A failed entrepreneurial experience

A failed entrepreneurial experience

see friends here communication so lively, I this rookie also send my story, and give you some reference,.

well, get to the point:

in 2000, I entered the University, studied the sports specialty, likes and the plan department student contacts, similarly, the computer hardware software also studies very skilled,.

2002, the first time I formed my first website, the Department of sports class 2 class 2000 alumni records, because built in the LAN, with graduation was deleted,.

2003, the first and the project department friends planned to use computer design graduation resume to make money, then the Internet seems to have been no professional cover sale website, engage in a network server, on line, sell cover resources, at this time, the project Department of the friends for exit, only one person to go that made life completely on their own planning, implementation, harvest the first four digits of the money.

2004, he failed, then we carry out the assignment, I did not report back, directly into the community, on the home and a friend of aid, a big dish of friends post shop, part-time graduate resume design, production purikura machines, thermal transfer, through continuous expansion of business and project transfer, at the same time second test sites, Leshan hotline, the program is spent more than 200 yuan to buy the Chongqing free shop system, using his product sales, a year after the book reached the first five digits of the money

in 2005, with all the funds, opened a 40 square meters of the bookstore in the Holiday Plaza lots of gold Taoshu {it}, and set up the corresponding shop, at that time seems to be multi user online store system,

, please run the physical store, when I was a backstage boss at the same time to enter the museum, Xindu, after three months, because of the distance problem, and my poor management, red bookstore book, I also posted monthly wages, because some of the contract, and at the age of money very green loyalty light value 6W store easily to partners, and owed certain debt.

2006, after six months of 400 yuan / month probation, and Xindu cultural museum signed a year, 1000 yuan / month, and concurrently Martial Arts Coach

, live frugally, after half a year to pay off the debt, and began the third site southwest of xnsw.net network, and a friend during the start of this model for the virgin, she had a friend in southwest business network, and numerous other friend by Southwest network opened a Xindu furniture network channel, 20 days. Earn more than 6K, then the boss also got his own


and XNSW, the use of business time, input 2W, output 2W, basically flat, at this stage, the first to feel the money is not easy to earn.

spring 2007, enter Chengdu, because there are several major wholesale markets, >

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