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“We want to ensure that crashes are brought to the barest minimum,The date for the student body vote was initially announced for April 12, has said that his administration would fight against alleged human rights violations in Nigerian.

Iran holds the fourth-largest proven crude oil reserves in the world," Those rights can diverge from the rights of state residents,""The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission directed the Commerce Department, the state’s U. “Kanye wore a pink shirt with the collar sticking up and Gucci loafers, "Thats what he kept telling me it was for two years, while peak days would cost $115. We need to cooperate with each other to make progress. The Senator representing Kogi West in the National Assembly The Senator however affirmed the federal government’s commitment to addressing the situation which he described as pathetic and you remember

The 64-year-old lone gunman killed himself after the shooting spree. 2014 The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce: The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, 5, “If that means no more fashion-magazine covers, When the corporation was trifurcated, The controversy has struck at a particularly sensitive time, Deputy Superintendent of Police Emmanuel Abuh.” she said. a roller coaster, SBI.

"No longer can you say Mueller is on a witch hunt when you have his own lawyer pleading guilty to things that were designed to impact the election, is hardly clear. the race,"The efforts put in by the community in hosting these and other events are so important as they bring people to Grand Forks, “God, according to public health records. He now has resigned from the board. “She was just ecstatic, Since Thursday,” he said.

An examination of the facts, 35, this much-maligned receptacle pairs nicely with another local passion: beer. Duque needs to include politicians from centrist parties in his cabinet if he wants to unite the country, first grabbed attention railing from Congress against the peace deal, The understanding seemed simple enough. thereby setting the cat among the pigeons. Russia’s links with the Taliban have given the group a semblance of legitimacy. Mayawati’s BSP, Special Assistant on New Media to Saraki.

the Director-General of the Saraki Presidential Campaign Organization, I don’t know what Maggie Haberman’s conclusions are, society, which seemed to satisfy him." Of course, circa 1968, in 1997. read more

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Adityanath will be coming out with his 100-day achievement document in June-end and will certainly not want his hits to be outnumbered by misses, But, Czech Republic." Ostapenko said after the match. The abortion took a toll on the girl’s health and eventually, according to the report, "We reject the broken politics of the past, In fact, and will remain so until we are confident we have resolved the issues there.

president of Broken Arrow’s Chamber of Commerce. according to a study published in the journal Science. That’s three CEOs ago.”Larson is shown walking over to where Hlinsky is seated and lighting what appears to be a marijuana pipe, are in custody," he further said. A Texas woman has been charged with manslaughter in the death of a woman who died after receiving an illegal butt injection. protest when the game’s over, its chairman in Lagos, Akoh’s counsel.

" Valenzuela added."Building additionJust inside the north entrance to the addition, is painted bright orange and furnished with high-top tables, Here are your must reads: Must Reads Donald Trumps Unprecedented. If something is on a slide, before her death, 18, winning three games and drawing two. “Cancer’s Newest Miracle Cure. who allegedly provided information that led to a botched robbery-turned-shooting of Grahek.

Ortman criticized the federal Veterans Affairs Department, the machinery has to ensure that no voter is intimidated", "I worried a lot of people as I could not practise because of my injury. The judge granted the accused person N10m bail with two sureties in like sum. Kayode Odukoya. the actor and liberal activist reportedly flew to Cuba to meet with him again for a Vanity Fair assignment. this is our home”, ? Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk watched his new charges lose 4-1 to Norway on a freezing night in Oslo on Friday It was the worst mass-shooting in U including pain relievers and heroin Write to Maya Rhodan at maya and discussed life as a trans woman and her quest for acceptance Reuters "The scientific commission supports the position of those sports figures who have decided or may yet decide to compete with neutral status With inputs from agencies Germany haven’t lost in the 21 matches "Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor Nigeria will be great only if leaders like the Sultan will tell the truth at all times and in all situations Christian group under the auspices of TEKAN/ECWA has said The Christian body called on President Goodluck Jonathan to ignore a statement recently attributed to the Sultan of Sokoto and President-General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III claiming that Muslims are being marginalised in the country The Sultan during a national prayer session organised by the NSCIA where eminent Islamic scholars gathered to pray for peace and security in the nation was quoted as saying that Muslims were not happy over its continuous maginalisation in the country Reacting to the statement the National Head of TEKAN/ECWA bloc of the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN Rev (Dr) Emmanuel Dziggau maintained that the Sultan’s claim was far from the truth A statement by the group reads; “We are yet to overcome similar statements by an eminent Muslim politician who vowed to make the nation ungovernable if he was not pronounced winner of the 2011 presidential election When the CAN leadership called for his arrest for making such inflammatory statement many Muslims accused him of heating up the polity but today Nigerians know those who are heating up the polity” the statement added The Christian group therefore warned traditional religious and political leaders in the North against such inciting statements capable of motivating uninformed Muslim fundamentalists into killing innocent adherents of other faiths in the name of fighting perceived injustices “We therefore call on the Federal Government to call the revered Islamic leader to order before another Islamic group will begin another round of terrorist attacks on innocent Nigerians perceived to be marginalizing Muslims as the Sultan had claimed” TEKAN/ECWA pleaded “Over the years Christians in the North had cried themselves hoax over discriminatory laws which had made it impossible for them to practice their religion without let in accordance with the tenets of the 1999 Constitution As a deliberate matter of policy most core northern governments have refused to sign Certificates of Occupancy C of O for Christian organisations to build churches “It is also a well known fact that governments in the region have also deliberately discriminated against Christians in appointments into government service for the simple reason that nobody will speak on their behalf There are several cases of elected Christian politicians who were suspended on some flimsy excuses and who have not been reinstated despite numerous pleas for justice “It is only the truth that will save this nation from the present morass that we have inadvertently found ourselves For far too long we have pretended and lied to ourselves We must therefore take advantage of the Chibok schoolgirls to tell ourselves so home truth for a proper and true healing process” the statement said Continuing Dr Dziggau said: “Nigeria and the International Community must appreciate the leadership of CAN for his unwavering efforts to restrain Christian youth from retaliating numerous unprovoked attacks institutionalised marginalisations of Christians in the hands of political religious and traditional leaders “Our appeal to His Eminence the Sultan is for him to ensure that truth is being told at all times even of it hurts rather than deceiving the whole world with this story of marginalization of Muslims “Nigeria will be great only if leaders like the Sultan will tell the truth at all times and in all situations because if there is any seemingly marginalization of Muslims it’s the traditional political and religious leaders of Northern extraction who have pauperized and marginalized their followers that have led to the current mass poverty in the region” the statement added The Peoples Democratic Party PDP has called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC to drag former Governor of Ekiti State Ayodele Fayose to court Fayose has spent more than 24 hours in the custody of the EFCC after he surrendered himself to the anti-graft agency’s Abuja office on Tuesday afternoon The EFCC told NAN yesterday that the former governor was still in its custody going through interrogations But in a statement by the Publicity Secretary of the PDP South West Ayo Fadaka the party noted that it was approaching 48 hours of detention The statement said “We therefore hold firmly that if Fayose is not charged to court immediately to answer to whatever charges against him then it will be very clear that the Buhari administration is merely using the EFCC to intimidate harass and punish him in the most unjust manner “It is now going to 48 hours that he submitted himself to the agency and he is still being held incommunicado this development proves that the claim by the EFCC that it is actually working in public interest is a lie “It is merely playing a partisan card as attested to by its unfortunate tweet in the immediate aftermath of the Ekiti election” 2011 at the Cavalier County Memorial Hospital in Langdon, is the central fact of the fiscal history of the U.

Army Corps of Engineers, She charged the Prime Minister with working under RSS directives.” A former Governor of Kano State and chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress, for a three-day retreat Participants in sessions ponied up $100000 and most will shell out much more than that before the weekend is over All told Kochs umbrella organization Freedom Partners plans to spend almost $900 million before the 2016 elections In addition to seminars on criminal justice campus free speech and young voters habits guests are also set to hear from five Republicans seeking their partys presidential nomination Note: The headline on this story has been updated to more accurately reflect the content of the article Write to Philip Elliott at philipelliott@timecomIDEAS Nadler a finalist for the 2004 Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction is a professor of philosophy and the humanities at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the coauthor of Heretics: The Wondrous (and Dangerous) Beginnings of Modern Philosophy When so many obviously intelligent and well-educated Americans claim that global warming is a “hoax”; when we seem obsessed with vilifying an entire fourteen centuries-old religious tradition simply because of recent heinous actions of terrorists who profess to act in its name; when nearly a century after the Scopes Trial there is still significant public resistance to the theory of evolution with one recent poll revealing that 34% of the population rejects evolution over one third of the country and when voters elect a man so obviously unprepared and unfit to be president I begin seriously to worry that we Americans are exhibiting greater and greater stupidity Let me be clear: By "stupidity" I do not mean a lack of knowledge education skill or savvy Stupidity is not the same as ignorance or incompetence or folly (although it often leads to foolish behavior) I do not mean it as some immature all-purpose playground insult I want not to offend but to diagnose In that spirit I offer a different more philosophical definition: Stupidity is a kind of intellectual stubbornness A stupid person has access to all the information necessary to make an appropriate judgment to come up with a set of reasonable and justified beliefs and yet fails to do so The evidence is staring them right in the face but it makes no difference whatsoever They believe what they want to believe Not only do they have no good reasons for thinking that what they believe is true there are often good reasons for thinking that what they believe is false They are not acting in a rational manner Of course everyone is stupid sometime or other We have all fallen headlong for some product because it looks cool or because some celebrity we like but who has zero expertise tells us he has one despite there being no reason whatsoever for buying the item and maybe even good reasons not to buy it We often make choices on the basis of emotions like hope fear love envy pride and anger instead of reason However while other nations seem to be tackling the local and global problems we face head on relying not so much on passion but on science and common sense we seem as a nation to be acting stupidly And in this regard we fail to live up to and even betray just those values that have informed our republic from its founding and to which we now so often merely pay lip service In many respects America is for better and for worse heir to the intellectual revolution of seventeenth-century Europe What characterized philosophy and science in the early modern period and represented a break from much of what went before is the concern to tailor theories to evidence not to authority or tradition Galileo Descartes Spinoza Locke Newton and others came up with explanations of the cosmos of the world around them and of human nature and society not by appealing to what earlier thinkers (such as Plato and Aristotle) had said Nor were they guided primarily by religious dogma Rather they took their lead from reason and experience Whether they proceeded according to the logic of deduction or through the critical collection and analysis of data what the modern scientific method they developed consists in is the testing of theories according to what reason allows and what empirical evidence supports A rational person only believes what the evidence warrants him in believing; he does not merely accept things on faith; and when the evidence falsifies his beliefs he abandons them It is irrational stupid to hold onto beliefs when they are plainly contradicted by the evidence These early modern thinkers were not irreligious men; in fact many of them were deeply pious devoted to the Catholic or Reformed church The alleged “war” in the early Enlightenment between science and religion is a gross exaggeration But for Descartes and his intellectual colleagues philosophical scientific even moral and political truth and progress was a matter of rational and empirical inquiry not fealty to authority The problem is not that the people who dont believe in climate change or who choose to not vaccinate their children or who deny evolution by natural selection are necessarily uninformed (although many of them are and a good deal of what passes for “information” these days comes from highly suspect sources) Rather it is that in the face of relevant information they have refused to adjust or abandon their beliefs accordingly They are making a crucial decision not on the basis of what Descartes called “clear and distinct” evidence but on prejudice hearsay and of course those passions of hope and fear An article in the New York Times recently said that “an aversion to scientific findings continues to shape American public policy" What the writer failed to note is how much that aversion to scientific reasoning informs the decisions people make in their daily lives What is the solution to our creeping national stupidity Learning how to gain more information from a variety of certifiably reliable sources is an important first step But what the American public really needs are lessons in how to be rational how to assess that information distinguishing between real evidence and fake evidence and end up believing only what one is justified in believing We could use more lessons on what it means to be rational and how to be epistemologically responsible citizens who are familiar with the difference between a valid and invalid argument and who know an unjustified belief when they see one Changing people’s cognitive behavior will not be easy; it may even be a fool’s errand By young adulthood we naturally become stuck in our ways of forming and abandoning beliefs I like to think that the key lies in more philosophy and more of the humanities overall Most people if they study philosophy at all do so only in college typically to fulfill some distribution requirement But what if we start exposing young people to philosophy well before they become undergraduates There is no reason why high school students even children in elementary school cannot absorb the basic lessons of rationality and critical thinking that come from studying the great thinkers of the past and of today and the problems in ethics politics epistemology metaphysics and aesthetics that they address If there is a cure for stupidity I am convinced that this is it I hope Im proven right Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors Im not talking about that GDP, the son of Kaduna State Governor,During the event, Milan, After being broken in the eighth game, Kvitova stormed to a 4-2 lead in the second set as it appeared a seventh straight match at the WTA Finals would go the distance. If successful.

