How to achieve a successful platform for network transformation

How to achieve a successful platform for network transformation

in B2C shopping sites have platform at the same time, buy platform platform also quietly carry out. The United States Groupon through the establishment of "Groupon


Stores" to help local merchants create merchant pages. The handle network also began a similar attempt, as long as businesses through the quality evaluation, without waiting for the network group purchase arrangements, has the flexibility to independently publish their information in the corresponding network group purchase group purchase page.

from the user acceptance point of view, there is still much room for development buy network. CNNIC latest survey data show that although the current online shopping users use buy service users for 6%, but already used to buy service users, 80% of the future will continue to use group buying services. To have used the group purchase group purchase users, give users more feeling is "big discount, can buy high-quality low-priced goods", which shows the group purchase mode of this kind of service has reached the consumer recognition, still have development potential.

from the group buying network model, the platform is its development and expansion of the path.

group buying website is a marketing platform, and it is an important goal to win more business shows or business groups. However, with the development of the group buying network, the current group or group model can not meet the needs of the merchants. At the same time, various vertical categories of group buying also developed, and a single group buying website is becoming more and more difficult to meet the user’s demand for differentiated products. The development of more advantages, merchants "on-line" has become the focus of the future of the group buying network, and the platform is a better way to achieve.

from the online shopping market development, buy platform fit the direction of market development. The current online shopping market, the rapid development of online shopping of physical goods consumption, online shopping has become the most important type of consumption, and consumer experience online shopping is still in its initial stage of development. Group purchase platform can give the traditional service industry more display space, it will drive up the more traditional service industry catering, fitness, leisure entertainment consumption, active use of the network platform for marketing, to meet local consumer demand, make up the network shopping market service products lack of space.

group buying network to achieve successful platform development, in addition to having a certain user base, high-quality marketing team and good performance reputation, but also need to strengthen the following aspects.

first, perfect business resources and user audit supervision mechanism, the platform makes the network group purchase in addition to its own development business resources, also need to be closely tracking audit of the business platform, more businesses on the platform, the audit and track the cost of greater. Buy platform can be more closely monitored merchants, once merchants in the buy platform platform for long-term marketing, the cost of cheating consumers will increase. Therefore, the purchase of the network should be included in the evaluation of users long-term assessment of merchants, the realization of the survival of the fittest merchant resources.

secondly, background data analysis >