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Smart Buyer incentive vouchers contents

first_imgSmart Buyer incentive vouchers contentsOn 18 Feb 2010 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Welcome to the incentive vouchers Smart BuyerIf you’re considering introducing incentive vouchers you will find a raft of resources here to help you assess the sort of vouchers that will work best, guidance on introducing the scheme, and advice on running a scheme and communicating its benefits to your employees. RESEARCHING INCENTIVE VOUCHERS The advantages for employers of giving staff gift vouchers (AVAILABLE NOW)Vouchers do not just have to be given out as rewards; some employers offer them through flexible benefits programmes. Nine steps to setting up a successful reward scheme (AVAILABLE NOW)Setting up a staff motivation scheme that is effective and sustainable is far from straightforward. Andrew Johnson, director general of the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association, offers a nine-step guide. Choose the right voucher scheme for your staffThere are voucher schemes that cover everything from holidays in the sun to zoo-keeping days. But which would be right for your employees? Guide to voucher suppliers and the discounts they offerThe range of reward and benefit providers is wide, and getting wider. There are also many generous discounts available. Our guide explains what schemes the main voucher providers offer, and where to find the biggest savings. Points mean prizes: the benefits of points-based motivation schemesIf you’re a fan of points-based retail schemes such as Nectar, you might like to try something similar to motivate your staff. Paper v plastic – what kind of vouchers would your staff prefer?The march of technology threatens to sweep paper-based vouchers aside. But would your employees be happy receiving their rewards in plastic form? Pre-paid debit cards – taking vouchers to another level? With a wider range of uses than the traditional voucher, pre-paid debit cards are expected to grow in popularity among employers. The advantages of using salary sacrifice for voucher schemes Vouchers do not just have to be given out as rewards; some employers offer them through flexible benefits programmes. Running a voucher scheme and communicating its benefits A voucher scheme only works well if administrated effectively and communicated clearly to your employees. The tax and national insurance implications of voucher schemes Employers can make substantial savings on income tax and national insurance contributions through voucher schemes. Andrew Johnson of the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association explains how.   mktoMunchkin(“589-ITG-580”); Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. last_img read more

Scottish firm brings out new cake decoration products

first_imgA cake decoration supplier has launched two new products designed for the food-to-go market.Glasgow-based company Cake Décor has created Chocolate Dipping Sauce Pots and Ready-made Icing in Bags for use in decorate-your-own baking kits and ready-to-go fruit snack packs.The NPD follows a “six figure” investment by the home baking and plant bakery markets supplier in new equipment with high-speed filling capabilities.“Cake Decor can therefore produce high volume orders of these products more efficiently and at a much quicker rate,” a spokeswoman told British Baker.Sold in 60g microwaveable pots, the individually wrapped chocolate dipping sauce is available in milk and white chocolate variants and can be used to accompany biscuits, cake, mini doughnuts and fruit.The individually sealed icing bags, suitable for sticking biscuits together or attaching decorations, are available in sizes ranging from 15g to 250g and a range of colours. Danielle Harvey, Cake Decor sales director said Asda would be using the dipping sauce in its Valentine’s Strawberry and Chocolate Dipping Sauce Set. “We are really looking to expand the range of products we produce both for the trade and the consumer and the dipping pots and icing bags have inspired our customers to be more creative with their food-to-go offerings and also offer baking kits for special occasions and children,” she added.last_img read more

Trey Anastasio Band Jibboos Through Salt Lake City [Videos]