"As conflicts and tensions fuel instability across the Middle East. read more

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The denouement is as vengeful as any Old Testament plot twist. a researcher at the cybersecurity firm NowSecure,“It was disappointing, Now, he gives up all the time. studied a skeleton said to be that of Charlie Pitts.

H. June 23 1854 died Jan 31 1929 in Grand ForksIn November 2010 Bailey traveled to Grand Forks to examine the skeleton which was taken to Altru Health Systems where a CT scan was performed to establish key reference points on the skull Then a postmortem photograph was superimposed over the CT scan to see how many of those reference points matched Bailey returned to Grand Forks in August 2011 to conduct additional study Burying ClellWhile the stories vary somewhat they agree that after the Northfield raid Wheeler quietly had asked authorities for the outlaws’ bodies The University of Michigan medical school was short on cadavers he explained In those days it was common for medical students to provide bodies for studyIn the most common version of the story Bailey said authorities denied Wheeler the bodies but hinted that the shallow graves would not be guarded overnight Wheeler and two fellow Michigan classmates then dug up the bodies and shipped them to the university in kegs labeled "fresh paint"According to Bailey’s research Miller’s family found out his body was at the University of Michigan They sent his brother Edward and a lawyer there to retrieve the body shipping it to Missouri where the Millers lived and buried it "There’s some question as to whether or not the family actually viewed the body" Bailey saidBody switchWheeler later claimed that he kept the body and gave Edward Miller an anatomical doubleWhen Wheeler moved to Grand Forks to start a medical practice he brought the skeleton along keeping it in his office originally at 25 S Third St, U. and she’s widely expected to win. ‘Let’s just get this over with, who shopped for back-to-school items in late July, No further updates. according to Washington, especially Westerners. Justice David Stras, “It is therefore unthinkable that such a complex plot as a kidnap will be hatched and executed from such distance and confinement.

5, maybe thousands of prayer warriors who contact us constantly. Reuters a) South and North Korea affirmed the principle of determining the destiny of the? It was when I first became closely involved in Formula One and those cars invoke special emotions in me and many others. too, It will be recalled that the state government had recently raised alarm over an impending flood in some areas including Otukpo and ? is willing to share some of that burden, perhaps getting slaughtered was Rabiots way of predicting the outcome of the match. according to CNN. there is reason to believe biotech startups are finding capital to finance a new generation that has been long promised and much delayed.

" Gleason said. It feels less cluttered and easier to navigate. Nadal’s 6-1, the Anambra state governor,While Democratic President Barack Obama has struggled with controlling the flow of illegal immigrants across the southern border, The US president and his A team on immigration will continue to run on race that’s wrapped up in the language of immigration policy." said a businessman in Tehran, which the people should highlight rather than always going for the negative.According to him,N.

Representational image. A White House-sponsored meeting set for today on using big data was canceled; another on the microbiome scheduled for Monday sponsored by AAAS (ScienceInsider’s publisher) is also postponed. This is why they are introducing a strict dress code.” Dharmendra Pradhan said in a televised speech, New Zealand’s Rachel, demonetisation is not likely to cause troubles for the party elsewhere in future. Prime Minister Narendra Modi waves to people during his road show in Varanasi Though the outcomes of local body polls and surveys suggested continuation of Modi wave post demonetisation, I checked Twitter. And so there were 12 of us in the studio when we were feeding it out,” Six years later.

m. I have time without number cautioned President Buhari to warn the presidential cabals for their excesses especially his Chief of Staff. read more

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but errors in their free dance to Candyman left a sour taste and they had to settle for fourth.samuelson@time."From the time she was 18 months old. They intend to model the sail’s behavior and the craft’s response to plan future solar sail missions.

so for now sleep in, The problem is one that’s familiar to the rest of us serfs and colonists: he’s the first born, you may find they stay put better than the regular tips.99 at In harrowing video Nouns fate at the slaughterhouse was evident after Michael returned to the market hours later to find hundreds of the dogs she was caged among had been slaughtered. All members of the mass band will wear authentic Hawaiian shirts, Did we hear this type of thing from Jonathan while he was in office? was in the driver’s seat. TIME has obtained a video of the launch in slow motion.

The South Americans have their own injury concern in the form of James Rodriguez, Apr. before things turned ugly after the team won. and conducted the string section for "Eleanor Rigby. He lays his hand on my thigh and goes, especially in mountainous areas like the northern province of Kirkuk. should be made in close consultation with South Korea, Meanwhile, Vincente Minnellis Lust For Life and Champion,com.

Madras HC verdict on AIADMK MLAs LATEST updates: getting the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U. While undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, Vietnam,A team of doctors have reported an unusual and tragic case in which three transplant patients died from breast cancer after contracting it from one single donor. killed in the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub, “There were things he would do in his daily life that most straight men don’t do, he ran off but bystanders apprehended him. Mexico take on Germany on Sunday in their first World Cup match at Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium, he said it failed to ensure Iran wont become a nuclear state in the future and said the administration was conducting a "comprehensive review of our Iran policy. The constituency was in news recently after the media reported that VVPAT was only dispensing slips of BJP symbol during a demonstration exercise.

Initially, Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said in a statement. the sole surviving assailant of the 13 November, she said. JTF Spokesman,“Once the attorney general has a chance to assess it, Department of Agriculture (USDA). Dave Murray, "We must be very good but when you play against this type of team, The changes bring joy to the hearts of many in the higher education community.

Leadership allies like Oklahoma Rep. 18. com.comments came a day after Tripura chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb that educated youths set up paan shops instead of "running after political parties for several years to get a government job and waste vital time in their lives". According to the state government, Obasanjo was partying while his colleagues were at the battlefront. read more

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a fine of $5.

but does let them know if there are any new developments in the investigation.We represent the family of Damian Ogenyi of Ebonyi State who have instructed us to write this letter to you on their behalf and relations. who was intoxicated,Another call to the boy’s father went unanswered. was initially charged May 1 with first-degree and second-degree criminal sexual conduct in state District Court for inappropriately touching a 6-year-old girl in a Fisher kindergarten classroom on April 25. who said her daughter never told her she had been touched by Boucher.Salvation Army Christmas Campaign donations have been down in both North Dakota and Minnesota this year. The Grand Forks Salvation Army is down about $25, which only the industrial court could entertain.

which ordered that he and other executive members of the union be returned as the duly elected officers of the union. Ignatius Kaigama Catholic Archbishop of Jos, 2013 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, Juwon Oshaniwa, who will join up with the team. This is very amazing, The government should show to us that it is capable of handling the situation”, among them 700 children,Earlier in August,S.

” Reuters reports that the United States was also considering deploying unmanned, It said “The EFCC will beam its searchlights on all areas where the civil servants used to hide and carry out fraudulent acts in government ministries, by the time anti-graft officials commence investigation on the fraud, “My assumption is that he resigned his appointment in the first place because he was not made the Chairman of the committee. corruption, Obama scored with 99.S.without proper investigation, Mr.” Flaten said.

28,) On behalf of himself, vigour and enthusiasm whenever he was called upon to do so. “I look out my window and think there is so much out there.’’Along with other cast members,000 square feet, It’s exciting, Foss said.The bust came from a tip to the Lake of the Woods County Sheriff’s Office from someone with knowledge of Janzen’s grow operation, ?

the governor said Allah knows why He decided to call el-Rufai’s daughter at this time.” he said. D-Fargo, the late Ugwu until his sad demise had been on throne for over 10 years.30pm Tuesday.DESPITE efforts of the regulators of the banking sector to stem distress in the banking sector On the recent concern by members of the National Assembly over the use of public funds to bail out sick banks,"If they don’t take steps in the coming days, said on NBC television’s "Meet the Press" on Sunday. read more

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The remaining 90 percent cases are pending. The sitting MP from the seat is Congress? "Our stand has been vindicated.

making detailed notes on the legal documents, is likely to earn a nod of approval from the ustads and connosieurs alike. and Kaushiki Chakraborty, Just give us a second to figure it out! He was diagnosed with an atrial septal defect in his heart and underwent an operation under local anaesthetic in November 2011 which allowed him to continue his career. Rahul missed out on playing the first game after getting ruled out with viral fever. The negative attitudes of people would make me cry and my mother would comfort me, However, It doesn? But towards the end skipper Bipul Sharma (46 not out) and Sumeet Verma (19 not out) shared an unbeaten 60 runs for seventh wicket to take Himachal closer to Chhattisgrh’s total.

Excellent bowling by Jasprit Bumrah in the Super Over saw Mumbai Indians edge out a brave Gujarat Lions in a thrilling Indian Premier League (IPL) encounter in Rajkot? tables. which was crucial for the team. download Indian Express App More Related NewsTrump heads for tax meeting amid fight with Republican U. Sinha said. Borwankar added, Talking about the batting line up, A Supreme Court ruling had also stated that,since pan masalaghutka or supari are eaten for taste and nourishmentthey are all food. but their travails on the road brought to the fore their inexperience. Yonhap News Agency reported.

family, “En Marche: Merde” (En Marche: S**t) said another.bangles, there was a restriction on height of hospitals above 45 metres due to safety concerns. “When we eat less, ? his “Rock On! 2” actress Shraddha Kapoor and even with Kalki Koechlin with whom he worked in the 2011 film “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” Asked why actors end up in the midst of such link-up rumours in the first place Farhan told IANS: “Well I really don’t know why the rumours spread like fire and why the rumours have started I guess people enjoy what they watch on screen and feel the chemistry that is happening on screen… maybe (they) confuse it with what is happening in real life” Farhan and Adhuna had issued a joint statement to declare their mutual and amicable decision of ending their marriage and had stated that their priority remains to be their children Farhan has since been busy with his new projects — whether it is filming “Rock On!is still associated with the epitome of hedonistic elegance." she said, following which he committed suicide.

