‘m still confused about Baidu second page versus SEO

‘m still confused about Baidu second page versus SEO

speaking of SEO, I would also like to thank sister field, the general feeling than their big sister called, I graduated from secondary school in 2001, access to the Internet, remember that time is really a lot of jokes, boot, shutdown, in the eyes of others, it is very simple, even if you do not know how you will find someone to ask for it, but I will not be the same, so the first computer class, I was at the computer for 45 minutes. Sit slowly began to play the stone age, the second time I have learned one, remember is a command allows the other game player died, his victory,


School of learning is the electronic applications, in fact, this is not learned, girls, once a week fix 8 sister, (we don’t think, at that time I was 18, is the largest hand and began to know what love is also that time) that hurt others, also have their own sad, then do not say, the two foot boat is capsized, and so much mud,

Study hard training, electrician, welding, CNC, some basic science school again, and then into a state-owned machinery factory. 400 yuan a month, that year is my most respectable one year later in Samsung Electronics had done electrician, welding, as operator, then into the entertainment industry, nightclubs, interpersonal relationship more chaos, so I wasted 4 years of time, talking about these things, happy, regret,

is 23 years old, in the countryside to be not exaggerated, children can play the soy sauce, when you really want to do something that is very difficult, very difficult. I still believe that I can not play the game, not playing in the cafe, have not touched the trojan website, although the garbage, but I’m not the horse no, a man must have the principle that Shandong really, ha ha, in which I can show, it is easy to say, really want to find a job easier said than done, no culture,

there is no education, no more ability, more sense of self, the above phenomenon I feel I have autism, so take a lost heart, blind looking for their placement in the crowd, think of SEO, I think that this is the starting point for me, because I always believe that the Internet can bring me wealth know, stone. Unfortunately, I’m late, in the field of sister network professionals to write a resume. It was thought that the field is a good man, go to the Internet companies, say no, no culture, no qualifications, no case, say a, or not, I was very angry. I had a month’s pay (1500) when the bet, I guarantee a station a month Baidu ranking, so I stayed, is now the boss, the bearing industry competition is fierce, was also not very sure, just from the domain name registration procedures, a series of On the thirty-second day, my small station appeared in the Baidu home page, I stayed, and wages from 1500-3000, has been very hard, I insist because I’m happy,

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