first_imgFollowing their return to Red Rocks Amphitheatre after nearly twelve years, Trey Anastasio Band powered through to Salt Lake City in Utah for another stand-out performance at the Red Butte Gardens. The Phish frontman and his eight-piece band —consisting of Russ Lawton (drums), Tony Markellis (bass), Cyro Baptista (percussion), Ray Paczkowski (keys), Jennifer Hartswick (trumpet, vocals), Natalie Cressman (trombone, vocals), and James Casey (saxophones, vocals) — soared through their first set, with TAB originals “Mozambique” and “Cayman Review” to open the show. Phish numbers “Heavy Things,” “Magilla,” and “Sand” also appeared in the first set, with covers of George Harrison‘s “What Is Life” and a special “Ooh Child” by Five Stairsteps. The first set closed with a monstrous “Gotta Jibboo,” another favorited Phish tune.The second set opened with Trey Anastasio Band’s “Money, Love And Change” and “Sometime After Sunset,” before heading into Phish’s “Last Tube” and “Ocelot.” Big Boat‘s “Tide Turns” also appeared in the second set, alongside a great selection of Paper Wheels songs. Toward the end, TAB’s latest heavy-hitter “Everything’s Right” laid it down before closing with “Tuesday” and “Push On ‘Till The Day.”The band once again returned for a “The Parting Glass” and “Dazed and Confused” closer, featuring the incredible Jennifer Hartswick on vocals.The band goes on to play the Big Sky Brewery tonight in Missoula, Montana.Thanks to troop1024, you can watch the videos below:Magilla, SandGotta Jibboo Setlist: Trey Anastasio Band | Red Butte Gardens | Salt Lake City, Utah | 6/2/17I: Mozambique, Cayman Review, Heavy Things, Curlews Call, Ooo Child, Magilla, Sand, What is Life, Alive Again, Dark and Down, Gotta JibbooII: Money, Love and Change, Sometime After Sunset, Last Tube, Ocelot, Valentine, Liquid Time, Tide Turns, Bounce, Simple Twist Up Dave, Everything’s Right, Tuesday, Push on ’till the DayE: The Parting Glass, Dazed and Confusedlast_img read more

Elton John Explains Why ‘Rocketman’ Got An “R” Rating In Detailed Letter On Upcoming Biopic

first_imgAn Elton John biopic, Rocketman, is on the way, chronicling the life of the iconic singer/songwriter from his days as a young boy in England, through his illustrious career the height of his fame in the 1970s. Welsh actor Taron Egerton portrays Sir Elton John in the upcoming film, which is slated for release in theaters worldwide on May 31st, 2019. The film also stars Jamie Bell, Richard Madden, and Bryce Dallas Howard, was directed by Dexter Fletcher, and written by Lee Hall.Watch Elton John, Taron Egerton Perform “Rocket Man” At Cannes Premiere [Video]On Sunday, John penned a lengthy letter for The Guardian detailing the biopic’s long journey to its final stages of production and the big screen. He explained,Even if I hadn’t been, the whole experience of watching someone else pretend to be you on screen, of seeing things you remember happening again in front of your eyes, is a very weird, disconcerting one, like having an incredibly vivid dream. And the story of how I ended up in a cinema, crying my eyes out at the sight of my family 60 years ago, is a long and convoluted one. And it begins, naturally enough, with a naked transgender woman with sparks flying out of her vagina.Elton John moved forward with acknowledging Amanda Lepore, a model, singer and performance artist, who starred in a series of films by David LaChapelle John commissioned for his Las Vegas residency, The Red Piano, in 2004.An actor was dressed as me in full 70s stage outfit sticking his head in a gas oven, homoerotic angels figure-skating with giant teddy bears and Amanda Lepore, naked, in an electric chair, with sparks flying out of her vagina. I loved it: I’d said all along I didn’t want a standard Vegas show, and no one was ever going to be able to call The Red Piano that.Next, John touched on the notion of looking back on his career. He continued,I’ve never been very interested in looking back at my career. It happened, I’m incredibly grateful, but I’m more interested in what I’m doing next rather than what I did 40 years ago. But that began to change a little the older I got, and I really started to approach things in a different way when I had children. I was 63 when our first son, Zachary, was born, 65 when Elijah came along – and I did start thinking about them in 40 years’ time, being able to see or read my version of my life. I became less conscious about keeping it all to myself. I liked the idea of them having a film and an autobiography, where I was honest.John then dove into the lengthy process behind bringing Rocketman to the big screen. He explained,Some studios wanted to tone down the sex and drugs so the film would get a PG-13 rating. But I just haven’t led a PG-13 rated life. I didn’t want a film packed with drugs and sex, but equally, everyone knows I had quite a lot of both during the 70s and 80s, so there didn’t seem to be much point in making a movie that implied that after every gig, I’d quietly gone back to my hotel room with only a glass of warm milk and the Gideon’s Bible for company.Earlier in 2018, the prolific musician announced that he will retire from touring with an extensive 300-date tour dubbed “Farewell Yellow Brick Road.” The massive global farewell tour will likely span through to 2021, John reported on Anderson Cooper. At 70 years old, John explained his reasoning behind his farewell, noting, “My priorities have changed in my life. … My priorities now are my children, my husband, my family. I thought the time is right to say thank you to my fans and say goodbye.”Though the tour is likely to continue for years, John noted that once the tour is over, he’ll be done for good. As John explained, “I’m not going to say I’m retiring and then do a world tour. I’m not Cher.”For ticketing information and a full list of upcoming tour dates, head to Elton John’s website.[H/T The Guardian]last_img read more

