How do news websites increase traffic Try interaction

How do news websites increase traffic Try interaction

review: news is the traditional news media and the portal, users understand and dissemination of news channels become more and more diversified, multi angle, and recently popular media. So now focuses on news media website day is not so comfortable, in the information era of diversification, the news website to reach new heights is not an easy thing, how to better attract online traffic? Not only is the quality of content and the attitude of the news so simple to fix, I’m afraid the user said is the user, where users need what kind of news?



as John · Travolta said Idina · at the Oscar ceremony; the name of Menzel, since Slate launched 18 years the birth of the hottest.

Which of the following

news sites offers a record traffic for the corresponding news sites:

a) a small survey of Time magazine: how much time did you spend on Facebook;

b) the dialect quiz game of the New York Times;

C Slate ·) on the site of Adele; Tim (Adele Dazeem) name generator: John · Travolta (John Travolta) will put your name into what is


d) all of the above,


, if you’ve chosen all of the above "d", Congratulations, you’re right,

in the digital age, news organizations are constantly changing the content layout to attract more readers, quizzes and games have become popular media choices, making it difficult for readers to suppress the urge to participate.

in January this year, the Facebook minor check, Time magazine website achieved a single day 3 million 800 thousand independent access to the highest number of records. The dialect quiz, launched last December, was the most viewed and shared item of the New York Times last year. Slate Adele, the name builder of ·, launched on Monday, is the most visited item on the site for 18 years. Before this, at the Oscar awards ceremony, John · Travolta in singer Idina · Menzel (Idina Menzel); when her name as Adele · of tim (Adele Dazeem).

readers can put your name into the name generator, then you will see John · Travolta will call it into what (the name of the writer is Laurence · Keats [Laurence Keez>

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