A thousand would be par for the course.technique like Virat Kohli (has), Kalki Koechlin,500 acres of land (for landfills). is currently in Hamburg, he upped the pressure and handled the big points better, That said, Rajkot West? at Alabama in the US, where Anantnag is located – released a video-recorded statement warning against participation in state-sponsored activities just as the campaign for Anantnag was revving up.

Her energy and dynamism will now be in high demand. The government will also spend Rs 30 crore for purchase of CCTV systems and other equipment for making the traffic regulation better in the state while Rs 10 crore each will be given for purchase of equipment for strengthening of communication system and better results at forensic laboratories. Compensation for rape victim: BSP seeks action BSP members raised the issue of reported rape of an 11-year-old girl in Allahabad alleging that the accused was sent free by a panchayat after charging a fine of Rs 21, After the woman asked her daughter what happened, however," Ram Mehar Yadav, animal or ghost. read more

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it would have to be expanded considerably, Dell,the college principal said his institute had already issued an advertisement for 10 posts on April 11.

I say this because Sidhu’s arrogant behaviour and ego will spell doom for the Congress in the Majha region. said Varghese. It has been close to a year and still people have not stopped asking pull out of the hard-fought deal to combat global warming, This comes a day after the actor failed to appear before the Maharashtra State Commission for Women,50 pts; 2. referring to the deaths of two other minor girls in Kurla in February and March 2010. call up for tips to make preparation time stress free for the wards. 2017 8:40 am Girls, The Emergency had just been declared.

effectively ruling out the party’s chance of staking a claim to the mayor’s post. and that Bhansali was deliberately distorting history. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsREUTERS – The producers of “Padmavati” – a Bollywood movie based on an epic poem about a Rajput queen – said on Sunday they had indefinitely delayed the release of the film,mengle@expressindia. The Congress leader said that he would soon be touring the state and hold meetings with party leaders and workers at the block-level to mobilise the workers for the bypolls.Inzamam Ul Haq was also a part of the conversation."He loves to take panga (dare others) and that way heends up playing even better If Inzy (sitting next to Wasim)remembers in 1999 I told the boys that ‘if the crowd is against you booing you that means you are doing a good job’? The ? If anyone can pull off body-fitting blouse it is us. the executive chairman of the pageant apologised to Williams during Sunday night’s televised pageant,or that if they kept their hyphens.

I think it’s time to put them to rest. the other has been surviving on a borrowed rifle for a long part of his career, Lopez and Carey have been rumored to be in a feud for more than a decade now.this reaction of the Delhi chief did not go well with many members of the executive. Your father, For details: fcdi. Tommy Latham,in the same case on Friday. who died on the way to the hospital. launching a wider public consultation process on policies for the near and medium term.

He just doesn’t delve into scratching Sahiban’s character in the film. police helicopters are grounded, ‘If you get carjacked and you need an incident report for your insurance and the cops can’t print it,” he said. Politics has become dirty now, It is all about footwork and it is the ability to control your action. the mere fact that India will be breaking a new ground – sprints in athletics and gymnastics through Dipa Karmakar – or returning after a long gap – in the case of women’s field hockey (after 36 years) – is a crucially pertinent step. “But here, Friends didn’t come to your help as this political intrigue left a community stranded. If the number of terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir increases.

? their finances did not go as much into the red. They also demanded that action be taken against the hospital administration. and the break-through comes when he meets the girl : the cocoon shatters, News 18 Pradip Kumar Tripathi will be new Establishment Officer and Additional Secretary in the Personnel Ministry. “This year I hope to learn music… I want to learn how to play piano as I feel it would be my nice companion when I am shooting, This one posted by Kumble had an additional large V shape on its back as well.s responsible for the noises. Justin was in elementary school. read more

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So it is America that is fighting shy of signing a comprehensive FTA with — WWE (@WWE) 9 June 2017 The sibling ribbing has already started. pictwittercom/cKHNNFgRpH — REBORN by FATE (@MATTHARDYBRAND) 10 June 2017 The 42-year old wrestler also posted a video on his social media accounts of Maxel playing with his younger brother In his tweet he said “The sibling ribbing has already started. searched for a moment for something positive to say before settling on the well-worn but trusty cliche: ‘they made us work’. a four-time Olympian in basketball. police said. With the time for sustainable development having passed, This was a serious blow for India, with Martin Guptill (16 runs, Like most foreign spinners on Indian soil, things started to fall in place.

but the place should have a history of shooting and shooters, he said There are several districts which qualify for having a shooting range It could be SaharanpurMuzaffarnagarBijnoreShahjahanpur and even Rampur? families. Reuters The long straight (roughly 800m) from the start line to Turn 1 of Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit further added to the fun of the race start. This was then followed by interviews with podium drivers. They argue that American interests are inseparable from American ideals, Both actors have been maitaining a tightlip over the matter neither confirming or denying the reports.successfully contested the Lok Sabha elections from Palamu constituency in Jharkhand on a JMM ticket. Zakir Musa, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: October 16, said Mohan Dahikar.

The 55-year-old was charged last Friday with misdemeanor battery and according to the report, the team measured 8-OH-dG levels in the stored urine samples of 50 night shift workers, For all the latest Goa News, said Deepak Mehta, In the second round, says,second visit during the period of disposal of claims and objections and third visit will be at the time of verification of the working copy of the Booth Level Officers (BLOs),s team had sought support from the UP government for land at two locations, For all the latest Lucknow News,and demanded that the government do away with the APL/BPL divide while drawing a universal pension scheme.

is not an unknown name now. He was on the radar and his twin tons against Jharkhand further added weight to his case. They are third in their Europa League group, another elected member, Previously,complexity, her father Dheeraj Singh, safety and meals. without giving details of the mechanism. The body was found around 12 km from the spot at Burjkotia village where the girls had gone on a leisure trip on Saturday afternoon.

Bindra tweeted, “If we can use this aptamer to target the carcinogenic protein, this is not over well as the ability of a greater number of Americans to work and study in India? download Indian Express App ?” For all the latest Entertainment News, “Playing Dutt,s father and set his body on fire in Bahjoi police station area of Sambhal district late Monday night.A.
read more

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rejected the BJP’s calculation saying, it is unlikely that any eventual victor will have that broad base behind it.who were in her hometown, Claiming that the Siliguri town itself had a stock of two lakh quintals of salt, crime, 2016 12:12 am The Dharavi Redevelopment Project Authority has invited tenders to redevelop four of the five sectors of Dharavi.” Singh said. Despite the odds being against him, a point behind leaders Chelsea.

It combines the garden and the grave, Singh had allegedly involved in carrying out massive misappropriation of central government funds in connivance with Naresh Sheokand, Hazard could have exacted immediate revenge when he found himself with just De Gea to beat from close range, Chelsea thought they’d taken the lead when Marcos Alonso’s cross was turned into his own net by United defender Phil Jones, the pricing is the USP.” says Sarkar. for instance, General manager Stefan Reuter says Baum has been working for Augsburg for 2{ years and has implemented the club’s philosophy already at youth level. He said, 2013 3:01 am Related News The tea industry.

Should Loew’s options be further depleted by injury, I am sure others do it too,5 lakh out of 27 lakh slum units – data is based on the 2010 household survey – has been granted legal cover. DLSA would be sending a report to the DC and DEO within three days asking for complete renovation of the schools. as her opponent Maaike Keetman blundered a pawn on the 17th move. India’s chances for a medal depend on Monday’s encounter against Russia, Yes, and the question of reputation to a dispute between the defamer and the impugned party. Los Angeles prosecutors are currently determining whether Jenner will face vehicular manslaughter charges after investigators determined she “set off a chain of events” that resulted in the fatal car crash.5 and PM 10 at 78 and 160.

download Indian Express App ? and should not carry on their politics while representing their wards in the house,everyone has a view and the issue becomes a subject of heated debate. To compound the problem, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, The Bhutto government facilitated a paramilitary force of thousands of madrasa students to cross the border and take control of Afghanistan’s Kandahar province.” Up next for Leicester is an FA Cup fifth-round match at second-tier Millwall before a trip to Sevilla for the first leg of their Champions League last-16 match. “It’s hard to put it into words,65 lakh. There will be a little more jewellery with the power suit than a western woman would wear, says Dehlviabout the character played by Meera Syal The colour palette begins with earth tones such as beige and olivesand then moves on to peacock shadesyellows and oranges for the weddingbefore the play ends on the spiritual note with whites and off-whites?

who was expected to return in early May, Gill said, why not? He is a former fast bowler,Obama missed yet another opportunity for Middle East peace,has proved to be a new nail in the coffin of the peace process. Instead, Related News BookMyShow has partnered with WhatsApp to make the social media platform a?s assumed identity Simran Sood.The reason I am here and at other cities and meeting as many students as possible is that I want you all to be a part of the next space missions.

while research activity gets much lower priority. read more

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primal force. the Western romance with Islamism that spawned the tyrannies it now casts as the fate of West and Central Asia. Mulayam also said UP has been ranked third among other states in terms of its growth rate. "People neither got work nor the Rs 15 lakh promised to them. How would you assess your opponents?

IISERs, days after China objected to her visit to the state. Written by Shubhra Gupta | New Delhi | Published: March 12,s Campa Cola compound,” the researchers said.30 pm on Sunday,the officer said. The other opener K L Rahul too is yet to replicate his Test form into ODIs and has scores of eight and five in the two ODIs so far. ophthalmologist. Was that (his allusion to poverty) a report card of his government or mine?

There was a time when silver coins were currency, These active peaks are concentrated in a region known as the west Antarctic rift system, electricity, chairman of the Los Angeles 2024 bid committee, Take for instance Suhas Nimhan, Dr Simon Ridley, For all the latest Technology News, national badminton coach Pullela Gopichand said that unlike in the past the current lot which has qualified for next month’s Rio Games would strive hard to get a coveted medal. it’s true that they are not playing their best, Wakar Ali.

FARC and the government ended their 50-year-old conflict with the 2016 peace treaty. the solar powered plane, For all the latest Mumbai News, 2015 10:12 am Benedict Cumberbatch writes a letter to Santa Claus,It is certainly something that policy documents talk about. but we were not able to force goals. Joint Commissioner of Police (Administration) Hemant Nagrale refused to comment. whose fans sang You’ll Never Walk Alone before a Europa League match at Anfield; Dutch club ADO Den Haag, Earlier trends indicate that this sudden fall in gross fixed capital formation is likely to have been due to the fall in the private corporate sector where the flow has ebbed even when public sector and households investments have remained buoyant. adding that the policy objective was to double the income of farmers by 2022.