Ash Center’s Innovations in American Government finalists

first_img Read Full Story The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School announced the finalists for the 2018 Innovations in American Government Award. The following seven programs will compete for a $50,000 grand prize this fall in Cambridge:Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program, State of AlaskaArches Transformative Mentoring, City of New York, New YorkArmy Career Skills Program, United States ArmyCrisis Intervention Response Unit, City of Denver, ColoradoSan Francisco Financial Justice Project, City and County of San Francisco, CaliforniaSupervised Release, City of New York, New YorkWorks Wonders, State of Rhode IslandFor over 30 years, the Innovations Award has recognized public-sector programs that make American government, at all levels, more efficient, creative, and effective at addressing social problems and providing services to the public. The award recently restructured its broad-based policy outlook to focus an annual award cycle on a single, intractable problem in American society.“Income inequality is one of the defining issues of our time,” said Tony Saich, Ash Center director and Daewoo Professor of International Affairs. “For much of its history, America has been an engine of mobility as successive generations have risen up the economic and social ladder, and that promise is in peril.”“Our goal was to profile programs and approaches that had a demonstrated impact in improving opportunity and wealth-creation for groups that had historically been left behind,” said Stephen Goldsmith, Daniel Paul Professor of the Practice of Government and the director of the Innovations in American Government Program. “This year’s finalists prove that government at all levels can have a profoundly positive effect on social and economic mobility.”This year, the award looked for initiatives that had success increasing the prosperity of communities, particularly programs that expanded opportunities to groups that had been historically excluded from access.Selected by a team of policy experts, researchers, and practitioners, the finalists were chosen for their novelty, effectiveness, significance, and transferability, as well as their impact on issues of economic and social mobility, inequity, and stratification. In honor of their achievement all finalists will receive a monetary grant.Representatives from each finalist program will present to the National Selection Committee of the Innovations in American Government Awards on Sept. 27, with the winner to be announced later this year. Further information on the presentations, including video livestream details, will be released in the coming month.About the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and InnovationThe Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation advances excellence in governance and strengthens democratic institutions worldwide. Through its research, education, international programs, and government innovations awards, the center fosters creative and effective government problem solving and serves as a catalyst for addressing many of the most pressing needs of the world’s citizens. For more information, visit read more

EMC’s Project Nile

first_imgWe’re in Milan, where we just announced what we call internally, “Project Nile” — our code name for what we expect will be the first commercially available, complete web-scale storage infrastructure for the data center. Today, if a customer wants web-scale storage quickly, they have to go to the likes of Amazon or Google or another web-scale cloud provider.  But they can’t buy that and run it inside their data center, under their control. EMC wants to democratize access to this kind of architecture inside data centers, because we are starting to see a lot of interest in an on-premise solution among Fortune 2000 companies. We even think we can deliver this at a lower price point than web-scale providers do currently.Why now?We see customers buying larger capacities of storage from us than ever before. For example, we shipped 85 petabytes of Isilon storage to a single web-scale customer this year. To track this trend more broadly, we went back and analyzed our storage shipments over the years since EMC’s inception, in 1979. It took the company more than 25 years to ship one exabyte of storage, a cumulative amount EMC surpassed for the first time in 2005. Then, we shipped our first exabyte of storage in a single year in 2010, and then our first exabyte in a single month earlier this year. By the end of 2013, we believe we can do a single exabyte deal.Data storage capacities are growing that dramatically. More and more, customers tell us they need capacity optimized systems inside their data centers, not so much to support traditional IT applications (such as relational databases and email servers) as much as for big, social, file sharing collaboration and other newer, web-scale applications. That explains the genesis of Project Nile inside EMC.To be competitive, we plan to deliver these systems at a lower price point than web-scale providers do today, and we plan to make them as easy to buy and as easy to consume as public cloud services. So a CIO will be able to implement this infrastructure at a lower cost than handing over company data to web-scale public cloud providers. And service providers will be able to stand up their own services to compete with the big guys.On price point alone, we believe there is an opening in the marketplace for this kind of solution, because web-scale cloud providers can be a lot more costly than presumed. Even customers who use them today will acknowledge that public clouds are not cheaper over the long run. Their attractiveness is quick and convenient deployment, which we plan to offer with a new go-to-market model for EMC: go online, order what you need, buy it, and use it in your data center. To make it easy for our customers, we’ll simplify and streamline the configuration process. Our vision is that you’ll be able to go to like you would any e-commerce site and optimize your systems for file, block, or object storage, scaled to petabytes if that’s the capacity you need. Avoid the wait times of submitting a ticket with internal IT Help Desks while your CIO avoids the aggravation of unauthorized, noncompliant shadow IT.Project Nile blends the best of both worlds: the convenience of web-scale, public cloud service delivery, with private cloud control… all at a price that any web scale enterprise can love — any, that is, except today’s costly, web-scale cloud providers.Listen to the rest of my talk in Milan.last_img read more

