Want to make your business website trustworthy take a look at these seven elements

Want to make your business website trustworthy take a look at these seven elements

lead: for your website can stand "trust test", the following seven key elements deserve your attention.

today, many foreign emerging business platform has sprung up, such as LemonStand, Shopify, and Squarespace, and so on. Many people are pouring into this field to build their own stores". But the attendant problems, the number of online stores do increase, but online fraud has become more and more, so for those newly established online store, whether it is worth of consumer trust in


for your website can withstand the "trust test", the following seven key elements worthy of your attention:

1, web speed.

whether you believe it or not, it’s important to have a quick opening of your online store page on the user’s computer. If your page load time is too long, so the website jump out rate (so-called website bounce rate, refers to how many people will be after the first page visits your site will choose to leave) will become higher, and the trust of users will be greatly reduced. Portent, an Internet marketing agency, has found that if your page load time is up to one second faster, then the value of your web pages will increase by 8%.

2, web design.

web design can create a user experience, will also allow users to experience a breakthrough. A bad user experience can cause users to lose confidence in your site and affect user conversion rates (turning visitors into customers). Dr. Parboteeah Veena is the professional information assistant professor, University of New Mexico Dong he said, "before the study found that all visual design dimensions for the user perceived usefulness, enjoyment, satisfaction, and behavioral attitude is very important, this includes images, all shows (such as the rational use of attractive font the use of color, right), and Architecture (such as navigation, search function, effective links, website accessible)."

in other words, use the right colors, fonts, and navigation structures that play a very important role in user perception of network trust.

3, privacy policy.

consumers are very concerned about how you would collect, use and use their personal information. Your privacy policy must make clear how you plan to collect and use user information. It is important that your privacy policy be as transparent as possible. In addition, you should especially consider the following questions:

l does your web site use cookies? (small text file, which refers to data that some sites store on local user terminals in order to identify user status)

l you will sell any of the third parties, Affiliated Companies, or any other company

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