Why is Google labeled malware web site

Why is Google labeled malware web site

yesterday, as usual, check out a small station on the internet. Baidu included normal, snapshot 24 hours, when open the Google check, found a big problem, the Google included links have been added "the site may contain malicious software, may harm your computer."

in front of a halo, unlikely ah, my station is good, how could there be a malicious software, the first thought is will allow hackers to the black, can be looked at his station, did not find what is wrong with it, your computer is not a virus, also installed in 360360 the police did not open the web site. Then open the FTP, compare the website files on your computer and the file size, several documents mainly is the same size, there is no problem; several major download files from the Internet, check the source code, there are no problems found. I don’t get it. My station is good. Why would you bring it with you?

later used the phrase in Baidu, "the site may contain malicious software that could harm your computer."." Check the relevant content, there are many, look, a little understanding. In any case, first of all, this sentence must be removed, otherwise people will not dare to enter my station. Clear method is also online search, we check it out, there are many, not detailed, simple column process.

to clear Google malware tags, the main tool: Google administrator tools, first of all, of course, go to GG to apply for a number, followed by adding verification sites. After successful validation, you can see the Google index status very clearly: this site may be spreading malicious software. When a Google user attempts to access a web page in this web site, you will see a warning page. You can visit the Google security browsing diagnostics page on your website for more information about the problems we found. Please help loading… Site safety recommendations consult the StopBadware.org (full English station, if you know some E the webmaster should be able to understand, or reverse translate, then according to the recommendations of the necessary changes to your web site. After removing harmful software from the website, you can apply for a re examination, and we will evaluate the website.

I don’t care so much. Anyway, my station is good. It’s no problem at all. I just want to apply for

"I’m sure you have deleted harmful software or harmful software links from my website, as recommended by StopBadware.org’s website security." This sentence is reverse translation, the original is in English, of course you also want to write English, that form there, as if the second sentence. Click apply audit. You can submit a request to goole to reevaluate your website.

and I saw StopBadware>, too

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