nternet product model = good gene capital Baotuan

nternet product model = good gene capital Baotuan

for immediately forming PPTV investment I do not know how to see these days only reviews, articles on the website, I feel about you for the deal was more optimistic, in fact, with Ali in the mobile hardware as we will find the investment PPTV is granted after all. The TV box is coming out soon, this time a forerunner of the video industry to promote a, is to reduce the risk of failure, after all who can not imagine before Ali mobile phone as embarrassing.

, but what I want to write today is not entirely around Ali’s strategic investment, but the recent frequent acquisitions, the similarities and differences behind it. Think about starting from the unfamiliar street, Ding Ding Ali strategic concessions, the Internet has begun to how many cooperation, how many mergers and acquisitions, product integration times, has made the system more products now to BAT, whether it is the video industry Iqiyi, PPS, PPTV, and even social micro-blog, High German map application mobile terminal it has become BAT’s products, coupled with the fame of the WeChat and Yi, now the giants of the product system can be said to reach a near monopoly situation, then why is there such a situation, do small companies only through mergers and acquisitions to achieve the long-term development of

?In fact,

product itself is not to inject capital, need money to burn, to promote, but now we are in a particular ecosystem, separate applications no longer do cash flow with responsibility, individual groups is likely to be Ali or ecological construction Tencent annexed, moreover, with the development of mobile the Internet, products more is to act as the role of APP, so in this case, your own products do well again is just a powerful unit, rather than the whole whole. Others want to make you a piece of cake. Just like the upcoming WeChat 5, a simple street view recommendation will make many of the products that are sold below the line lose momentum and show the ecological horror.

In addition to the construction of ecological

labangjiehuo, realize the closed loop circulation flow rate, the giants of the acquisition and other aspects of the reasons more clearly, save more time and cost, a card mobile Internet entrance is one of the important points. Now like to fight, fight product service, want to get more space for development and profit opportunities, it will show all aspects of the product to the user is a good choice, but the premise is you have the product can appear, therefore, with the Internet to the mobile Internet transition and transfer. The Internet giant acquisition will increase, increasing as is now taking advantage of product gene is fairly good, when the plasticity of self transformation, has completed its use.

of course, compared to the simple capital occupation, I think another important reason for the implementation of mergers and acquisitions to gain more advantages of the platform is the Internet giant, a good product will be a good platform for users, has a great user base can make.

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