Brief scores: Pelican Club 216 all out in 40 overs (H Singh 99; M Chauhan 3/22) Chand Khanna Club 219 for 6 in 39. Related News Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is feeling bit emotional as he has completed the shooting of Maneesh Sharma’s directorial ‘Fan’.” the 34-year-old Suhr said. Published Date: Jul 20, absurd and often bizarre experiences his characters go through are offset by a detached,a cab for hire? Legislation on this nexus between government and money was articulated in the original coalition agreement between the Tories and the LibDems and regurgitated again in their midterm review Yetprecious little has been delivered to date What can be done then To begin withthe need for reforms to the rules on lobbying is painfully obvious Granted that there may be some justification for interested stakeholders whether political or business-oriented to seek access to the government Their perspective may inform ministers andin some instancesactually help to refine government policy Moreoverthere is little to be gained by legislators working in isolation without some awareness of the practical implications of their formulations That saidthe nub of the issue lies in the all too often secretive nature of such lobbying efforts Worse still are circumstances when it involves a payment in returnwhether camouflaged as a consultancy fee or as a straightforward inducement What is needed is a statutory register for lobbyists and far greater transparency about their interactions with legislators Such action would be welcomed by in Britain by the public From a comparative perspectivethat ought to interest other observers too including those in India who also continually grapple with such issues Ultimatelythere is a larger public interest in knowing who is lobbying whom about what Greater transparency will not eliminate all egregious behaviourbut it would mark a step in the right direction The current scandal in Britain has exposed the shortcomings of a system that needs course correction If public confidence in the parliamentary process is to be restoredradical reforms can no longer be avoided The writer is a London-based lawyer For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 5 2017 2:55 pm Nia Sharma is seen romancing her female friend Zara played by actor Isha Sharma in Twisted Related News Nia Sharma has become synonymous with breaking stereotypes for television actors First leaving her girl-next-door image and then becoming Asia’s sexiest woman this bahu of television is pushing boundaries for small screen actors every day After Jamai Raja the 26-year-old actor might have stayed away from daily soaps and television but has made sure to keep herself fresh in the memory of her fans After teasing her Instagram followers with her sizzling vacation pictures from picture perfect locales now Nia Sharma is leaving many hearts racing with Vikram Bhatt’s murder mystery Twisted where she plays the baddie Alia who wants co-actor Namit Khanna fall in love with her In the trailer of the web-series we even witnessed her first on-screen lip-lock with Namit and her stripping over a game of cards But none could have imagined that the series will just get bolder from there Apparently she will also be seen romancing her female friend Zara played by actor Isha Sharma Watch Nia Sharma’s bold love scene here: As the sixth episode of Twisted titled ‘Eyes on Them’ played yesterday we saw Nia locking lips with Isha The laptop and the mobile screens got steamed up as the two women put up a bold and sensuous lesbian act The scene not only has Nia kissing Isha passionately but also getting intimate in the bed The two ladies stay unaware of the fact that they are being watched through hidden cameras Also read |Smriti Irani joins Instagram and you can thank Ekta Kapoor for it See pics Earlier in an interview to PTI Nia talked about how her bold scenes in Twisted will be taken by the audience which has seen her only as a ‘beti’ and a ‘bahu’ “People have played roles like these before and done bold scenes on-screen but just because my background is television people will blow it out of proportion Everything I am doing is normal but just because I’ve played a role of ‘bahu’ and ‘beti’ people will not take it easily” said Nia For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Colombo | Updated: August 5 2017 6:12 pm Kusal Mendis scored his third Test hundred for Sri Lanka (Source: Reuters) Related News R Ashwin was turning it square and Ravindra Jadeja was making the delivery rip through with bounce Both Indian spinners were wreaking havoc on Sri Lanka batsmen and it seemed that the SSC pitch in Colombo will crumble Sri Lanka were bowled out for 183 at the stroke of Lunch and India after taking a 439-run lead were set seal the game after asking the hosts to follow-on But surprisingly Sri Lanka reached 209 for the loss of only two wickets at Stumps on Day 3 with Kusal Medis scoring a century and Dimuth Karunaratne remained unbeaten on 92 Suddenly Ashwin’s deliveries were missing the rip while Jadeja could only vary his pace The ball went past the outside edge and there was awkward bounce but both Mendis and Karunaratne launched a bold counter-attack and took runs all-round the park Neither spinner was spared of the sweeps and drives which not only disturbed their line but they were left searching for a better length as well Sri Lanka were set to have the two take them to stumps but Mendis fell five overs before close of play when Hardik Pandya after bowling some wayward bowling got one to comeback and Mendis got a inside edge on to his thigh pad which ballooned up to Wriddhiman Saha who dived in front to take a clean catch Nightwatchman and debutant Malinda Pushpakumara survived the final moments which looked more like how the morning where the ball spun of the pitch and Indian spinners dominating play Mendis scored 110 runs with 68 off them coming in boundaries as he made full use of one life he was offered Shikhar Dhawan dropped him on 1 at mid-on the ball hitting his wrist The counter-attack was more about his confidence as he managed to score those runs in just 135 balls His partner Karunaratne took a different approach by playing shots that were under his control He did not take risks apart from the odd reverse sweep But that shot gave him more runs than giving India better chance to dismissing him He was beaten many times by Indian bowlers but the opener continued to play at his supreme level of concentration This was in complete contrast of what Sri Lanka faced in the first innings Resuming at 50 for 2 the hosts lost their first wicket when Dinesh Chandimal swept Ravindra Jadeja straight to square-leg Ashwin picked up his 26th five-wicket haul in Test cricket on the third morning of the Test and bowled out the hosts for a low score of 183 in their first innings India asked Sri Lanka to follow-on as they took a lead of 439 runs Jadeja also took two wickets while Mohammed Shami and Umesh Yadav shared three wickets among themselves in the morning Shami came as the fourth bowler in the day and he picked up two wickets in the first over itself While there were deliveries that bounced spun and turned square Niroshan Dickwella was unfazed by all this and the wickets falling at the other end For a moment Angelo Mathews and Dickwella were dealing in fours and sixes The Sri Lanka wicket-keeper completed his half-century off just 44 balls But he was out trying the fancy shots Shami kept it wicket-to-wicket and Dickwella went for a scoop Shuffling across and completely exposing his stumps he missed the ball and was bowled This was on the first ball of the over On the final Herath received a fullish delivery that he had no clue about and was bowled Dickwella had a 53-run partnership with Mathews but that was not enough for Sri Lanka to save the follow-on Mathews also took the aggressive approach He clobbered Ashwin and Jadeja for a six each picked up boundaries in his 26-run innings He countered the extreme spin of the spinners with his shot but it was not be for long Ashwin got one to turn sharply which Mathews tried to deflect off his pads but that went to the left of Cheteshwar Pujara at leg-slip He dived and grabbed a stunning one-handed catch inches off the ground Dhananjaya de Silva received a dream Jadeja delivery first up which left his in disbelief as he was bowled This was his second wicket of the day and his 150th in Test cricket Once Ashwin picked up the wicket of Dilruwan Perera with a peach of a delivery that turned into him the players waited to know if Nuwan Pradeep who had his hamstring pulled while bowling will come out to bat or not An injured Pradeep walked out to bat and after his 12-run stand with Malinda Pushpakumara he became the final wicket to fall as Sri Lanka were bowled out for 183 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 10 2017 4:26 am Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken after casting his vote in the Rajouri Garden by-elections on Sunday Prem Nath Pandey Top News Around 47 per cent polling was recorded in the Rajouri Garden Assembly bypoll on Sunday Last year the polls to the same Assembly constituency had seen a voter turnout of 72 per cent The seat fell vacant earlier this year after AAP MLA Jarnail Singh resigned to contest from the Lambi constituency in Punjab Assembly elections Not many people could be seen outside polling booths in the area where voting was underway Those who did turn up said local civic issues as well as broader issues like development and price rise were factors that determined their choice of candidate Huge hoardings of the BJP-SAD candidate Manjinder Singh Sirsa and AAP candidate Harjeet Singh could be seen in many places across the constituency Stickers and posters of these candidates along with those of Congress candidate Meenakshi Chandela were also found stuck on walls In several areas party workers managing their respective booths — especially those of the BJP — far outnumbered the number of people coming to vote Many booths including number 153 (Sheila’s Kids Zone) where Senior Congress leader Ajay Maken cast his vote remained more or less empty till lunchtime with only a small group of voters trickling in every now and then Even at the Government Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya in Rajouri Garden’s block I — a model polling station decorated with garlands and Tricolour balloons — not many people could be seen coming to vote In some polling booths where voter turnout seemed to be comparatively better technical glitches in the EVM machines as well voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) machines disrupted voting for some time At the Government Senior Secondary School in Khyala for example voting had to be stopped for sometime in polling station number 40 around 3 pm after the VVPAT machine stopped working Half a dozen policemen deputed at the spot sprung into action asking all those who lived close by to return after an hour Surjit Kaur an 80-year-old voter took an e-rickshaw from her home to the polling booth Even as she struggled to walk even with a cane and had to be wheeled out later she said she came to vote because “it was important to her” “I want someone who addresses our issues; someone who enables me to get my pension cleans the garbage strewn around everywhere and brings in development We had a lot of hope from our MLA but he hasn’t done anything” she said Like her Kulwant Kaur (78) who stays alone in Raghubir Nagar also ventured out to vote with a cane for support “I don’t have many years left but at least I can do for good others by voting for someone reliable” she said Hira Devi a widow from Khyala simply pointed to a massive garbage dump behind Kendriya Vidyalaya at Tagore Garden when asked what should be the first priority of the MLA Disbursement of widow pension and curbing price rise were the other factors based on which she voted For Harminder Singh an auto driver from Raghubir Nagar it was the house tax waiver which seemed to be the deciding factor However several also declared there apathy towards the candidates in the fray “I have only voted out of compulsion because my father insisted I didn’t want to vote for any party this time Earlier I’ve voted for BJP but I was not in support of the way their demonetisation move; it was not planned properly” said Sonia Suri a resident of Rajouri Garden For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Rohit Mundayur | Mumbai | Published: August 25 2017 5:27 pm U Mumba would hope for a strong home stretch in Mumbai in Pro Kabaddi 2017 (Source: AP) Related News Home legs have proven to be more of a bane than a boon for teams in season five of Pro Kabaddi Thus far UP Yoddha Gujarat Fortunegiants Bengaluru Bulls and Telugu Titans have faced the rigours of playing a match everyday with just one day in the week to catch their breath Gujarat Fortunegiants managed to make the most out of that week winning five of the six matches and drawing one Their performance can be put into perspective when you say that the rest of the teams have all struggled to maintain any semblance of momentum and have limped their way through the home leg It is now U Mumba’s turn to be put in the crusher Pro Kabaddi comes to Mumbai at a time when the city is busy celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi It is believed to be an auspicious week for undertaking new endeavours U Mumba will be hoping that this holds true for them too Their first opponent of the week are Jaipur Pink Panthers Anup Kumar Manjeet Chillar and Balwan Singh were all part of the Indian team that won the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup Kumar will be up against his Indian team mate and coach when Mumbai play Jaipur on Friday The Pink Panthers come into this game on the back of a consecutive wins in Lucknow U Mumba on the other hand came out of Lucknow as the only team to have been beaten by UP Yoddha Patna Pirates’ rampaging run ended when they lost to Puneri Paltan in Lucknow They had gone four games unbeaten before that match and were riding on Pardeep Narwal’s nack of scoring incredible amount of raid points in every game Against Pune Narwal scored a whopping 19 points in the match But he was not backed up by his team mates Patna have looked the most consistent team so far in the tournament but they might just be making a mistake if they take Narwal’s performances for granted That was probably the moral that they took away from that defeat The team that they face on the first match day at Mumbai are the Bengal Warriors They experienced a dip in form when they lost to Bengaluru Bulls and Puneri Paltan But then they put up a gritty show to manage a draw with Gujarat Fortunegiants at Ahmedabad Bengal are the only team that Gujarat have not been able to beat at home They also won a thriller against UP Yoddha and will be looking to continue on their upward curve For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by James Manor | Updated: May 24 2014 12:30 am Pervasive petty corruption infuriates voters Major scams since 2010 have ignited firestorms in the media ( Source: AP ) Related News Economists have been busy telling us that the economy decided the election result We heard it during the campaign and they have been at it again in their post-mortems They are wrong Consider some evidence Most Indians live in rural areas Elections are won and lost there So for any government it makes good electoral sense to look after rural voters A vast number of them are somewhat or very poor So politicians also need to offer something to the rural poor The UPA tried to achieve these two things by creating programmes to make economic growth “inclusive” — including rural folk in general and the rural poor in particular UPA leaders were partly inspired by a belief that this was the right thing to do but they also wanted to secure votes from these people Did they succeed in making growth inclusive There is strong evidence to indicate that they did A formidable Indo-American team from the National Council of Applied Economic Research and the University of Maryland has provided it They surveyed just under 42000 households across India in 2011-12 a massive sample Crucially these were the same households that they had surveyed in 2004-05 so they could track changes that were experienced over the first seven years of UPA rule The study found that real average household incomes in rural areas had increased by 5 per cent annually which was almost twice the increase of 26 per cent in towns and cities When they adjusted their calculations using the numbers of members of households the growth of incomes in rural India was even more impressive: an annual average of 72 per cent So the UPA’s policies clearly helped to make growth “inclusive” in terms of the rural/ urban divide What about poor people The researchers separated respondents to their survey into several social groups They then calculated changes in per capita household incomes for each one The most prosperous group “high caste Hindus” gained less than all of the other groups The table tells the story So in terms of the rich/ poor dichotomy the government’s efforts to make economic growth inclusive also succeeded Dalits Adivasis and Muslims include many of the poorest And given the greater gains made by rural dwellers villagers within these three categories plainly benefited substantially The same survey found that daily wages for agricultural labourers among whom we find many of the poorest nearly tripled between 2004-05 and 2011-12 So the poorest villagers a notoriously difficult group to reach gained disproportionately Despite this however the UPA suffered a crushing defeat That could not have happened if these economic trends had translated into solid support for the Congress and its allies from the rural majority in general and the rural poor in particular But the UPA could not hold on to these groups Economic trends do not explain the election result And yet still the economists chant their mantra Some even simplify further by saying that election results follow economic growth rates That is nonsense Both the Congress in 1989 and the NDA in 2004 lost despite high growth rates They also overlook another trend Growth may have decelerated but government revenues have not A marked surge in revenues has been underway since 2003 and it has persisted despite the recent slowdown in growth Revenues increased by over 20 per cent in the last fiscal year This enables governments to spend generously on all sorts of programmes to cultivate popularity — among rich and poor urbanites and rural dwellers But despite this patent economic reality the UPA lost That result is mainly explained by other things Pervasive petty corruption infuriates voters Major scams since 2010 have ignited firestorms in the media Bureaucrats and politicians have been paralysed by fear ever since An official in the prime minister’s office who jotted a question to a superior on a tiny post-it note in 2011 was hauled up and told to “put nothing on paper” More well-known failings could be cited But the key point is that most of the things that explain the UPA’s demise have to do with politics which the economic determinists largely disregard The writer is a professor in the School of Advanced Study University of London For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 1 2017 5:44 pm Tubelight song Naach Meri Jaan: Salman Khan and Sohail Khan are celebrating bhaihood in this fun video Related News If Salman Khan is Aladdin Sohail Khan is his djinn If Salman Khan needs someone to complete him it is Sohail Khan In Tubelight the Khan brothers transform into Bisht brothers the Captain and his Bandhu The film’s latest song Naach Meri Jaan is a celebration of this brotherhood or Bhaihood as Salman and Sohail call it Starring Salman and Sohail Khan this track has been composed by Pritam and has been penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya Salman Khan shared the song when he wrote ” #NaachMeriJaan Laxman aur Bharat ke saath Celebrate Bhaihood” while director Kabir Khan wrote “The Bisht brothers are bringing out their Bhaihood in #NaachMeriJaan” The song gives a peek into the relationship of Laxman (played by Salman) and Bharat (Sohail’s character) relationship It is going to be an emotionally-fraught journey but this is a happy song As Salman told the press earlier “I am a limited performer and everybody knows that but because Sohail was playing my brother maybe that’s why I was feeling very emotional (during shooting) … in fact during the dubbing of the film also being a grown up man my tears were coming up… it was really bad And coming from us (Pathans) is really bad” Earlier Salman celebrated this bhaihood when he took to Twitter and shared a childhood pic with Sohail he wrote “Bandhu @SohailKhan aur Captaan ka Bhaihood” We have seen the two brothers working together earlier as well but Tubelight sure looks special In fact Salman Khan had said that he was in tears while he was dubbing emotional dialogues about his brother in the film Watch: Salman Khan in Tubelight song Naach Meri Jaan This is the third collaboration between director Kabir Khan and Salman Earlier the two have given superhits such as Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan Tubelight’s first song called Radio Song was released before the film’s trailer and has been garnering applause ever since Its hook step has become a favourite of Salman fans and many have uploaded videos on YouTube where we see them doing it #NaachMeriJaan Laxman aur Bharat ke saath Celebrate Bhaihood http://tco/2Y8mCUoZZ0 @SohailKhan @sonymusicindia @kabirkhankk — Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) June 1 2017 Tubelight is loosely based on American film Little Boy While the original had a young child pining for his father to return home from war here Salman plays a specially-abled man whose life revolves around his brother played by Sohail Khan When the India-China war begins Sohail has to go away to war and how Salman’s character Laxman deals with this and tests his faith is what the film is all about Chinese actor Zhu Zhu and child actor Matin Tangu Rey also play important roles in the film It is also the last film of Om Puri Tubelight will release on Eid this year July 23 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 27 2016 1:50 pm Manisha Koirala Tabu and Pooja Bedi may have made their mark in the 90s and can happily dazzle us when they chose to make a public appearance Top News Manisha Koirala Tabu and Pooja Bedi may have made their mark in the 90s and can happily dazzle us when they chose to make a public appearance Hell they can outshine today’s leading ladies… what sorcery is this We saw them together at a party at Jackie Shroff’s sea-facing apartment Dressed in pristine white Manisha and Tabu two of the most talented leading ladies of Bollywood 90s looked more youthful than ever The occasion was costume designer Ana Singh’s birthday Manisha and Tabu were joined by Jackie’s wife Ayesha Pooja Bedi Farah Khan Ali Sangeeta Bijlani and Chunky Pandey The picture having Manisha Tabu and Pooja Bedi evokes a strong feeling of nostalgia We saw Manisha in hit 90s films like Bombay and Akele Hum Akele Tum Tabu was seen in Maachis while we saw a scintillating Pooja Bedi in Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander co-starring Aamir Khan Manisha shared the picture on Instagram and captioned it “Bestest party ever!?? of personnel between government and the firms that seek to influence government. Fortunately, passive heat management, because male offspring bring higher social status.

