Exploratory application website plug in and influence

Exploratory application website plug in and influence

host: Good evening, everyone. I’m the host of this lecture. First of all, thank you very much for coming here on Saturday night to attend the lecture. This is the first lecture by the interview group, and there is no chance to do it later. Of course, we also hope to get the chance. Please have some experienced friends here to give you a lecture. After all, the task of this group is the interview task of the open source plug-in network, and the interview has been successfully carried out for the fourteen time. I would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" and thank you for your support all the time. Said so long, not yet said why suddenly opened a lecture, ha ha, I believe there are many friends also have this question, so I’m here to explain to you. A few days ago was invited to go to the station Feizhou Youqun a lecture, he thought for a long time and finally determine about plug-in theme, time is 8:30 tonight. Then I suggest that he also open a lecture in this group, but also let the group of friends can exchange, after all, water and fertilizer can not flow to other people’s fields, ha ha. That’s how it started.

thank you very much for listening to me patiently. This lecture is about to begin. Before the lecture begins, I will explain the process and requirements of this lecture. This lecture is divided into three parts: speaker introduction, subject lecture and free exchange. In the first two parts of the lecture, please ask friends to be patient and quiet, avoid interrupting and respect the speaker. Free communication session, please enjoy opening the conversation!


all right. Now I declare this lecture open. This lecture is the theme of web application plug-ins and influence, speaker, exploratory. Due to Feizhou low-key, so I simply tell you about him. Exploratory, worked as a computer teacher, but also to be had Baidu, engaged in the construction site, played webgame operation, using VC language and independent development of the game hall. At present, the founder of open source plug-in, is now focused on the operation and plug-in development of the open source plug-in, and has the time to write some of the Internet’s text.

speaker was introduced to here, now please Feizhou lecture!


open-source network exploratory

exploratory lectures:

1. What is a plug-in?


plug-in is a program written in accordance with a specification of application interfaces. Many software has plug-ins, and there are countless kinds of plug-ins. It’s a very broad term, including IE plug-ins, web plug-ins, electronic component plug-ins, and plug-ins for a variety of applications. Because we are all webmaster, so today we will talk about, of course, is the website plug-in.

then what does a website plugin mean,


web site plug-in is the program file that the website increases in order to increase some function. It is usually used on websites such as BBS, SNS, CMS, such as discuz, UCHOME, phpwind>

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