Born about guns developed in show off died in purchasing pictures social but also how to play

Born about guns developed in show off died in purchasing pictures social but also how to play

Abstract: the difference between social and community, whether it is because of the interest graph or relationship map to attract users of the network, why to distinguish, content and relationship in each other, social dependence resumes, but also enlarge the community of viscosity.


" have to cook, the flavor is partial, laugh at the rivers and lakes."

good, unbounded salon 2’s "unbounded Salon" suddenly appear jianghu. The unbounded Tao is that the able man talks about Tao, which is the Tao, the Tao, and the Tao of the pioneering game.

a week, we will carry several venture capital circles "a theory. By thinking a word boundary, edge, saw the hero in flying sand and rolling pebbles. They are not for the project consultation, but will give the entire industry pulse, with boiled quack on the grounds, to describe the track for the music.

we’re going to give the issue of "unbounded road" ahead of schedule, and if you’re in the same league, try to answer your thinking and confusion. A joke, will answer.

recent social entrepreneurship major event, the country is the largest photo social in completed the B round of 300 million yuan financing. Abroad is the "burn tool" after reading, Snapchat get $537 million financing. Social fire has JML sultry eyebrows. This does not, Hangzhou’s coffee and several investment entrepreneurs, sitting in the fire before, to a whisper". Dialogue fifth unbounded debut, the following is the summary of the conversation, keen sense only, no words.


a relationship or a content?

if you insist on a variety of social applications divided into categories, according to user relations into acquaintances, social and strangers social, of course, there are media, user groups, tools, attributes, a variety of classification. This is about the classification in the world of social networking, if you go down, like a kaleidoscope of biological applications appear all sorts of strange things, such as BIU, 11:11, and recent brush circle of friends fork, and in the two dimension fast Juju and so on.

, however, is "reborn" social applications are many, such as secret, not rice, and those who are still gasping for breath, such as the side of the street, and everyone. Social application of this thing, to understand more human nature, can be short-lived, to the enduring


actually, first of all, it depends on where you start. There is a popular saying is "community precipitation content, social precipitation relationship."". If we have to make a choice between content and relational chains, several of our investors stand side by side on the content side. If the chain is cut, social acquaintances, strangers social, and semi human social acquaintances, and semi human social is the social relations moved online from the line, then either meet strangers social relationships expansion needs, or meet other specific purposes, for personal development, or loneliness, uh, you understand. But there’s a golden pole standing in front of it: WeChat and Mo >

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