Seven major indicators for evaluating local portals

Seven major indicators for evaluating local portals

local portal development model has gradually clear, there are more and more cases will Web2.0 profit predicament break. From the point of view of development, media and e-commerce have become accepted methods. From the operating model, the hybrid operation of vertical and portal becomes the answer to the profit problem. In this field there have been a number of successful: Xicihutong, 19 floor, Hefei forum, forum, small long lane etc..

we understand that the investment community is already itching for the field. However, the current evaluation standards in this field are still very vague, and it is not rational to evaluate them with simple feelings, good and bad. The conventional valuation method is profitability, but the advertising lag effect, the local economic space and the future potential of the website are likely to cause a serious deviation between the valuation and the actual value. Apart from the valuation, for the local portal itself, it also needs an objective evaluation criteria.

so, how do I evaluate this rational, objective and quantitative indicator? I think we should consider it from the seven aspects:

1, product index

products include the business and technology architecture of the website and the Internet technology of the business. It includes three major aspects: frame, design and technology. The evaluation can be carried out through the following points:

·: technology advancement and security.

· user experience.

· technical management capability.

· artistic expression ability.

· SEO application capability.

two, community indicators

The core of the

local portal is often the community, so community capabilities are the most basic operational indicators of the local portal. This ability can be evaluated from the following aspects:

· community product operation capability.

· community information security control capability.

· activity organizing capability.

· community personnel management capability.

· basic flow index: PV, UV, IP and so on.

three, information capabilities,

portal is the only way for local websites to evolve through the community. Portal, that is, the media, is the website information operations. The analysis indicators for this capability are as follows:

· editing ability.

· thematic competence.

· multimedia performance.

· professionalism.

· flow index.

four, business ability >

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