A few steps to Taobao

A few steps to Taobao

everyone in the use of data shelves, as far as possible to modify the baby name to the most complete. We can do an experiment, search for their own selling baby. The result is usually, can not find their own treasure, but can search for many other sellers of the same kind of baby. Why,


in fact, the answer is very simple, buyers search baby will search in the bar to enter the baby keywords, each person with each input keywords are not the same. In order to better let buyers search your baby, your keyword must be reflected in the baby name, or within the scope of the search engine allowed, so the more complete the baby name, the better. That way, no matter where the buyer searches, baby, your baby is very likely to be searched by buyers. There will be business to do Oh,


, A, to build true, relevant value baby keywords. Do you design content only for search or just for your visitors and customers? The answer is both.

, B, keyword position is particularly important, where the shop announcement, promotion area and other places can be inserted.

, C, and most importantly, the baby name itself. How should go on baby naming, in order to make buyers more easily find your goods at the time of search? Yi Cui network that can reference Taobao popular keywords in the classification of goods, goods in your name, can also join the brand name, function description and so on, at the same time, think of yourself as a buyer, assuming that you Taobao to buy their own baby, will search what kind of baby names, such as naming principles, her baby named right.

short, name of a baby is it can do a lot of articles, it is only in the mind to spend more, the more it can make the probability of novice sellers baby search to the more rapid increase, will flow in your shop.

with traffic, and then the store for effective management, in order to traffic into a transaction.

2, the current society, popular details, small details are important. Why do you have to dress up yourself when you go to a foreign company for an interview, while at home you have shorts, vests, or short skirts and slippers?. It’s a culture, and a detail. Do online shop is same, every detail shows your culture and attitude. You should pay attention to whether you have the QQ number and the cell phone number in your shop. Do you have the real name of the owner?. Many people have seen some sellers on brick, still spend money to decorate the shop. Why? Because they are not the source of goods, not the introduction, but beauty, atmosphere, visibility. This is a good influence for buyers. Many shopkeepers react so slowly that buyers are annoyed, others are consulted, and you don’t respond. In the online business, pay attention to is a fast son, you also want your goods sell faster, then please quickly reply buyers consultation. If there is something missing, directly in QQ and Wangwang settings: not beside the computer, the inconvenience to you!

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