How to optimize web keywords

How to optimize web keywords

this article is more detailed how to improve the home page to do some of the keywords and some steps and strategies, and so on. Take the station, the main keyword is "Yichang Dangyang information network, information network, Zhijiang information network" and so on, of course, website optimization, search engine optimization, for these two words work less.

above four with the core keyword information network keywords, the most competitive is of course "information", followed by information network services. The least competitive is Yichang, and personally I feel it’s not worth much of business. I observed that some stations have optimized the word, and now I feel there is no need. It can be said that the word is out of date now. The optimization competition of the information network has become obvious, so the word "Yichang information network" has already been competitive. Of course, it is only peer competition, not the commercial value orientation competition.

recently, I made a small summary of the relevant words of Yichang information network, arranged in accordance with the commercial value orientation, followed by: Yichang information network, Yichang talent network, Yichang housing." Some regional words are also included. "Such as: Zhijiang information network" behind the basic value of nothing, do not list out, of course, here does not discuss the long tail keywords.

back to what we say keywords distribution strategy, recently made a new station, also be regarded as a test, Yichang information network. This station, I also integrate the idea of multi keyword optimization, if you are interested, you can go to study.

hasn’t quite finished yet. Just for a few days, it has been included. Baidu ranked 17, Google ranked seventh, I hope the spider can come every day.