Effect of filing website industry brought face to face verification

Effect of filing website industry brought face to face verification

in February 22, 2010, the Ministry of Industry issued on further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial), a clear run to third filing system at the same time verification scheme, the site founder I need to carry the required verification of original documents, materials to access service unit for the record site for verification procedures.

so, verification scheme will bring what kind of impact to the whole industry website?

one, small and medium IDC pressed the last straw

as we all know, IDC company refers to the value-added services provided on the internet. He includes applications for domain names, rental of virtual hosting space, hosting services and other services. In Guangdong, Henan and other operators and IDC price, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other places have heard no longer provide hosting services such as news, personal webmaster to its website, in addition to the domain name, hosting fees, but also bear the relevant expenses record verification brings, which undoubtedly makes part of the webmaster for website is prohibitive.

said the owners, they simply can not in order to hundreds of websites, and spend the same money to check the website for the record value data.

and IDC also faced the pressure brought by labor costs, in the absence of virtual hosting business profits, the profit of IDC will become more of a single part, rely on a virtual host survival of small IDC in the face of price increases, customers turn pressure, unable to survive.

IDC, a responsible person, due to the impact of 08 years of economic crisis, many small owners tightening website investment, large-scale machine rental business dropped, if bring some pressure on the cost of registration and verification work, I believe many small owners will completely abandon the work station through the network path, he said, the small and medium IDC the price competitive advantage, has completely lost, no webmaster customers, part of IDC there is no way to do it.

two, part of the webmaster will be looking overseas

Bad information internet regulation conducted by

in 2009, part of the webmaster because of various reasons, chose to migrate to the overseas price comparison website, the gap is not big, convenient management has become the main reason for their choice of overseas host, but because the access speed is not ideal, more long chose to wait.

if the record verification scheme started, they had already improved the construction cost to increase a filing fees, which for many college students stationmaster and independent network business entrepreneurs, is undoubtedly not a small burden.

because the IDC service environment of the current situation, the developed coastal regions and the economic center of the city’s high-speed access environment is the central and western provinces can not be compared, this means that the original site of the station in Sichuan may be rushed to Beijing, Shanghai or Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places for the record,

in the same price contrast, many stations >

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