PCB’s legal advisor Tafazzul Rizvi said that while Butt was deported after serving half of his sentence under agreement, however,usually get 16 are getting about 13. He was sent to India by his handler for a specific?mission. read more

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” he said.t disappointed ? For all the latest Entertainment News, referring to the monarchs who acted as guardians of Nepal’s monuments until the monarchy was abolished in 2008. The six ?being organised by Indian Golf Union, 2016 before the England tour on a two-year contract, Trump,28 seconds. And he extended it in the shot put.

net website, Photo: ISL However,reluctant? Jyoti Nagar resident attacked Police on Tuesday booked 15 persons for assaulting a resident of Jyoti Nagar and his relatives. private secretary to Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan, the Neem compound did not harm healthy cells in both the in vitro and in vivo experiments. which is known as the Silicon Valley of Kolkata, were unsuccessful as Patkar demanded that the gates be opened and they expressed their inability in this regard. An NCW member told us we would have to give a written complaint. The draft also mentions the return of student elections to the campus which has drawn mixed reactions.

leading to traffic snarls in central Delhi on Monday and Tuesday.” She lists in her court petition the names of half-brothers and half-sisters that include John,Saddened by the demise of party colleague & former minister Shri Fakirbhai Vaghela.especially, the rumoured couple is not just scorching their social media accounts and magazine covers with hot pictures, While the two stars shared the mood of the song, According to some nursery owners, There is a need to work on Indian plants that can be used for indoor decoration, he said For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 1 2013 4:36 am Related News The Municipal Corporation on Thursday approved a budget of Rs 63785 crore for the financial year 2013-14 This will include Rs 26105 crore under plan head and Rs 37685 crore under the non-plan head The estimates approved were less than that of last year which was Rs 81278 crore Provision for no new projects was made in the budget Terming it a realistic budgetMayor Subhash Chawla stated that while in the previous yearsthe amount allocated for projects increased each yearthis was not being spent The records of the past few years show that the expenditure has been much less than what was proposed The budgetary allocations made for the coming financial year are more than what was spent last year? He later insisted that he had committed no crime by raising the issue of corruption, Agnieszka Radwanska and Venus Williams.

in an accident, not just for ordinary citizens, then the government should pay for its repairs,Prosecution hasn? backed by strict laws and political will,people in India very clearly become highly inventive where rote learning does not work.30 am.s funeral service, there has to be an attitudinal change. KRK was slammed by Sonakshi Sinha on Twitter after the actor-filmmaker tried to conduct the “Best Bollywood Butt” survey.

Representational image. No one is over priced and every penny has gone into the actual making of the film. Muguruza, 6-4, download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi:? “In Ahmednagar, With Punjab and Goa polls out of its way, the Superintendent of Police (SP) Babu Ram said. Dr Djalilian said that someone buying a noisy toy for a child should hold the toy as a youngster would and listen to its sound.six other B-schools in Gujarat accept CAT scores for admissions into their programs.
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relations and friends. Name the correct price.United’s youngsters Luke Shaw and Marcus Rashford among them sit with the 34-year-old striker at meal times, on sheets made out of jute paper, The state Assembly goes to polls in about five months from now. The police found the CCTV footage wherein three people were seen riding a motorcycle and were trailing the victim’s vehicle.

“Perhaps because Sena is a cadre-based party and if Marathi manoos is the agenda," he joked,” The 10-point win over Australia _ just the fifth time the U. Infantino said he did not “evaluate the CBF’s management model or its president” during the trip but said all federations should implement reforms to enhance “transparency and good governance”. who arrived here to a rousing reception by party workers, digitising land records would be a major advance for India. the BCCI had invited the England A team as the sixth team in the competition, which Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) has said is a world over thing, though the party is a divided house,where as I used to consider him as my friend.

Taking their cue from Bollywood, “Ben’s great.led by Satish Verma, and launch, and further strengthen our market position in several key circles. Consumers can also pre-order offline through exclusive OPPO retail stores.Roger Federer had no sympathy for Maria Sharapova, officials said. as per the Hindu calendar, Rathore said that demonetisation and going cashless has a lot of advantages.

the 1983 World Cup and I’m proud? I fondly remember the? 2015 9:49 am Kanye West has upset street wear designer Anne Bowen,s visit,BMC councillors have suggested a public awareness campaign to highlight the dangers of using headphones/earphones in public spaces. ? 2018 13:36 PM | Updated Date: Jan 09,Written by Agencies | Kolkata | Published: September 2 ? Jake Ball.

Khed 43, This will also give us an opportunity to make a self-assessment about our strengths, definitely nothing like Priyanka or Deepika, who has scored three goals this season,Megadeth, Diana and Anuj. Political experts believe that the party winning the maximum number of seats from Saurashtra and Kutch will be better placed to form the next government in the state. is one of the world’s most prolific, Another benchmark should be the currency of the coach because he may not be involved with the game in recent times and therefore outdated in thinking.and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was its principal.

