Do a good job filling content so that the electricity supplier website sales fly up

Do a good job filling content so that the electricity supplier website sales fly up

both elong vertical electricity supplier website, or Tmall, Jingdong and other comprehensive business website, their sales is nothing more than three aspects: price, content and evaluation, which I think is the webmaster of the most easily overlooked link, because of people’s subconscious, always feel that a business site sales volume is proportional to the price and the site is given, as long as the site of the awesome price, buyers will be single, slightly other ideas webmaster may reuse the user of the herd mentality, to praise the high rate of baby son summed up on the website, improve the purchase rate of users, but from first to last few people pay attention to the electricity supplier website content, so to see the website "naked" product information, you’ll be surprised.

I also do, is nothing more than the sale of some small things, not the true meaning of the electricity supplier website, but more or less point hanging hook, and in my opinion the electricity supplier website content is the site’s "flesh", the content well, the website will be more professional, will promote the site to improve the conversion rate. Then, what are the necessary content of the electricity supplier website,


1 can maximize transaction

in the site properly adding some articles about the product can stimulate the user’s consumption intention, such as you do the socks, then you in the home place to place some such as "how to lose" elephant legs "," a week later I became Queen of legs "article, you can definitely make the beauty of women instantly stimulate the desire to buy, improve the site sales.

2 reduce aftermarket contradiction

do the electricity supplier website content another advantage that allows users to fully understand the products, to avoid because of the publicity is not in place and mislead the users to buy, so late to deal with more trouble, because we are not short-lived business, the development of the website or to be sincere letter based.

3 enhances page humanity

to tell you the truth, a relevant content on the web site more than just the accumulation of pictures is authoritative and convincing, after all, we can feel the owners to sell goods in the heart, especially for small and medium business website.

mentioned above the importance of the construction of the content of the electricity supplier website, then the electricity supplier website copy how to write it? What principles should be followed?

is modest enough to give users the patience to read

is now a fast-paced society, what are fastidious about efficiency, there is absolutely no people to see that a long and minute statement article, so the process of writing in the mall, we must control the copy space, emphasis, outstanding products in limited words in value to the user, to convey a concept of consumption, as far as possible may stimulate their purchase intention, but for some details, or to explain clearly, so as to avoid the late controversy.

two combinations >

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