How to strengthen the local portal do not die in the early stages of the road

How to strengthen the local portal do not die in the early stages of the road

first of all thank you for reading this article, congratulation you choose to do local portal website, do not portal at least 5 years to be eliminated, perhaps 5 years after the local portal site will be like today, baidu Taobao they occupied the national market, and we go to the occupation of the local market.

The first portal program

we choose is the net program, start doing this program every day is up to more than 2 points, for 3 months, has a certain effect, but in the end due to economic reasons, business reasons have to experience into the IDC above, continue to sell network space Hongkong, Western Digital Space, space, because the only way to ensure our daily life, I was only 1 years after graduating from university began to give up work, soon married with children, so the pressure is relatively large. In this way, the portal site is there for a long time, and occasionally updated content. Baidu seems friendly to my website, and Baidu will give it a little update as soon as possible, and soon. Of course, I did a lot of SEO work among them.

this year, that is, not long ago, our company was established, the website naturally has the company management, the website also began to inject capital, began to develop, about promotion I divide a section to narrate, such consecution is clear.

1, the program must choose the program suitable for your city, CMS can now do a lot of local procedures, dedecms, PHP168, Empire, DX, etc., I will not enumerate them, they each has its merits. Can not say who is absolutely good, who is absolutely bad, Chinese medicine is positioned, your city is suitable for that kind of, such as our city, we are Bozhou, China’s largest source of traditional Chinese medicine, also known as China’s largest drug. The hometown of Hua Tuo and Cao Cao. Here is a lower city, has a total population of about 5000000 people, maybe you will say so many people, the portal should do, in fact, here after all belong to the inland economy, what the development of science and technology is lagging behind, people on the network is not very sensitive. So I chose the program is suitable for the city program, small program, the main function is to provide information, convenience, such as shops, news is the second, there are many procedures no shops, new network function, do local portal did very well, but you should pay attention to 2 points, and a if there is no news article function is a problem on your web site, SEO promotion. Two, if there is this function, for new webmaster, every day must do is to publish not less than 10-30 of the information, cannot publish at once.

2, do portal website, if want to be bigger, must have investment, want to download a program free of charge, just do the technology can make big money, I guess we these webmaster, early make a fortune. I am also from the grassroots to the company operation over, to see the problem with the dialectical method, of course, also do not say to buy a certain program can be bigger, if you are a grassroots webmaster spend a lot of money do not recommend early in the purchase process, for the development of history "