clear what the webmaster is thinking, what they want?. But in the beginning I have encountered many setbacks, when I started a music class is responsible for product promotion, because of low prices, low CTR, code less, even for many webmaster friends are not willing to hang the code, even some webmaster barely hanging up, click rate is too low, the owners feel do not make money, hanging two days off. read more

Linktech two new on-line advertisers, welcome everyone to putGrassroots webmaster how to local webs

site is the blue ocean, the competition is small, large portal to attend to the promotion of the get in by every opening, relatively easy, once formed, easy to form a reputation and repeat, later by the search traffic restrictions, the key point is, to make full use of and mining in their own local network resources, to find their own sense of belonging and achievement find a sense of belonging to their relatives and friends, career identity! Grassroots entrepreneurship, where a web site can be used as your first choice. read more

Do I sell 10 thousand dollars for this ideaMobell bicycle or purchased by your bike, had previously

                look at the name of the project you will know this is what to do, we know that in Guangzhou we want to buy computer will be first on the Pacific computer network, will buy a car to car website, buy a mobile phone to the mobile phone network to sell Bei Dou. What people will to Taobao Alibaba, etc.. These are combined with traditional and Internet advantages to do. But have you found that there is no Beijing road in the biggest commercial street in Guangzhou? At least I asked, sh419 hasn’t found the answer yet. read more

The company is new three years mistress had been behind tens of millions of derailed have such a big

is even more amazing is that this year, in the fourteenth years of Victoria, they submitted to the National SME share transfer system of open transfer prospectus, intends to list three new board. Victoria listed three new board, means that this seemingly wonderful job, not only the market, and the market is not small.

" this statement, let me more firmly to the WeChat public number "spirit crisis" attitude. Because you are on WeChat even temporary residence permits are not the "temporary" WeChat! If you do not want your arrogance, everything is nothing! What’s more, some dark operation mode of WeChat public number, is already an open secret in the industry. read more

My money off the tragic history of TaobaoPlanning website content

time flies, is engaged in the Internet this line has two years. The process was important, but it turned out to be a bit miserable, without making any money. He decided to change careers, since this line is not suitable for me, why force yourself? This time inadvertently found Taobao customers, peers are coming every day every day to see hundreds of thousands of the webmaster where, but their time will be the boss because of various highfalutin excuse my pay deduction, is really very depressed. read more

Ali mother website main increments, buyers where are youNetsun to join sh419 launched the business a

July 6, 2007, Hi2000 "business treasure" www.netsun announced to China chemical network, to Chinese textile network, Chinese clothing network, agriculture net, Chinese in plastic and other domestic online 1000 industry website, together to create industry website "business advertising alliance" based on this initiative will present the increasingly intense competition "advertising alliance" to the market again in the teeth of the storm. The Hi2000 and sh419 together, undoubtedly in the advertising alliance market dropped a bombshell. read more

Coolies use blogs to drain, but they are practicalEntrepreneurial probability increase potential + m

since the environment is the same for everyone, but why did anyone succeed, you did not succeed, to speak extremely, it all depends on people. You can’t control it, but you can at least influence it.

2, grab the sofa software transferred to the blog inside, there are updates, pop-up pop-up articles, and then you leave a message to rob the sofa.

that’s why many Angel select groups >

3, sign up for your account on those blogs, do boot work boot to the website, or directly pop or jump the code to your website. read more

Yiqifa screen desktop software to download and install the upgrade packageIT practitioners sometimes

requires a standard

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

tail desktop software upgrades, the installation package has been updated to spread on the server, so please use the direct download promotion webmaster to download the installation package.

believes many people have heard the story:

There were three people in

many people are the same, but the results are very different. Perhaps the immediate cause is the difference in standards of selection. Don’t underestimate yourself, nor do you lower your standards. You can try to set your standards a little higher. That’s not something that can’t be achieved read more

PriceWaiter3 electricity providers to master the behavior of EconomicsXu Xiaoping success is certain

connection users are becoming more and more important in today’s Internet era. In this way, a change in the past, merchants unilaterally decide the situation, people can allow users to better participate. "He lets people slow down and become more involved shoppers," explains Andrew Scarbrough, a partner at PriceWaiter."

it’s human nature, fear of failure and shame. But the value of failure does not need to be successfully endorsed. What time can we in business success before, when it is failed to discuss the failure, calm, bright face the consequences of failure, the reason analysis failed to be confident and comfortable, is the real gain entrepreneurial courage and wisdom, we can truly worship our failure is the mother of success "". read more