ndustry segmentation site venture less investment low risk big returns

ndustry segmentation site venture less investment low risk big returns

why would you say that the industry segmentation site is a less investment, low-risk, and return big business? I’ll explain to you.

I, investment.

1, funds.

industry segments in the early stage of the investment is very low, I have mentioned in front of many times, although a slight difference around, but the total investment will not exceed 10 million. If you own the construction site, or has set up a good entrepreneurial team, your investment will be lower, only need to buy space and domain name on the domain name,.Cn is now 1 yuan / year, while the.Com is about 56 yuan / year, plus a 1G space, the price there are three hundred to two, from two thousand, (because there are many factors affecting the specific), that is to say, your funds is 200 yuan -2000 yuan, this is probably the least entrepreneurial investment now.

2, time.

for the industry segments of the site’s business, accounting for the proportion of major investment should be time, but this is also for investment in terms of funds. Since the industry segments, the content of the site will not be much, more time should be spent in content selection, function settings and how to operate. The construction time of the site will vary from person to person, but I think it should be in the range of 1 months to 6 months, because in the early days it can only be regarded as a small website, content and function will not be much. After the website is built well, the time that spends in website management also won’t be very much, especially in initial stage, main is to publicize promotion and the improvement of the website. So, after do a certain scale, have a certain income, can spend time between maintenance and electronic commerce to others.

overall, the industry segments not only relative to the traditional enterprise, that is, relative to network start-ups, are the least investment.

two, risk.

risk is relative to investment, investment is risky, and the key is the size of risk. For a project with only a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars in investment, I think most people will be able to take the risk. For the time investment, you only need six months to a year to judge whether it is successful, and during this time you just take some spare time.

spends a small amount of money and spends some of your spare time doing an entrepreneurial activity. I think this risk should be the smallest in the world.

Even if the

fails, this loss for you should not count what, and in the process of entrepreneurship, you is not only a matter of interest, but also can learn a lot of things, all of this will give you a wealth of valuable experience for entrepreneurship.

three, return.

whether successful or failed, this kind of entrepreneurial activity is >

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