The eight process teaches you how to become a webmaster

The eight process teaches you how to become a webmaster

do you want to have a world of their own in the network? You want to bring the considerable income through the Internet Network Amoy? You think of letters like secretarial nets to realize their dream? If you want to, but the specific process and steps of the establishment of all don’t understand, please be patient after reading this article and I believe you will have a detailed understanding of the website, and decide whether they have the ability to build a station.

step 1: apply for domain name


domain name is the name of an enterprise or organization on the Internet. It is the address of the enterprises and enterprises on the internet. Just like our house number. The form of a domain name is composed of several English letters and numbers, separated by several parts. The domain name suffix is divided into com net org CN and so on, I hope you preferred com, then consider the CN, for example, my domain name is, domain name registration as short as possible, to see the good immediately registered, or soon will be gone. Domain name is limited resource, good domain name is less and less. The price range of domain name, I registered com is 55 yuan a year, it is 55 yuan / year, CN is the first year of 5 yuan, it is 55 yuan / year. Now there are online one yuan is a CN domain, we should ask how much money is good to renew the note, otherwise you have to renew to. You have to suffer.

second step: prepare the source code

commonly used source there are many, the most common is asp source code, some common source such as easy, odd, and it is popular in recent years, PHP source code, China station, station, station I letters are used in secretarial nets PHP source code, specific what you want to use the source code to look at your own station to decide what to build, and to see their love what style. Of course, what I said above is all for the novice to talk about the doctrine. If you have learned the website before, you can write your own source code better.

third step: space to buy

space is to buy your source code based on the selected ASP source to buy support asp space, PHP to select JPHP space, selected in addition, but also the purchase of your source code for the database, I now use the PHP source code is php space +mysql database combination packages, now a lot of service offer virtual hosting purchase business, to the network search can be noticed in the space, the purchase in the search engine to search for "space junk" * * * * "spatial instability" and other related keywords, to see how the quality of their service, don’t buy after being too late. The price of space varies. I rent 600M space. It’s 300 yuan per year.

fourth step: upload source code

space purchase >

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