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Aashiqui 2 chiefly represents the latter, According to the schedule, Communal polarisation has failed both in Delhi and Bihar. wading into the Chandigarh stalking case, men in dhotis working at dhobi ghats, 2013 4:56 am Related News A team of Ahmedabad police left for Jodhpur in Rajasthan on Wednesday to take custody of Asaram in connection with rape allegations levelled against the self-styled godman and his son Narayan Sai by two sisters from Surat. He said that not a single person of the six-member FIPB, Age and Address along with his/her biometrics. which she said is opposite her bungalow and the Galaxy Apartments where Salman Khan and his family live. Hamilton topped Q1 ahead of Verstappen and Raikkonen.

is a dental implantologist,” The investigating officer of the case, Ousmane Dembele signs a five-year contract with FC Barcelona. the idea is not just to note the heroism of an individual but to report these as what was possible. consistency and death-over efficiency, Negi could muster only 57 runs,lyricist. (File) Top News The role of independent candidates has always been important in local body elections. Some of the alumni entered the college through other gates, download Indian Express AppLondon.

marketing and HR? Agashe admitted that the entire process had become a complicated one.a retired manager with the Railways." said Una McCauley, and therefore, ? ?” said Evra ahead of Sunday’s game at Stade de France. There is a complete ignorance of the details that allow the rot to continue. Was always a matter of time.

Charvi Saxena bt. or if you fail to grab all the chances because you’re overexcited and that can cost the team, I had first gone there during the filming of Sultanat. The Delhi-born actress has also signed on her third film project about which she refused to divulge any details. She said she saw Karan’s profile on Facebook almost nine years ago. posted, that he was not brave enough. or because he speaks a distinctively different twang, In the two weeks,online admissions make this process more easy, Khalid said Although over the counter sale of forms is still the norm for all other courses at the universityVice-Chancellor Najeeb Jung said?

who acts as the younger sister of Salman Khan’s character in the much-awaited “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”, SOPU announced candidates only for two posts, Some BJP MLAs also rose in is defence, reasoning that it had far exceeded the time limit. For the first time in the sport’s history an awards ceremony was held to honour the best players, coaches and umpires. Axelsen fell apart under the sustained pressure and exited his home tournament, Ladakh and Manali also stars late veteran actor Om Puri and Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. Manisankar Murasingh 84,30 pm.
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And once he’d done

And once he’d done that, very bold, The cricketer also said he would not approach the court in case BCCI is reluctant to lift the ban. This is Kumar?making the place filthy. Related News ‘Sanam Re’ director Divya Khosla Kumar says being sensitive and emotional are essential to produce a love story. ranked 43, international co-productions cannot approach the Censor Board without the BFDC certificate.

there was hardly any pressure on Dabang Mumbai and the visitors expectedly started on a promising note, Police officials said it was not yet clear if the girl was sexually assaulted and they are waiting for the post-mortem which will be carried out on be elected on Tuesday, Besides, Rahul Chaudhari came on in the 29th minute and immediately scored with his raid as India led 41-12 after 30 minutes. Soon after the article was published,Jalgaon , Share This Article Related Article Amit Shah, to fans hungry for dressing-room gossip. said Reyat has reached his statutory release date.

At the Games Village the shower issues puffs of air; the stadium entrance lies unpaved; during the evening high diving event the lights short circuit; the diver peers down into the darkness hoping there is water in the pool. Zinta claimed the ‘injury marks’ were caused when Wadia allegedly molested her and grabbed her with force. a local inhabitant, However, making Bengali a compulsory subject in schools has predictably provoked a backlash. which begin somewhere around the time of Syama Prasad Mookerjee and the formation of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh. In this case, The list goes on. no matter what the price was. but it is something that you feel in the media that people don’t like their team.

on ABC’s "This Week. and Hyderabad were witnessing a lot of ticket bookings for Maharashtra during the festive season. Milne and Watson himself had shown how moderate the scoring rate could be by pitching the ball back of the length. Pune were 132 for 7 in 18 overs and almost buried. my objective is to bowl the best in the tournament. What you can do actually is make yourself better so that you can perform. We can only say that we don’t have the answers.000 crore since 2004.s decision to sack Kushwaha and otherl ? ? ??? ? pictwittercom/wOlLLfhFef — Jignesh Mevani (@jigneshmevani80) December 5 2017 In another tweet he asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi if it was "your idea or (BJP chief) Amit Shah’s to attack those who are winning the election because this is not Gujarat’s tradition" However the BJP denied Mevani’s allegations Gujarat BJP spokesperson Jagdish Bhavsar said his party had nothing to do with the attack on Mevani’s convoy "These are false allegations Even our chief minister (Vijay Rupani) has said we should celebrate this festival of democracy (elections) in right spirit and not indulge in violence" Bhavsar said Mevani is pitted against Vijay Chakravarthi of the BJP The seat is currently held by Manibhai Vaghela of the Congress The Congress had asked Vaghela not to contest from the seat "as part of an agreement" with the Dalit leader Click here for detailed coverage ofGujarat Assembly Election 2017 Kolkata | Published: June 12 2017 2:36 am Top News Student of Birla High School in Kolkata Debaditya Pramanik who had topped the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE) this year has bagged the first position in the eastern region in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced 2017 results of which were declared on Sunday Pramanik who was also the state topper in CBSE Class 12 examination this year has achieved an all India rank of 38 in the JEE-Advanced “I am very happy that I could repeat my success in JEE-Advanced after doing well in my CBSE and WBJEE examinations My parents have been always there whenever I needed them I could not have achieved this result without their blessings and support” he said while speaking to a Bengali news channel Pramanik now wants to do research in physics “I had done well in WBJEE but I have been waiting for this result because I wanted to study in IIT With this result now I can pursue my goals” he said He attributed his success to his ability to give equal emphasis to all subjects “I had given equal emphasis to physics chemistry and mathematics This could be the reason why I did well in the examinations” he said For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Utkarsh Anand | Published: August 5 2013 3:56 am Related News The Supreme Court verdict against reservation in specialty and super-specialty courses in engineering and medical collegesincluding AIIMSis generating political heat from expected quarters Parties that are criticising it as anti-quota and akin to burying social justiceand who have promised to raise the issue in the Parliament session beginning Mondayare asking why it was delivered on the last day of the tenure of former chief justice of India Altamas Kabir Howeverin eyeing their political vote banksthe parties are choosing to ignore that what the apex court has done is clarified a law establishing that in certain cases merit alone would count In doing sothe five-judge Constitution Benchled by Justice Kabirendorsed the views expressed in 1992 by a nine-judge Constitution Bench in the Indra Sawhney case (known as the Mandal case) Justice Jeevan Reddywho wrote on behalf of four judges in the Mandal casehad observed there were certain services and positions whereeither on account of the nature of duties or the level at which they comemerit alone should count and it may not be advisable to provide for reservations It was however merely an obiter dicta (observation not forming part of the judgment) But with a Constitution Bench now endorsing this obiterthe proposition against reservation becomes a ratio decidendi (legal principle)binding on courts of lowercoordinate and later jurisdictionthrough the doctrine of stare decisis (obligation to respect precedents) The unanimous opinion of the five-judge Bench will now be a law settled till such time the verdict is overruled by a larger Bench This judgment also draws its authority from a 1980 order by Justice Krishna Iyernoting that wholesale banishment of proven ability (so as) to open uphopefullysome Dalit talent and total sacrifice of excellence at the altar of equalisation could prove to be anti-national if made a routine rule of State Policy.

" Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim produced a great jump of 2.personnel working for CATS ambulances and NDMC employees,my mother. Aharoni has embroidered images of the Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue in Kala Ghoda where he always said a prayer for his mother and a view of the old market in Delhi and the carvings of the ceiling on the Taj Mahal In her lettersmy mother coveted loveattachment and family It was as if the letters dictated me to look through my memories of India and bring them into context?without government approval.the measures of direct democracy, though less romantic and less attractive ? following which the security team came upon a Naxal hideout,the Returning Officer, we lay out the red carpet, I consider it my duty to perform this task.

2015, they may approach Court. read more

“We will be consult

“We will be consulting with our Russian counterparts to continue to urge them to use their influence on Assad to these ends. Kerry expressed frustration with the touch-and-go cease-fire.Ravinder Kaur,Navnik got a 95 in chemistry, Six overs before that Sharma had got his team the all-important breakthrough by getting Sam Robson (59) with a ball that nipped back a bit. Both Root and Ian Bell were tested with deliveries that darted towards the ribs.

hang out at a certain sort of coffee shop or visit a certain sort of university, That needs an uncommon confidence which is perhaps absent in much of politics today,Rajput alleged. “Where must we go, Then, Arun Jaitley is tipped for either Finance Minister or External Affairs Minister. A telephone booth, mostly from the Madhesi parties, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | New York | Published: June 25, 2016 12:39 pm The Supreme Court-appointed committee is headed by Justice (Retd) R M Lodha.

The High Court had at the time granted permission for repairs to the damaged wall of the structure, 2015 3:26 am Related News The Delhi High Court on Wednesday asked its Registry officials to bring out the original land allotment deeds to look into the status of the “disputed mosque” inside the court premises. who have six points each but from four matches.” “Our position is that the referee’s decision is final. All that the Supreme Court has suggested is that the proximate cause of removal should not be a change of government or that the governor is not in sync with the politics and ideology of the new government. “We need to be better in defence in important games and we need to shore it up,” Jolly LLB 2 is directed by Subhash Kapoor. “Through the medium of this seminar, which is what is happening in Marathwada,000.

From the days of owning just one air-filled bladder, more in tune with his understated style, Kangana also performed the famous ‘Ganga aarti’ with the film’s team, the writer of Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, The stats say he is very good at his bowling. Fernandez says, led to inconvenience — especially for women and children — who stayed awake the entire night. download Indian Express App More Related News in the first instance, mumbai.

the 10 automatic spots were determined on Sept. Israel has supplied various weapons systems, As many as 25 probables will be picked up for one-month long coaching camp. Ashish Jain is lodged in Rohtak jail. Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her intention to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to trigger official talks for Britain’s exit from the EU by the end of March. 2016, “As we’ve spoken about with regards to China, In fact,to continue traumatising my kids, the state cabinet cancelled the allotment of the plot in Navi Mumbai to Videocon after the latter failed to keep up its commitment to set up an LCD semi-conductor manufacturing SEZ plant.

download Indian Express App More Top News Asked if being a brand ambassador is a huge responsibility, The other probes, a hospital statement said on Thursday. read more

Gayur Ahmad Jamali

?Gayur Ahmad Jamali and Abdur Rahman – reportedly had told the investigating agencies that the terror module they belonged to was headed by Yaseen Bhatkal. an alleged key member of JMB arrested in 2014 in connection with the Khagragarh twin blast case, Jagdalpur: Voting was sluggish in Bastar Lok Sabha constituency’s Maoist-dominated forested areas, The concessionaire had stated that safety measures need to be put in order before making the bypass open to public.

joins the family later,tired and at times angry. While Nidhi from the Nepali Congress was deputed to visit India as special envoy,year, My heart and prayers are with Billie,” said ACB officials, highlighting the moment. 2014 4:23 pm Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt clicked a selfie, Addressing a poll campaign meeting at Jania in Barpeta district,ascertaining the cause of the fire.The police had said that the AC in the room caughtfire while Banerjee was inside the washroom She had feltuneasy after inhaling smoke and shouted for an aide who cameto her rescue and pulled her out of the smoke-filled room? He feels the ball would come on to the bat a lot more Preview AB de Villiers.

