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Climbing a diamond a week is by no means an online myth

seller from the first day of the open, as was the start of a drill desire, longing for the title of crown seller, but really when you step by step to input energy to make the operation flow, sales, such words a little bit in destroying one of entrepreneurs with cavity fighting. Sword teacher is also a step by step this way, after 2 years of shopping mall operation after suffering, and finally began to dream of pace.

attached: sales record report

June 1st -6 19, sales of 0

6 and 19, -6, 23, sales of 174 read more

A failed entrepreneurial experience

see friends here communication so lively, I this rookie also send my story, and give you some reference,.

well, get to the point:

in 2000, I entered the University, studied the sports specialty, likes and the plan department student contacts, similarly, the computer hardware software also studies very skilled,.

2002, the first time I formed my first website, the Department of sports class 2 class 2000 alumni records, because built in the LAN, with graduation was deleted,.

2003, the first and the project department friends planned to use computer design graduation resume to make money, then the Internet seems to have been no professional cover sale website, engage in a network server, on line, sell cover resources, at this time, the project Department of the friends for exit, only one person to go that made life completely on their own planning, implementation, harvest the first four digits of the money. read more

Exploratory application website plug in and influence

host: Good evening, everyone. I’m the host of this lecture. First of all, thank you very much for coming here on Saturday night to attend the lecture. This is the first lecture by the interview group, and there is no chance to do it later. Of course, we also hope to get the chance. Please have some experienced friends here to give you a lecture. After all, the task of this group is the interview task of the open source plug-in network, and the interview has been successfully carried out for the fourteen time. I would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" and thank you for your support all the time. Said so long, not yet said why suddenly opened a lecture, ha ha, I believe there are many friends also have this question, so I’m here to explain to you. A few days ago was invited to go to the station Feizhou Youqun a lecture, he thought for a long time and finally determine about plug-in theme, time is 8:30 tonight. Then I suggest that he also open a lecture in this group, but also let the group of friends can exchange, after all, water and fertilizer can not flow to other people’s fields, ha ha. That’s how it started. read more

Effect of filing website industry brought face to face verification

in February 22, 2010, the Ministry of Industry issued on further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial), a clear run to third filing system at the same time verification scheme, the site founder I need to carry the required verification of original documents, materials to access service unit for the record site for verification procedures.

so, verification scheme will bring what kind of impact to the whole industry website? read more

Do local station for fourth years the ideal is always with no reality whatever in the face of realit

has been in the fourth year as a local station. This is not a summary post, nor is it a memory post. I just want to write something to commemorate those who accompany my website all the way through the day, thanks to those who helped me in my webmaster career webmaster.

half a year ago, I sent an article in A5: "three years of local stations: flow, popularity, no profit", then referred to the commercialization of local communities, but I still do not have commercialization. Six months ago, love Ganyu (www.aiganyu.com), IP, 4000+, PV 58 thousand, no profit; now, day IP, 5000+, PV, 7w. The site’s parameters are growing, perhaps in the hands of other webmasters, now counting money at home. However, this station in my hands, can only be regarded as a very popular local station. Yield nothing. read more

A new webmaster experience

I am

from the second half of 2000 began to contact the Internet, just began at that time is the contact in the school room inside the computer, is the DOS system, can only be used with the WPS in the above database, C programming language and the like, but then only know to play, no serious to learn. Only learned five pen typing, and some simple computer knowledge, this year we began to appear in Internet cafes, Internet cafes, small, only about 10 units around it, using a dial-up Internet, I remember we had a chat room, do not know what to talk talk afternoon, (now think only enough funny) then we school computer room has also been updated, we have a lot of students begin to learn to do ", I also made a very simple" hanging in the school room on the server, but later playing in the cafe in Rome, gave up the study. read more

26 optimizations that must be done for a successful web site

1, prepare and build content

before you register your domain name, you should write down your thoughts and prepare enough content for 100 pages. Please note that at least. That’s 100 pages of real content, instead of the link page, about us page, contact us or copyright statement and mixed ".

