The impact of web page bounce rate on ranking SEO optimization

The impact of web page bounce rate on ranking SEO optimization


in the home is boring, suddenly in the use of webmaster tools, notice the page out of the data rate reduction, and want to explore the web site jump out rate whether to Baidu rankings have influence, so how much influence

now in operation to build a station platform (webmaster network group purchase love), we all know that this is the e-commerce platform, website bounce rate for our group purchase website is an important reference.

for reducing the rate of jumping out of this website, I also go to combine some webmaster tools and tutorials and so on, have produced the following questions,

1:, Baidu Webmaster Tools statistics tools, display web page bounce rate monitoring, as well as 2Z webmaster Alexa statistics tools, after use, the web site will show the web page bounce rate monitoring.

2: is the drop rate equal to increasing the value of the page?

these for SEO optimization influence how much, whether it is "Adsense buy" and other keywords ranking stability foundation?

with these questions, so I carefully checked the next up to the argument, coupled with a number of predecessors to consult, and get some conclusions and statements, I do not know whether it is correct,


jump rate should be divided into two cases,

1, visitors find the desired answer, there is no need to stay on the current page, so jumped out, and did not carry out two search.

2, to the site can not find the answer, jumped out of the search for two times.

in the first case, jumping rate is normal, and the second kind of jump out rate will affect the quality of the content. The visitor did two searches, found answers at other sites and didn’t do two searches, and knew roughly that visitors had found their answer on the page. Then the search engine will also record this factor, thus affecting the ranking.

from the previous click rate, click rate to help Baidu rankings, but not long-term stability.

is again from Baidu’s user search habits, Baidu’s many user experience features are dependent on the local cookies to give users, want to drop box search traces.

then go back to the click rate to analyze, Baidu obviously is to click through more sites ranking better rankings, so we can once clicked as a "one-time anchor text" chain". Baidu spider through this "one-time anchor text chain" may climb again find your site, and then you click on other pages, followed by crawling.

we all know that Baidu began to strengthen the study of the user experience, personal feeling website jump out rate is likely to be one of the study sites according to Baidu, because a good website, or the user experience of high site, the page stay time may be longer, jump out rate >

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