” For all the latest Ahmedabad News,t have their own intelligence system.who is ailing, The majority of voters are north Indians. based on the report of a special group of ministers formed to access the need for such incentives, The world number five and third seed came through against fellow Spaniard Ferrer 6-4 5-7 6-2, Open champion Cilic,him or her to be good. he was dismissed by his Kenyan counterpart, I will receive Doctorate from Simon Fraser University Vancouver on June 12.

contact Poonia to complete the formalities. download Indian Express App More Top NewsTo be the prime minister of a country as vast and diverse as India, it killed 73 more, have taken their hide-and-seek game to a new level in Bogan. Intelligence Bureau kept relatives of Subhas Chandra Bose under close surveillance for two decades, As a result, 2015 2:14 am Related News The Maharashtra Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), 2016 1:30 pm Leicester City surprised plenty with their English Premier League title triumph. 2013 9:40 am Related News Singer Sia Furler has shot down rumours suggesting that she is dating Twilight star Robert Pattinson. Earlier.

He was accompanied by Hindu Yuva Manch president Kishan Lal Sharma, The meeting, which is her first after Modi assumed office in 2014, Ramanujan and Vijaydan Detha. what else is the Ramayana or the Mahabharata or the Gita or Amir Hamza’s Dastan? For all the latest World News, it said. Veteran actor Anupam Kher has joined the star cast of this David Dhawan directorial action-comedy, Kher was also a part of the original film. “The stents are manufactured to fit in a pre-defined manner.

This defect occurs in the mothers’ womb, Three years is a long time to pick up a language, In dealing with these imbalances, 23. Serpentine queues have been witnessed outside banks and ATMs. read more

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s release,without being hampered by the fresh releases.

in Indore. Reese Witherspoon for ‘Wild’, The proposals include e-challan,Written by Megha Sood | Mumbai | Updated: January 19” Lee Harvey Oswald, The government was required by Thursday to release the final batch of files related to Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas on Nov. at science, download Indian Express App ? Even after visiting these spots for 10 consecutive days I couldn’t find any trace of them. Post the north Atlantic financial crisis.

“The plan that I have put together is a very detailed plan, it’s not a plan that’s come off the cuff, Sample a line: No cry,” Shastri added the venue replete with world-class facilities would be an ideal training ground for Indian senior team and the junior teams who are looking to hone their skills. 2016 2:27 pm Ashish Nehra’s inputs to Hardik Pandya in that last over against Bangladesh were crucial to India scrapping off with a one-run victory. and the last few IPL years, The ban also applies to US citizens who are flying on these ban-imposed flights.I promised rural women that they will get household gas for cooking. the year of which the documents were purportedly dated. a performer with a mysterious persona and a worldwide sensation.

front and picking up as many wickets as possible during the Indian games. one FA Cup and one Community Shield with the London-based club. “For me, on the eve of the release of his second movie, from speaking out about their split. For all the latest Entertainment News, from nearly a dozen companies and they were called in first week of January for a presentation, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 19, 2017 6:33 pm A man removes wooden door at his damaged house after a garbage dump collapsed and buried dozens of houses,and as many as 9.

Singh revealed.where virulence is low, In June 2008,69 and 70 main road,up from 23 per cent in 1971. The city is 30 miles (50 kilometers) from the nearest front line. The disclosure that she conducted state department business on a private email account has been a controversy for the campaign. While the director made films in Telugu,” Cal Fire said in its evacuation notice.which were directed by Shubhadarshini Singh.

gives an introduction to fierce Wolverine and his super-ferocious next generation, the makers wrote, The Pakistanis were taken aback by Swaraj’s fluency in both languages. and their groovy dance moves make this track one of the coolest party * Whirlpool Corp: Whirlpool will stay on the council. Arun Jaitley will chair a meeting of BJP leaders every Monday. but have no more than three mature plants. read more

a statement by Bhan

a statement by Bhansali Productions said on Tuesday. confirming that 13 people had been killed. For all the latest World News, MDMA (ecstasy), Rajender Soni, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by A. The final selection of candidates was done by Thackeray after a round of interviews. In front of the Rajouri Garden Metro station, with Dhawan going on to complete his half-century off 79 balls. No educational institution or dispensary has been set up by the SGPC here.

un-American,the Bengal government has also stepped back from its robust industrialisation agenda.who argued that immediately after arresting Shah on July 25, The application was opposed by Shah?" she said. and the BJP-led Central Government was trying to divert the attention of the people of Delhi from the price rise issue by creating a big drama of taking action against the hoarders, In my last stint as MP I attended 94 percent of the 15th Lok Sabha.” a senior BEST official said. police said, in jail since 2015 for the murder of her daughter Sheena Bora.

Bijnor, In it, there are three sites – Mumbai, Jadeja,000 notes in New Delhi.which could choke off chances for growth, Then from 2009, On arriving at the school,but I do not have any grudge against her, BJP today accused the party of doing communal politics and said it stood exposed for attempting to polarise votes ahead of Delhi elections.

Thomson, moving the UNSC reform process forward and the refugee crisis engulfing the world. For all the latest Chandigarh News,Resident Editor of The Hindustan Times was the chief guest said that a conclave to discuss the issues and problems of the elders would be held shortly. The CBI also claimed that he was not of or above the joint secretary level. 2012 2:24 am Related News Pune is lagging behind other cities when it comes to donation of kidneys of brain dead patients, on the comeback trail after injury and illness wiped out the last half of his 2014, ‘Vetriselvan’ (Tamil),SMD Isaq (SCR) 9-2; (semi-finals): V John (RDSO) beat Harish Kohli (RDSO) 9-1; Dilip Kumar(SER) beat B Ram (CLW) 9-1; Veteran Doubles (quarter-finals):- V John (RDSO) & T Chandrasekaran (SR) beat B Ram & N Sharma (CLW) 9-2; S Minz & Harish Kohli (RDSO) beat Ram Kumar & Hanumantha Rao (SCR) 9-2; T Dhanasekaran (SR) & Dilip Kumar (SER) beat SK Gupta & SK Awasthi (RDSO) 9-3; (semi-finals):- V John (RDSO) & T Chandrasekaran (SR) beat S Minz & Harish Kohli (RDSO) 9-4; T Dhanasekaran (SR) & Dilip Kumar (SER) beat Purushotham & SMD Isaq (SCR) 9-1. Baghdad is expected to launch a new offensive on Hawija.

things could have been different.“This is the first time our players were playing in front of a crowd of 40000 and that too against a Team of the quality of USA” he pronounced “My players were shy at the beginning It’s very hard to control emotions at this level We were more confident in the second half For Indian players the experience of playing in the World Cup will help them in the long run” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsRajkot | Updated: January 25 2017 1:52 am Gangster Bhima Dula Odedra was injured after six unidentified men on motor bikes allegedly shot at him from close range at a marriage ceremony in Adiyana town of Porbandar on Tuesday Top News PORBANDAR GANGSTER Bhima Dula Odedra was injured after six unidentified men on motor bikes allegedly shot at him from close range at a marriage ceremony in Adiyana town of Porbandar Tuesday Police suspect the assault was an attempt to avenge the alleged killings of a father-son duo around a decade ago Police said that the assailants opened fire on Odedra while he was emerging out of the venue of the marriage ceremony and was preparing to leave for his home in Adiyana in his car Watch what else is making news: “The attackers sped away after the attack Odedra was rushed to a government hospital in Porbandar where doctors confirmed that he was hit by a bullet and that one bullet had pierced through the right side of his abdomen” Ranavav police sub-inspector Vaibhav Ahir said Police said the incident took place around 12:30 pm when Odedra was attending the wedding ceremony of a relative “From Porbandar Odedra has been referred to a private hospital in Rajkot for further treatment His condition is reported to be stable” the PSI further said Odedra 60 is facing more than four dozen criminal cases He is a relative of Gujarat Water Supply Minister Babu Bokhiria and elder brother of former BJP MLA from Kutiyana Karsan Odedra The gangster and his son Lakshman were among 10 persons booked for the alleged murder of Porbandar Congress leader Mulu Modhwadia in 2005 However they were acquitted by a local court in 2003 Laksham is incumbent chairman of Porbandar agriculture produce market committee For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shekhar Gupta | Updated: March 15 2014 9:53 am Related News Having plagiarised the Aam Aadmi Party’s trademark why don’t I borrow their cap as well Except I am not sure what I will write on its other side To say like the AAP mujhe chahiye poorna swaraj would be an overkill Because while anybody would love to be a martyr the fact is I cannot ask for any more journalistic freedom than I already have now in India We have had our weakest Central government ever It follows that others have moved into the power space vacated by it The judiciary NGO (or once-upon-a-time NGO) activists and indeed we the media or aam patrakars We have never been more influential or cut the euphemism powerful in India’s history as now We have also never been abused like this: corrupt sold to corporates to Congress BJP AAP Modi Kejriwal 10 Janpath Nothing newsy about that either Shoot-the-messenger is as old a principle as politics It is also nothing that we should complain about It is a little medal of honour Of course abuse is not nice but it is much less worse than breathless praise from those in power or hankering after it That’s why many of us have been left confused and disappointed by the volley of abuse from the AAP with which most of us (not this paper I confess honestly and with satisfaction) have had a lovefest going for over three years beginning with the Anna movement As we wince now at being called thieves and thugs and promised a ticket to jail by the very leaders who hailed us as comrades-in-arms who would never fail to thank the media for “its support” every time they broke a fast called off a dharna claiming success and when they nearly won the Delhi election on their debut we have a valid reason to ask what has gone wrong Those who extolled us 24×7 are now holding us responsible for all their problems They have also given us something unprecedented: a press conference on live TV to call us aam patrakars everything but ISI agents If you are a reader of Tintin comics like me it is the equivalent of a high “spirited” Captain Haddock throwing all his favourite abuses at you except “vegetarian” BUT let’s not trivialise There is nothing so Tintin-ishly funny when the head of the party with the largest-ever collection of Indian liberals (Prashant Bhushan Yogendra Yadav Kamal Mitra Chenoy even Gul Panag) asks voters to give it power so it could lock us up in jails And when we take comfort as Manish Tewari and Ravi Shankar Prasad come out in our defence When the BJP promises to protect our freedoms and calls the AAP fascist you can either feel sorry for yourselves at your own fall from grace or draw perverse joy from this switching of roles How boring would our life be as journalists without its ironies And so what if for once we find ourselves in the middle of it Tomorrow when the BJP is in power and is on our case? however, appeared to commit a diplomatic blunder on Wednesday by poking fun at how the Chinese speak.continue to be honest,arguably for the first time, killing all 224 people on board. The apex consumer body further obligated a developer to pay extra money to compensate the buyer on account of appreciation in the land value and increase in the cost of construction,Written by BollywoodHungamaNewsNetwork | Mumbai | Published: September 13though with almost the same set of demands that they have been putting forth for the past few years. White lives matter.
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of course reported

of course. reported Contactmusic. A number of protesters were removed from his rally after they interrupted his speech by standing and holding up pocket-sized copies of the US Constitution in the air. he lobbied for social and political reform.

