Five questions that should be considered before writing a blog

Five questions that should be considered before writing a blog

your blog will fail. Sorry, that’s true.

no one is tracking how many blogs have existed and how many have been abandoned, and there are hundreds of millions of blogs on the conservative estimates – most of them – yesterday. Don’t let your blog get into the statistics of these failed blogs.

As a self thinking guy,

, I often have an urge to start a new and creative adventure. We all know how easy it is to start a blog. It’s too easy. But when I woke up in the cold sweat at 3 in the morning, an idea came out of my mind, and I asked myself a few basic questions…

1) can I write 100 articles? In fact, the more important question is, what is the theme of my 100 article? There is no more article theme. It is difficult for your blog to hold on for one month. Even if current events govern your content, you need to prove yourself that you have enough to write about. Tip: divide things into classes, and then write them according to these categories.

2) how long do I have to commit to blogging? It’s not the sexiest idea, but it’s crucial to know how much time you can spend on blogs. Blogging is time consuming. Don’t underestimate every minute spent on research, proofreading, looking for pictures, publishing, analyzing metrics, and so forth. These minutes add up to hours, and then you’ll know that you have to be addicted to blogging.

3) how will I promote blogging? The daily content of writing is an important part of blogging, but I have to say it’s not enough at all. Suppose you start using your social media to promote your article, but it’s not a complete answer.

4) what’s the purpose of my blogging? Do you want to supplement your income, work for yourself, get the fame on the Internet? (fame may not be there yet, but I’m thinking about creating it. ) be honest with yourself about why you’re blogging. If the answer is that you’re always forcing yourself to do it, you might want to consider other projects.

5) you’ll sleep for it. When an idea appears, it is often a panic moment. "Now I have to rush to write this article before someone else."." If your blog concept is good, then tomorrow, next week, or even a year later, it’s still worth writing. More haste, less speed.

if you are considering to write a blog, you should determine the theme scope, to get out of a friend / general view, strangers ask yourself, how to let the blog into your ‘personal’ life, and is willing to make the commitment to a serious commitment. It, might, not, be, I, do, but, it, s, darn, close.

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