A new webmaster experience

A new webmaster experience

I am

from the second half of 2000 began to contact the Internet, just began at that time is the contact in the school room inside the computer, is the DOS system, can only be used with the WPS in the above database, C programming language and the like, but then only know to play, no serious to learn. Only learned five pen typing, and some simple computer knowledge, this year we began to appear in Internet cafes, Internet cafes, small, only about 10 units around it, using a dial-up Internet, I remember we had a chat room, do not know what to talk talk afternoon, (now think only enough funny) then we school computer room has also been updated, we have a lot of students begin to learn to do ", I also made a very simple" hanging in the school room on the server, but later playing in the cafe in Rome, gave up the study.

graduates to participate in work, but also dealing with computer, playing only files every day, doing nothing in the report, online shopping, the feeling was very full, then the 2004 unit of optical fiber network, the higher requirements of our unit to do a "hanging in the network above, leader can give me this job, I it was a blank, there two or three years, many have forgotten to find information online, then do not know how the whole station system, so I started from the beginning to set up servers in your own computer, start using Apache to build server, looking for information on the Internet after the server was successful. And then start doing", was a page of a page, will meet to find information online, do more than a month, almost more than 100 pages or so, (just put Copy the computer inside the file and report to the top of the page) website managed to make a success, so put the website to our intranet server above, it is very rewarding, above brother unit website I looked at, hey I do not the worst, through the Internet brothers and units of communication, from a friend to know where the whole station system, I also in the online search, found 3.51 of the power down tried, found really very good, really regret before do not know how, at that time also want to use the whole station system again, but at that time the leadership don’t pay attention to, as long as the website linked to the network server can, only to complete a task. Because of work, I gave up and studied part-time.

started my work will slow a lot from the second half of last year, the spare time is also more adequate, some money online content found in online shopping: what recommend offline ah, what to click on ads like before, have seen a lot of work at that time, may be very busy, do not have to try to do again, I also don’t believe and, hey, now I do not know what they can not make money, then see a website to earn advertising fees, as long as the flow can make money articles, make my eyes bright really want to do, do not earn earn money does not matter, only a kind of interest, then find this information on the Internet, know.

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