Report Finds Emptier Roads Aren’t Safer

first_imgWNY News Now File Image.JAMESTOWN – Less roadway traffic isn’t necessarily safer for Americans.The National Safety Council has found that less miles were driven in April compared to April 2019.Because of that, the death rates per miles driven increased 36 percent, that’s despite the fact that there were less total deaths.The council says quarantines and shelter in places contributed to less people driving, but reports of increased speeding may have accounted for the rising mileage death rate. The conclusion is that even without traffic, the roads weren’t safer. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Jump Into Bed with the Super Sexy Cast of The Money Shot

first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on Oct. 19, 2014 Elizabeth Reaser Related Shows Something tells us there’s going to be no shortage of scantily clad stars in Neil LaBute’s The Money Shot. Directed by Terry Kinney, the new play tells the story of Karen (Elizabeth Reaser) and Steve (Frederick Weller), two glamorous movie stars with one thing in common: Desperation. The new MCC production begins performances September 4—but until then, we’ve got a sneak peek of Weller and Reaser in bed with their co-stars Gia Crovatin and Callie Thorne. Check out this Hot Shot of the stars hitting the sack, then see them in the flesh at the Lucille Lortel Theatre. The Money Shotcenter_img View Comments Star Files Frederick Wellerlast_img read more

Blue Ridge Outdoors President Blake DeMaso Delivers Commencement Address at Lees-McRae College

