The development of commercial static website program let me 5000

The development of commercial static website program let me 5000

sees a lot of experience that runs website, the stationmaster that relies on website advertisement income to write experience, I write a few experience that develops business program.

I was in college when the development of web applications, but is a dynamic website program, 2005 fourth graduation day, a Shenyang friend called me and said: your mall system can help me to revise the static, is the kind of background program to generate the static pages I said: OK, the total price of 1200 yuan, 400 yuan deposit clients. Before graduation, I successfully completed the project, as scheduled, got the remaining 800 yuan.

after this, I began to operate 88red technology official website, starting from the static mall system, developed a static static English enterprise enterprise website system, Wang Han system, English trade system, static information system etc.. 3 years, the static program developed by this station, because the optimization effect is good, welcomed by the majority of commercial users, the monthly income remained at about 5000 yuan. Summing up more than 3 years of experience, I would like to talk about my own experience:

1, the development of Web site procedures must master a higher level of programming. Before the development of dynamic web site program, I feel very relaxed. The development of static web site program is slightly higher, involving static page generation,

classification page pagination, interactive function, and so on a lot of problems, so we must master the higher programming technology.

two, the development of Web site procedures need to meet customer needs. Three years, the development of the station mall procedures, enterprise website systems, foreign trade systems have adapted to the requirements of customers, the audience is wide, not as

gets cold treatment.

three, procedures for business charges. Many people think that free will have more future, but the site because I am a person in operation, the energy can not be many, can only serve commercial customers, so can only

services to a small number of customers, that is, commercial customers. In this way, commercial clients charge about 5000 of the monthly income.

four, provide technical support. Technical support only for commercial customers, of course, without modification, only to provide service and upgrade services.

five, developing other systems. In order to adapt to the requirements of different customers, and constantly try to develop other static web site program, this site dedicated to static web site program, this is also in the static this piece has

breakthrough important reason.


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