What is the nternet home improvement Future nternet home improvement O2O platform operation de

What is the nternet home improvement Future nternet home improvement O2O platform operation de

in 2016, under the impetus of the market and capital, the birth of a variety of Internet home improvement platform and enterprises, like mushrooms in general, but in the end what kind of ability to be a real Internet home improvement platform? 2017, the future of the Internet Jiezhuang enterprises and how to develop it?

network there is a piece of saying: "a decoration user to the traditional decoration there, the contract did not have the spectrum," said the Internet Jiezhuang platform how?. Designers listen to say: "you see, although the Internet Jiezhuang cost-effective, cheaper than us, but not long boil.". You think they are burning money, saying that the warranty is five years, may be burned for three years gone, and then closed down. "If you have a problem, you can’t find it; if it’s faster, maybe your house will be closed soon,"

in fact, the main number of households to do the entire package of average gross profit in more than 20%, but also do not lose money shouting. Although the first half of 2017, Internet marketing is more in the home by the passengers, the standardization of the work will greatly improve the efficiency of the industry, reduce the cost of products and services, but because time is short, small size, can be copied to explore, for the decoration of the deeper reform is still in progress, after all, the traditional decoration barriers, it is not so easy.

on the Internet and many Jiezhuang inventory and data analysis, but often is the standard to judge "as long as you say the Internet is home that is, think also very funny, even now is just by the feeling, to judge by the degree of familiarity.

how to be an Internet home improvement?

1. "standard", "extreme" and "transparent"

in early 2015, the industry generally will be standard, extreme, transparent, considered the Internet home improvement 3 key words.


standard refers to the decoration of complex single quote quote through the press square which is behind the standard price, products, materials, design, project management and other services, the renovation process is complex and difficult to determine, transparency in online transactions online, reduce the difficulty; extreme low cost refers to the front marketing for customers using the Internet, and go to the middle of the channel cost, through standardized construction, shorten the construction period, make the product with penetration price; transparency not only refers to the online information transparency, but also includes the entire product, project management and all aspects of the transparent.

2., "cost", "efficiency", "standardization",


, with the depth of understanding, we found that the ultimate and transparent is the appearance, or to the value of the user. And go back to the operating level is "efficiency" and "cost" and "standardization", then the Internet home can be understood as:

"the price of opaque, long duration, waste of traditional home improvement, change into pricing, regular standardized Jiezhuang, and through online reservations and full monitoring, offline experience and

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