first_imgWith adventure comes failure. It’s natural that if you are taking a risk, you aren’t always going to succeed. The key to failure is to not let it beat you, and most importantly, don’t panic. Take the time to understand what you need to do differently, why that failure occurred, and then get up and try again. DeMaso’s speech focused on finding adventure, which was especially appropriate for Lees-McRae graduates. Life is like that sometimes. Your adventures aren’t always going to be successful. Sometimes, just when you think that everything is going great, you say something dumb and end up with three broken ribs. You have to respect the adventure, have fun, enjoy it, don’t get too cocky, and don’t get too comfortable. Life will throw you a curveball or a pointy rock right when you least expect it, and you are going to have no choice but to not let it defeat you, brush yourself off, and continue on. The diverse curriculum embodies the way that you as graduates and the school have embraced adventure. Classes that cover topics like outdoor recreation management, nursing, and pre-veterinarian are not for the faint of heart. Saving a wild animal’s life, much less a human’s, requires guts. Adventure runs deep at this school and translates into your athletics programs. Both traditional and non-traditional sports are enjoyed at this school. Congratulations to all of you who have participated in any of the sporting programs, and a special congratulations to the softball team for winning the Conference Carolina Championships! “The key to failure is to not let it beat you, “ DeMaso said. “Life will throw you a curveball or a pointy rock right when you least expect it. Take the time to understand what you need to do differently, why that failure occurred, and then get up and try again.” “Adventure isn’t just about doing things like rock climbing, skiing, or hiking,” DeMaso told the graduates. “Life is one big adventure. Adventure is getting that first apartment, first job, or first love.” Honestly, I have not been on a downhill mountain bike again since then, and I can say with confidence that I have no plans for that activity in the future. But what I did learn is to be careful of overconfidence. Life, similar to When I visited Lees-McRae back in early April, I was blown away by the students, staff, and administration. When I first saw the school motto pulling into campus— Well, no I didn’t. “Being bold and putting yourself in uncomfortable and sometimes risky situations is the formula for success. Those calculated risks are what separates the people who are just going through the paces of life from the people who pioneer new businesses, help causes, and change their communities. They influence people and ultimately change the world.” I am sure many of you are ready, excited, and yes, nervous about moving on to your next adventure. You might be ready to put Lees-McRae and Banner Elk in your rearview mirror and move on. I would be willing to bet that almost all of you will later look back on your time here as special and long to be back in the safety of these mountains. Just remember that your adventures began here, and you are well equipped to take what you have learned here and go out into the world and make yourself, your families, and this school, proud. Entering into this relationship is a leap of faith for all parties involved. Figuring out how to navigate life’s adventures together is the key to success. I caution you to never stop taking calculated risks and caring for one another, just as this school has taught you to do with your friends, classmates, and professors. Foster these relationships, but do not get complacent. Keep embarking on those bold and sometimes risky undertakings, but love and So I decided to focus on what I know the best: the outdoors. “Daaaad, don’t you know that the show The Bachelor ruined the word ‘Journey?’” Being bold and putting yourself in uncomfortable and sometimes risky situations is the formula for success. In his speech, DeMaso recounted a downhill mountain bike ride that went horribly wrong; he ended up landing on a ”perfectly placed pointy rock” and breaking three ribs. “The opening of my speech!” In the Mountains, Of the Mountains, For the Mountains—I felt right at home. What other school has a beautiful mountain stream running right through the middle of campus? Those calculated risks are what separates the people who are just going through the paces of life from the people who pioneer new businesses, help causes and change their communities. They influence people and ultimately change the world. adventure, can take a turn at any moment, and you have to be prepared. Careful preparation, concentration, and attention to detail are critical parts of any adventure as well as your lifelong pursuits. There will likely be a point in your life that you choose to change paths and enter into an adventure with a partner. These partners could be mentors, co-workers, business partners, loved ones, or family of your own. Those adventures alongside those partners will change the entire dynamic. You can no longer make decisions independent of anyone else. You are now forced to make decisions that are in the best interest for the group. This is where things get tough. Now, my wife and kids couldn’t be prouder of their dad and the opportunity to give a commencement address to this incredible group of graduates. They jumped at the chance to hear what I had come up with. Two years ago, Lees-McRae won the top adventure school award given to them as voted on by the readers of Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine. With over a half million votes, you guys beat out state universities like West Virginia University, Virginia Tech, and University of Tennessee. You guys were the first small school to ever take the title of Top Adventure School in its 8 year history. The mountains have embraced this community and this school. It’s a safe haven for outdoor adventure, learning, and friendships. These mountains are your protector. They provide an amazing place for learning and growing into adulthood. Most of you will probably leave this safe haven and embark on one of the most important adventures of your life. Take what you have learned here, go out on your own, create the life that you have worked hard for, and know “you got this.” I am not sure about you…but I