2, domain name

you should choose a domain name that is easy to build a brand. You want Google.com, not keyword.Com. Keyword rich domain names should be discarded, and easy to build brands and easily identified domain names are the best. read more

Do a good job filling content so that the electricity supplier website sales fly up

both elong vertical electricity supplier website, or Tmall, Jingdong and other comprehensive business website, their sales is nothing more than three aspects: price, content and evaluation, which I think is the webmaster of the most easily overlooked link, because of people’s subconscious, always feel that a business site sales volume is proportional to the price and the site is given, as long as the site of the awesome price, buyers will be single, slightly other ideas webmaster may reuse the user of the herd mentality, to praise the high rate of baby son summed up on the website, improve the purchase rate of users, but from first to last few people pay attention to the electricity supplier website content, so to see the website "naked" product information, you’ll be surprised. read more

How do news websites increase traffic Try interaction

review: news is the traditional news media and the portal, users understand and dissemination of news channels become more and more diversified, multi angle, and recently popular media. So now focuses on news media website day is not so comfortable, in the information era of diversification, the news website to reach new heights is not an easy thing, how to better attract online traffic? Not only is the quality of content and the attitude of the news so simple to fix, I’m afraid the user said is the user, where users need what kind of news? read more

Five questions that should be considered before writing a blog

your blog will fail. Sorry, that’s true.

no one is tracking how many blogs have existed and how many have been abandoned, and there are hundreds of millions of blogs on the conservative estimates – most of them – yesterday. Don’t let your blog get into the statistics of these failed blogs.

As a self thinking guy,

, I often have an urge to start a new and creative adventure. We all know how easy it is to start a blog. It’s too easy. But when I woke up in the cold sweat at 3 in the morning, an idea came out of my mind, and I asked myself a few basic questions… read more

Born about guns developed in show off died in purchasing pictures social but also how to play

Abstract: the difference between social and community, whether it is because of the interest graph or relationship map to attract users of the network, why to distinguish, content and relationship in each other, social dependence resumes, but also enlarge the community of viscosity.


" have to cook, the flavor is partial, laugh at the rivers and lakes."

good, unbounded salon 2’s "unbounded Salon" suddenly appear jianghu. The unbounded Tao is that the able man talks about Tao, which is the Tao, the Tao, and the Tao of the pioneering game. read more

Want to make your business website trustworthy take a look at these seven elements

lead: for your website can stand "trust test", the following seven key elements deserve your attention.

today, many foreign emerging business platform has sprung up, such as LemonStand, Shopify, and Squarespace, and so on. Many people are pouring into this field to build their own stores". But the attendant problems, the number of online stores do increase, but online fraud has become more and more, so for those newly established online store, whether it is worth of consumer trust in read more

Seven major indicators for evaluating local portals

local portal development model has gradually clear, there are more and more cases will Web2.0 profit predicament break. From the point of view of development, media and e-commerce have become accepted methods. From the operating model, the hybrid operation of vertical and portal becomes the answer to the profit problem. In this field there have been a number of successful: Xicihutong, 19 floor, Hefei forum, forum, small long lane etc..

we understand that the investment community is already itching for the field. However, the current evaluation standards in this field are still very vague, and it is not rational to evaluate them with simple feelings, good and bad. The conventional valuation method is profitability, but the advertising lag effect, the local economic space and the future potential of the website are likely to cause a serious deviation between the valuation and the actual value. Apart from the valuation, for the local portal itself, it also needs an objective evaluation criteria. read more

The eight process teaches you how to become a webmaster

do you want to have a world of their own in the network? You want to bring the considerable income through the Internet Network Amoy? You think of letters like mocnc.com secretarial nets to realize their dream? If you want to, but the specific process and steps of the establishment of all don’t understand, please be patient after reading this article and I believe you will have a detailed understanding of the website, and decide whether they have the ability to build a station.