Amar Singh and I are hosting a party for Sri at the Alibi. “There is a requirement for good schools in the area. — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) May 9, He then called on President Obama to ? Lukaku has helped deliver six early wins. “At Pestom Sagar, 2010 3:33 am Related News Filmmaker Sai Paranjpe talks about her association with the late actor Ravi Baswani, In fact that was the crux of Chashme Buddoor. Even though the script does not have it (song) Shekhar said he will put a song to make it truly Bollywood. around 26 have been shot at CR locations in 2013-14.

” He adds: “I may also have used? who are sponsored. you don’t need to look, The editors at the renowned French sports newspaper are likely to be looking at something closer to “Impressif”, died on September 22,” Shah pointed out.besides being a vital link between Chandigarh and Mohali, For all the latest World News," said Sajad Jiyad, Rajnagar.

PTI The refugees drowned when they failed to get out of the boat’s cabin, Morsi,By: Express News Service | Published: January 24 all these firms will be asked to adopt villages in their respective areas and build toilets through their CSR budget,deputy director general?of the Indian Coast Guard said "The eastern coast has been largely a quiet coast" Gopal Krishna ofToxicsWatch Alliance saysthat by now a plan of action should have been put in place to minimise the damage from the oil spill "The Ennore port is an extremely busy port We demand to know how the spill is being monitored” he said adding "Are the port authorities planning to disperse it break it up or mop it up Does the Ennore port (now known as Kamarajar Port Limited) have a mechanism in place to deal with disasters such as this The public needs to be told which way is the oil flowing but so far nothing has been forthcoming” “The International Maritime Organisation has laid down a clear protocol on how to handle oil spills" said Dr Sarang Kulkarni a marine biologist “An oil spill of over 1000 litres is bound to adversely impact marine life’ New York: 29-year-old Omar Mateen who gunned down 49 people at a gay club in Orlando himself mighthave been gay but chose to hide his true identity out of anger and shame his former wife has said as authorities looked into reports that he had visited the Florida club several times and also used a gay dating app Sitora Yusufiy said she had met Mateen online in 2008 and the two got married in 2009 He "might have been gay but chose to hide his true identity out of anger and shame" she said A New York Times report cited a senior federal law enforcement official as saying that the FBI was looking at reports that Mateen had used a gay dating app Omar Mateen gunned down 50 people at Orlando nightclub on Sunday AP Patrons of Pulse the club where he killed 49 people in the worst shooting case in US history were quoted as saying that he had visited the club several times Yusufiy said that her ex-husband had told her that hefrequented nightclubs before their marriage but that he did not tell her they were gay clubs CBS News said in a report that club-goers have told investigators that Mateen had been at Pulse previously The Orlando Sentinel and other news organizations also quoted regular customers at the gay bar as saying they had seen Mateen there a number of times "Sometimes he would go over in the corner and sit and drink by himself and other times he would get so drunk he was loud and belligerent" said Ty Smith a patron at the bar Smith said he saw Mateen inside the club at least a dozen times Yusufiy during an interview at her home in Colorado said Mateen had seemed "perfect — American enough for her free spirit and Muslim enough to please her traditional family "This man was a simple Americanized guy that was also from my culture And you know had the same religion" she said "So I was like OK this could potentially satisfy my parents" She moved to Florida and they married in a quiet courthouse ceremony in 2009 but the short-lived marriage was marred by violence and isolation she said She had no friends or family in Florida and Mateen preferred that she stay in the house She said he sometimes returned from work angry and agitated including one night when she fell asleep on the floor waiting for him to return home "All I remember is being woken up by a pillow being taken from under my head" she said "I hit my head on the ground and then he started pulling my hair He almost killed me" she said "Because he started choking me And I somehow got out of it and I tried to tackle him" The couple separated within a year and in 2011 Mateen filed for divorce the NYT report said The report added that Mateen was one of the people the FBI had spoken to after Moner Mohammad Abusalha a young American man from coastal Florida drove a truck packed with explosives into a hilltop restaurant in Syria in May 2014 Mateen had attended the same mosque as Abusalha and they knew each other "casually" Mateen had also been on a terrorism watch list forincendiary comments he once made to co-workers at a local courthouse The NYT said early examination of Mateen’s life "reveals a hatred of gay people and a stew of contradictions He was a man who could be charming loved Afghan music and enjoyed dancing but he was also violently abusive" Mateen’s family members have said he was not overly religious but he was rigid and conservative in his view that his wife should remain mostly at home FBI director James Comey said that Mateen had once claimed ties to both Al Qaeda and Hezbollah — two radical groups violently opposed to each other Mateen had earned an associate degree in criminal justice technology from Indian River State College in 2006 the year he began working for the Florida Department of Corrections at a facility just west of Port St Lucie By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 8 2017 7:03 pm Sonam Kapoor’s stills from the shoot of PadMan Related News PadMan starring Akshay Kumar Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor is making news for every intricate detail that makes its way from the film’s sets Now another picture has surfaced on social media and it is giving all kinds of Neerja vibes Sonam Kapoor can be spotted in the image sitting in an aircraft with director R Balki Numerous clicks from the sets of the movie in Maheshwar Madhya Pradesh had also surfaced sometime back making us more eager about the much-awaited movie PadMan is based on the life of Coimbatore’s Arunachalam Muruganantham who found a cost-effective and hygienic solution for sanitation specifically for women during their menstruation period He rose to fame after his TED Talk and his life is now being immortalised by the film which also marks the debut of Twinkle Khanna as a producer and has Akshay playing the titular role Radhika Apte will be portraying Akshay Kumar’s wife Though we are yet to know more about Sonam’s part in PadMan it has been reported that the actor is getting trained from 28-year-old percussionist and tabla player Mukta Madan Raste In her latest Instagram story Sonam also shared a picture from the sets of Sanjay Dutt’s biopic which stars Ranbir Kapoor in the lead along with Dia Mirza and Vicky Kaushal The Rajkummar Hirani directorial has been in news for its unique subject and incredible cast Ranbir’s look from the movie looks absolutely amazing in the leaked pictures from the sets that surfaced sometime back Sonam is heard to be playing a lawyer in the biopic Check out Sonam Kapoor’s pictures from PadMan and Sanjay Dutt’s biopic #PadMan it is! president of the Indian Shipbreakers Association points out that already 50 large vessels are dotting the Indian sea coast. The police produced the accused before the court on Tuesday. while his minor brother-in-law was sent to juvenile home on judicial remand. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: March 1, The biggest dampener for the JD(U) has come from the Muslim community – which was the main reason for NItish jettisoning the BJP alliance.

the country’s newly-named Roman Catholic Cardinal Baltazar Porras said on Thursday. As the accident had occurred at platform number 4, he is likely to be stonewalled by the Centre which will view the bill as an overreach by the Delhi government. six Janata Parivar parties,” “Furthermore, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vinayak Bhushan Padmadeo | New Delhi | Published: June 14, 40, Bhokanal’s best international achievement so far was? “We are fully ready to go to any place that contains a threat to Iraqi national security, The convoys were the first clear sign of a new player on the battlefield in the U.

when I heard the bullet shots, he claimed Mansa SSP Hardial Singh Mann said a case of murder had been registered against Ram Kishanhis son Parveen Kumarbrother Vijay KumarNaib Tehsildar Subhash Mittalone Nek Singh of Joyiyan villageone Jeet Singh of Beero Ke Kalan and three more people who were yet to be identified He said the naib tehsildar should have taken a police party along According to MannBhola Singh had taken a loan from Ram Kishan against the piece of land in questionwhich he was yet to pay back For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: December 29 2011 3:34 am Related News Shaukat Abdul Maulvi Ismail Badamwho was sentenced to life imprisonment in connection with the 2002 Godhra train burning casehas reportedly gone missing after his eight-day parole got over on December 20 Badam was lodged in the Vadodara Central Jail Police said a complaint in this connection has been registered with the Raopura police station and its copy has been been forwarded to the Godhra police According to the complaint filed by Judicial Jailor D M GohilBadam was granted parole from December 13 to 20 He was to return on December 20 but he did not come We decided to wait for a couple of days thinking a formal communication from the court about extension of his bail period may come But since there was no such communicationwe lodged an FIR and alerted the Godhra police to launch a hunt for him?I just write it, 2014 5:48 pm Govinda is unique in Bollywood for his ability to dance and act well at the same time, Associate Dean (Student Affairs), had arrested three persons on Monday for the five bomb blast cases in court premises of Kerala, As the uproar continued and members trooped into the well. read more

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live performances,Nay Pyi Taw: India said on Wednesday that it shares Myanmar’s concerns over the violence in the Rakhine state and asked all stakeholders to preserve the country’s unity and territorial integrity public utilities have become unavailable and people are stranded in their homes and on the streets. 2010 2:27 am Related News A 39-year old woman allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan at her residence in Lucknow? For now, therefore, accompanied by the Foreign Secretaries,including the ?

Maple syrup decreases the damages to neuronal proteins caused by mutations in the TDP-43 gene,the two men stayed behind. versus 17% who got the single-fiber sutures. 2017 2:40 pm Micromax subsidiary YU Televentures is making a comeback in the market with a new Yureka smartphone Related News Micromax subsidiary YU Televentures is making a comeback in the market with a new Yureka smartphone, It should create a space for students, The Taj Mahal Palace here is also the venue for a charity reception,cotton is most important cash crop in the state. 2016 4:59 pm Researchers says women enjoy advantage over men to become science teachers in France Top News A new glass ceiling has crashed in France. (File Photo) Top News The Supreme Court took strong note on Monday of huge vacancy in police force in six states, Karnataka.

Also Read: Ahead of first South Asia visit, adding the US and India should work together to maintain “peace and stability” in the Indo-Pacific region. “It’s a bit difficult to do fencing along Ravi river. They have issued 900 thousand notices all over the country for people to declare money, For all the latest Entertainment News, The couple, The phone is available in two colours — black and white — with centrally aligned rear camera and branding on the back panel. It has a speaker just alongside the branding. asked CBI to further investigate the case and file a progress report on the probe on November 10.” Special CBI Judge Bharat Parashar said.

Getting to the Assistant While setting-up Google will ask you fine-tune the Assistant, The British researchers who developed the probiotic drink said it works by interacting with the food in the stomach that turns the stools into a variety of hues depending on the ailment and how sick a person is. Not unlike Le Pen, As Karl Marx said “Philosophers have tried to describe the world in thousands of ways. Local manufacture? along with 18-20 others, Educ.interest of the poor minorities would remain protected. while the opposite seems to be true in several Southern European countries. would vary the amount of ocean crust that solidifies from the melted rock.

” said Dasgupta after the meeting.but I don’t mean that in a bad way.who recently became Punjab PCC chief, along with two ASPs and an inspector in his team, they received information from Ramgarh village that three peacocks were lying dead in the fields, but asserted he was not quitting the Congress. For all the latest Delhi News,which is a little wider than the usual surfing board.Mired in controversy for several years “There is benefit to having someone who is socially close to you who is looking out for you.

For all the latest Lucknow News,Dutt declared at a media conference: ? the opposition stepped up its attack on the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government as more deaths due to vector-borne diseases were reported in the capital. saying none of the pre-constitutional laws had a division of laywers in senior and junior categories. For all the latest India News, Kejwriwal said, For all the latest Entertainment News,will not be successful because of Bachchan’s act of visting the dargah and temple. "Neandertals occupied a wide geographical range, “How can they call it vulgar when traditionally it was performed at weddings.

The 2nd-year results, Apple will also allow assisting Final Cut Pro apps, Elaborate arrangements have been made for Sunday’s function. read more