call that life. As I went around the first turn, the front tire got caught up on a rock, and I went straight over the handlebars, flying down the side of the mountain through the air. In the air, I reflected on how dumb it was to exclaim something like that to my co-workers and how I probably deserved my fate. I landed on my side in the only place there was no body armor on this splendidly chiseled pointy rock that was placed perfectly in my landing zone. It knocked the wind out of me, and as I laid there in the middle of I launched into the opening of the speech, proclaiming with pride, that the title was “The Journey.” I got two sentences in and looked up to expect tears in their eyes, so blown away about the words that I had pieced together. As I looked over them, I was taken back. My wife was slightly shaking her head, and my 17-year-old daughter was rolling her eyes. I said, “What? What is the matter?” Adventure isn’t just about doing things like rock climbing, skiing, or hiking. Life is one big adventure. Adventure is getting that first apartment, first job, or first love. Adventure is leaving friends and family and starting in a new town where you don’t know anyone. And the adventures never stop. They continue through life creating relationships and family. Thank you. I went back to my bathroom defeated, with my tail between my legs. For days it was reported that I was walking around looking down and shaking my head, mumbling about how some dumb reality TV show just ruined my speech. I looked up the definition of adventure, and I have to say, I had a really good laugh. The definition of adventure is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky, undertaking. What I witnessed while visiting, and coming back here this weekend, is amazing: a dog-friendly, environmentally conscious school, with a wide curriculum, that attracts students from all over the country, not to mention your wildlife rehabilitation center on campus, as well as a diverse mix of on-campus activities and athletic programs. Lees-McRae is truly a special place embraced in these beautiful mountains. Adventure is at the core of this school, and it is now part of you. Embrace those risky undertakings and bold experiences. And yes, they are exciting but also scary. The title of the speech was “The Journey.” Oh, I was going to blow all of you away with this speech. Beaming with pride, I entered the kitchen where my wife and two teenage daughters were, and I proclaimed, “I’ve got it.” It requires compromise and patience. For the adventurous souls that are used to taking risks, this can be tricky. The full text of his speech appears below, along with photos from the commencement address and graduation. Congratulations to this year’s Lees-McRae graduates and all of the 2019 graduates across the region. Never stop taking chances. This was not smart. I worked tirelessly on what I was going to say and then one day it came to me while I was outside knee-deep in my favorite trout stream. I made a beeline back home and locked myself in my bathroom—my only getaway spot in our busy house—and wrote the opening paragraph. I looked back over it, and it was the most profound thing that I have ever written. nowhere, with no medical attention around, with three broken ribs, I reflected on this failed adventure. I had no choice but to get up, dust myself off, and finish the painful ride down the mountain. As graduates here today, you are already in a great position for whatever your future holds, because as a school, you have embraced adventure. There is nothing that is safe in life. Going out on your own requires you to be bold and take risks every day. Yes, it can be scary, but the rewards are big. He encouraged graduates to take risks every day. Find Your Adventure Congratulations, graduates. There was this one time, as a fairly new business owner, that some of my co-workers at the magazine and I were invited to go on this epic downhill mountain biking course. Now downhill bikes are completely different than your average mountain bike. It is basically a motorcycle with no engine where you hurl yourself straight down a mountain, through the woods, narrowly missing trees, while going over jumps and around berms. This is not your everyday bike ride. DeMaso first began pondering lofty speech themes while knee-deep in his favorite trout stream. But when he ran his ideas by his teenage daughters, they weren’t impressed. So he decided to stick with what he knew best: the outdoors. “What, dad?” care for the people in your life. They come first now, and you will have to navigate these adventures together. Yes, some of these relationships will fail, and again, you will have to learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, and try again. Lees-McRae College won last year’s Top Adventure Schools Contest, and it has a well-earned reputation for being a leader in outdoor learning and adventure. This year, they asked Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine president Blake DeMaso to deliver the keynote address. DeMaso spoke last Saturday in Banner Elk, N.c., to the Lees McRae College’s class of 2019 graduates. What? Accept failure, embrace learning, and go on to that next adventure. As we were gearing up with full helmets and body armor, I reminded the guide that while, yes, we are outdoorsy people from an outdoorsy magazine, none of us have ever done this before. See, when we go out on these trips, the guides always want to take us on the biggest adventure, wanting to give us the “real experience.” So we take off, and I was gripping the handle bars for dear life. As time went on, I embraced it, and I was feeling good about my abilities on the course while my co-workers about 10 years younger than me were struggling. We came to a stop so everyone could catch up, and when we pushed off again, I rode second behind the guide, looking back to my friends and exclaiming, “Hate that an old man like me has to show you guys up!” I know you are all wondering: Blake, have you since mastered downhill mountain biking? Did you not let that failed adventure get the best of you? Did you brush yourself off and get back on that bike after you healed? I am very honored to be here. I have been extremely excited for this day and I started preparations for this speech from the moment I received the invitation to speak. last_img read more

