Climbing a diamond a week is by no means an online myth

Climbing a diamond a week is by no means an online myth

seller from the first day of the open, as was the start of a drill desire, longing for the title of crown seller, but really when you step by step to input energy to make the operation flow, sales, such words a little bit in destroying one of entrepreneurs with cavity fighting. Sword teacher is also a step by step this way, after 2 years of shopping mall operation after suffering, and finally began to dream of pace.

attached: sales record report

June 1st -6 19, sales of 0

6 and 19, -6, 23, sales of 174

June 23rd -6 25, sales of 263

you see the data on it is a shop I this two months to help a friend do, before 19, daily traffic of less than 50, later, I find a friend to help me to buy a dozen pieces in the shop, back I started a crazy promotion, less than a week one day, my orders exceeded 150. Of course, now the shop to continue to take care of friends, the sword of God main or do Taobao’s training work, back to half a month before such an attempt, many people will certainly have some do not believe, even said I was in the next, I will boast, I give you this experience some simple to share, I hope everyone can feel inside, I used in the details of the skills.

one, the visual effects of the shop

many online friends, regardless of will design, all love to decorate their own shops, in fact, I think that if you are not a professional artist, teacher is the sword of God you spend some money to buy a suitable template, not only the province, and can obtain good results, when buying the best way is to walk inside the shop to see, look at, which is the template effect to your satisfaction, and then click the designer, you can buy a template such as like as two peas, then, after all, is the direct use of people has been customer inspection the results, because the shop decoration is mainly to customers, so only in accordance with their own style of decoration, and not for the amount of practice, there is a good shop decoration, transformation The rate will be significantly improved.

two, get base sales

now Taobao, basically we all understand that pre shop no credit, sit up really very difficult, unless their products have unique advantages, otherwise, will improve the invisible promotion costs of their own, so we must through early after all the credibility of the brush, and then to store promotion some of the basic flow, so many people brush reputation? Accustomed to let friends directly to the shop to buy, this is very dangerous, so the best way is to a friend a keyword, and then let themselves go to friends, and then through the false way of talking, the most.

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