step 1: apply for domain name read more

What is the nternet home improvement Future nternet home improvement O2O platform operation de

in 2016, under the impetus of the market and capital, the birth of a variety of Internet home improvement platform and enterprises, like mushrooms in general, but in the end what kind of ability to be a real Internet home improvement platform? 2017, the future of the Internet Jiezhuang enterprises and how to develop it?

network there is a piece of saying: "a decoration user to the traditional decoration there, the contract did not have the spectrum," said the Internet Jiezhuang platform how?. Designers listen to say: "you see, although the Internet Jiezhuang cost-effective, cheaper than us, but not long boil.". You think they are burning money, saying that the warranty is five years, may be burned for three years gone, and then closed down. "If you have a problem, you can’t find it; if it’s faster, maybe your house will be closed soon," read more

The impact of web page bounce rate on ranking SEO optimization

in the home is boring, suddenly in the use of webmaster tools, notice the page out of the data rate reduction, and want to explore the web site jump out rate whether to Baidu rankings have influence, so how much influence

now in operation to build a station platform (webmaster network group purchase love), we all know that this is the e-commerce platform, website bounce rate for our group purchase website is an important reference.

for reducing the rate of jumping out of this website, I also go to combine some webmaster tools and tutorials and so on, have produced the following questions, read more

n order to be my website quit working

web site for two years period continued to stop doing, in a small town in the South has been a worker’s career, always doing it by halves, countless reasons, technology is not in place, no computer is not convenient, but the most important thing is not perseverance, no confidence, Spring Festival home, home ADSL, 2 years of work, accumulated a little capital, this time to buy a computer I once again picked up the site, but also determined to stick to this please good! I finally put the website made up we can support read more

Do stand as long as the saw is noisy there is saw foam

these days, I often think about how to make websites better, stronger, more practical and more in line with my friends’ ideas. But to tell you the truth, these are easier said than done. Needless to say I do such an amateur station, this station is like A5, is not easy to achieve perfect.

website, without perseverance and perseverance is not possible, three minutes heat, it will never be done.

my 5 star composition network, since its official operation in April 2008, has gone through many ups and downs, but it has also become a success, did not undergo significant changes. Nor have experienced significant data losses. It’s safe, isn’t it?. At the beginning of the site, there were few IP, and few people came to see it. Compared to others that flow station to wow my station, only a small a little small, not worth mentioning. But I managed it with my heart, and watered the sapling with my sweat. Because I think of her as my child, the hope in life. If I am not allowed to stand now, I will really become idle and do not know what to do. read more

How to strengthen the local portal do not die in the early stages of the road

first of all thank you for reading this article, congratulation you choose to do local portal website, do not portal at least 5 years to be eliminated, perhaps 5 years after the local portal site will be like today, baidu Taobao they occupied the national market, and we go to the occupation of the local market.

The first portal program

we choose is the net program, start doing this program every day is up to more than 2 points, for 3 months, has a certain effect, but in the end due to economic reasons, business reasons have to experience into the IDC above, continue to sell network space Hongkong, Western Digital Space, space, because the only way to ensure our daily life, I was only 1 years after graduating from university began to give up work, soon married with children, so the pressure is relatively large. In this way, the portal site is there for a long time, and occasionally updated content. Baidu seems friendly to my website, and Baidu will give it a little update as soon as possible, and soon. Of course, I did a lot of SEO work among them. read more

After 80 small webmaster big ideal do webmaster bitterness Road

was 16 years old before I began to contact the computer, but also a big boy after 80. When the DOS operating system for beginners, haven’t come into contact with the mysterious network! In the University, I majored in accounting computerization, one week only then the four lesson is dealing with a computer, but the school is not the network, so the network or not and contact.

during school, I gradually like the computer courses, also went to Internet cafes. But at that time, I was just talking about QQ. Well, the original system was WIN98, but it was enough to satisfy my first encounter with the Internet. read more