The CUInsight Experience podcast: Julie Ferguson – Be memorable (#47)

first_imgPicture this, warm sunshine, sand running through your toes, and the breeze from the Indian Ocean gently ruffling your hair. Randy Smith, co-founder of, is on location with his guest Julie Ferguson at the 20th SACCA Congress in beautiful Mombasa, Kenya. Listen in as they have a friendly conversation about their experiences in credit unions and beyond.Julie is a small business owner, and a consultant in the credit union movement, with a focus on business development. Her goal is to work herself out of a job by teaching credit unions the tools needed to evolve and grow their businesses.Do you have a travel bug? Listen as Julie and Randy discuss their love of travel, the things they have learned, and the camaraderie they have with all the attendees at the conference. The talk about what it means to be location independent and the joys and struggles that come with it.Julie shares three tips to increase member engagement; ask smart questions, listen, and stay in the driver’s seat of the dialogue. For credit unions to remain relevant in today’s market, Julie believes the key is engagement. The more engaged your employees are, the more engaged your members will be. Leading with the heart is critical.This is a fun episode with many leadership tips and hacks that you can apply to any area of your life and career. You can tell from the joy in her voice that Julie loves her life and how she gets to live it. She will brighten your day, so plugin, and enjoy!Subscribe on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, StitcherHow to find Julie:Julie Ferguson, owner of JRF Consulting [email protected]tter | LinkedIn | InstagramShow notes from this episode:Julie has a great new website. Check it out here and all the good she does for credit unions.Shout-out: to George Ombado and our friends at ACCOSCAIt took only minutes to mentions DE. Are you a CUDE? Just do it. Sign up.You can find more about the 20th SACCA Congress and the Don Bosco Special School project mentioned here: Asante Africa: My heart is full from your cooperative spiritShout-out: Lois KitschShout-out: Bert J. Hash, Jr.Shout-out: Michael RayShout-out: Brent RempeShout-out: Bill and Crissy CheneyCredit union shout-out: First Tech FCU who let Julie take a month off to travel.Shout-out: Rick StevesShout-out: Jill NowackiCredit union shout-out: Wauna Credit Union (Julie’s first client)Shout-out: Denise WymoreShout-out: Lauren Culp (Thank you, Julie!)Shout-out: Neen JamesShout-out: Gretchen WakemPandora Station: Hot Child in the CityBook mentioned: The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey GitomerBook mentioned: Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel by Rolf Potts (a personal favorite of mine too)Shout-out: Kelley Parks and the crew at gira{ph}.Previous guests mentioned in this episode: Lois Kitsch, Bill Cheney, Jill Nowacki (4, 18 & 37), Lauren Culp, Neen JamesYou can find all past episodes of The CUInsight Experience here. In This Episode:[01:41] – Welcome to the show, Julie![02:09] – Julie have you had a good time this week?.[03:55] – She speaks about marrying her love of travel and her work with credit unions.[05:48] – Julie discusses the challenges around work and travel. She calls it being location independent.[08:18] – Getting new members and maximizing the existing relationships is the focus of her company.[10:32] – Julie says she wants to work herself out of a job, by giving the tools to the team so they can evolve and grow.[11:29] – Three tips for member engagement are; ask smart questions, listen, and stay in the driver’s seat of the dialogue.[13:38] – She believes that the more engaged your employees are, the more engaged the members are.[14:39] – Why did you leave First Tech Credit Union to start your own business?[17:41] – Her inspiration over the last ten years has changed from helping herself to helping others.[18:36] – Collaboration, being genuine, leading with heart are some things she admires in the leaders she has met.[19:26] – How has leadership styles changed over the last ten years?[20:15] – Be memorable are two words that Julie says all the time[21:17] – Being afraid of taking risks is a mistake she sees young leaders making today.[22:47] – You have two choices, you either figure out a way to make it work or you make a change.[24:35] – Running and sitting at a coffee shop eating pastries afterward is what Julie does to reset.[25:32] – What was the first time you got into memorable trouble?[26:21] – Coffee and running are two things that she needs to do to make her day feel right.[26:40] – She doesn’t have a favorite album. She listens to a Pandora station called “Hot Child in the City.”[27:21] – What is your favorite book?[28:36] – Stuff has become less important to Julie, and time has become more important.[29:16] – When you hear the word success which person that comes to mind.[30:02] – Final thoughts or asks for the listeners? 47SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Randall Smith Randall Smith is the co-founder of, the host of The CUInsight Experience podcast, and a bit of a wanderlust.As one of the co-founders of he … Web: Detailslast_img read more