26 optimizations that must be done for a successful web site

26 optimizations that must be done for a successful web site

1, prepare and build content

before you register your domain name, you should write down your thoughts and prepare enough content for 100 pages. Please note that at least. That’s 100 pages of real content, instead of the link page, about us page, contact us or copyright statement and mixed ".

2, domain name

you should choose a domain name that is easy to build a brand. You want Google.com, not keyword.Com. Keyword rich domain names should be discarded, and easy to build brands and easily identified domain names are the best.

The key words contained in the

domain name are now very small. Why was bizlong.com renamed 022shou.com, and that change was one of the boldest strategies I’ve ever seen. The renaming strategy destroyed the brand built in a few years.

3, the simpler the site design, the better,

an indicator is that the proportion of text content should be greater than the proportion of HTML format. The entire page should be normalized and should be displayed on all browsers. Make it conform to the HTML3.2 standard, for example. Search engine spiders don’t like the HTML4.0 standard very much.

should stay away from factors that are too heavy: Flash, DOM, Java, script, etc.. If you have to use these scripts, use them as an external file. In my opinion, there is no need to use these things at all. These things can hardly add color to a website, but it can hurt the performance of a website in many ways (search engine friendliness is only one of them).

arranges your web site in a logical way, and you can use keywords in the directory name. You can also use a different approach, that is, putting all of your pages in the root directory (which is rare, but it’s proven to be a very good and effective method).

don’t make your website pile up a lot of useless things, such as what to recommend, what browser to use, or counter to keep it simple and professional. Learn from Google yourself. Look at his home page. It’s simply not easy. That’s what people need.

speed is not one of the most important factors, but the only important factor. Your page should be very fast. If your page is delayed for 3 or 4 seconds, you’re done. Of course, if your hosts and visitors are in different countries for 3 or 4 seconds, there is still a limit to the number of downloads, and 3 to 4 seconds of download time is already the limit for local visitors. Over this time, every second you lose 10% of the traffic. And this 10% traffic is likely to be the dividing line between success and failure.

4, web size


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