Baidu K movie station was actually included

Baidu K movie station was actually included

some time ago I sent an article, my station was finally Baidu K, and the results of the article just 1 weeks, and Baidu released.

my website word called Youku, obviously keyword and optimization based. Youku keyword to second pages, 2 weeks by K

at that time, that keyword brings traffic, in fact, did not imagine much, on more than 1000, SEO is very powerful, but not as powerful as you think, or the long tail keywords to traffic is the most important.

actually I do is reduce the keyword density, for a stable space, in a similar Baidu included adding Links (in fact, it is a station to take the adventure), do not know is coincidence or what, the station was in collected again after being K.

is the keyword pages, which one is not optimized, why is not K, that is not the K optimization problem, may be their own problems, so the recent K friends on your stand, modify, likely to be included in many

this say, Baidu K previously included a page, now re included on the more than 900 page, don’t believe friends can site

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