Do local station for fourth years the ideal is always with no reality whatever in the face of realit

Do local station for fourth years the ideal is always with no reality whatever in the face of realit

has been in the fourth year as a local station. This is not a summary post, nor is it a memory post. I just want to write something to commemorate those who accompany my website all the way through the day, thanks to those who helped me in my webmaster career webmaster.

half a year ago, I sent an article in A5: "three years of local stations: flow, popularity, no profit", then referred to the commercialization of local communities, but I still do not have commercialization. Six months ago, love Ganyu (, IP, 4000+, PV 58 thousand, no profit; now, day IP, 5000+, PV, 7w. The site’s parameters are growing, perhaps in the hands of other webmasters, now counting money at home. However, this station in my hands, can only be regarded as a very popular local station. Yield nothing.

2008, I built this local station idea is very simple, but also as I do webmaster’s ideal: to be a useful site for local people. As I posted in A5 in 2009, "I have some experience in building local websites in the county." as the article said, "many government websites are not updated for a long time. They want to make a site that is constantly updated.". This is my ideal.

so long, I rely on their wages to keep the operation of the site, then hung up some advertising alliance maintenance expenses, income is very general, but I feel very happy, this website is also very good, with my personality and ideas: public interest.

ideal in the face of reality is always false misty, with growing popularity in the local influence website surge, the server costs, bandwidth cost, and I the time cost and opportunity cost are added together, let me do not interested in it. Without money, without the support of real gold, the ideal is like a castle in the air. The bandwidth is not enough, the site is open, the user experience is down, the user is missing… Such a vicious circle…

Li Kaifu said: Wikipedia operating mode of public choice, not financing does not sell advertising, while seeking donations, to ensure fairness and justice. Let us see that idealists can still have a place in the real world. I don’t know if I’m an idealist, but now I find that my website will disappear from the Internet if I continue to choose the public service model.

fourth years, love Ganyu will achieve a metamorphosis. The entire transformation process will be a public service website to a commercial website transformation process. Want to learn from the webmaster brothers, may as well in their spare time to pay attention to love Ganyu. Whether love Ganyu commercialization process is successful, this is still on the road for the webmaster, it is worth learning, I think. Of course, I will also in time permits, with the majority of webmaster friends, especially local station webmaster friends to share my experience.

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