Do stand as long as the saw is noisy there is saw foam

Do stand as long as the saw is noisy there is saw foam

these days, I often think about how to make websites better, stronger, more practical and more in line with my friends’ ideas. But to tell you the truth, these are easier said than done. Needless to say I do such an amateur station, this station is like A5, is not easy to achieve perfect.

website, without perseverance and perseverance is not possible, three minutes heat, it will never be done.

my 5 star composition network, since its official operation in April 2008, has gone through many ups and downs, but it has also become a success, did not undergo significant changes. Nor have experienced significant data losses. It’s safe, isn’t it?. At the beginning of the site, there were few IP, and few people came to see it. Compared to others that flow station to wow my station, only a small a little small, not worth mentioning. But I managed it with my heart, and watered the sapling with my sweat. Because I think of her as my child, the hope in life. If I am not allowed to stand now, I will really become idle and do not know what to do.

website in our careful cultivation, slowly flow more, people also more up. Think about it today, do standing for nearly a year, summed up as a sentence: do stand, as long as the saw is noisy, there is saw foam. It’s not bad at all. In order to develop the website, also in order to promote every sponsors of the work, I also arrange on duty station, there is someone on duty to send to the site every day to send original composition, composition, hair changed composition, to enrich the website, for each friend to the website to provide quality service for each here people find the content they need. During this period, I would like to engage in activities, they don’t have a lot of money, it’s minor. We successfully held the "5 star essay net" winter vacation life composition Invitational Competition in 2009 winter vacation. A lot of small contribution to the site during the writing of writers, his hand also recommended small school students to participate in the 5 star network composition contest, this time to the number of Liang Wencan children, a primary school in the fifth grade children, help me to pull a lot of kids to participate in the competition, not only their own reward, also won some the personal work opportunities for their classmates and friends. From February 2009 onwards, I stood at the composition have QQ coins, as long as a certain number of published essays, will get the corresponding QQ coins. The cold winter passed, and spring came, so we held the 5 star composition net "beautiful spring" composition invitational tournament. I hope every friend will participate in this activity. Ad: if you have such hobbies, of course, you can send your children’s compositions. Every friend who likes writing can attend.


site, we have to think about, thought of, to practice, to perform. Only do not want to, it is just a silent work of the old ox, just want to do, that is just an idealist.

, let’s finish off with the title of the article – "do stand, as long as the saw is noisy, there is saw."