Rookie talk about the hearts of the three major station status quo

Rookie talk about the hearts of the three major station status quo

I don’t know how others ranked the three largest station, but for me, in my heart, the three station are China station (Chinaz), stationmaster net (Admin5), Chinese station (zzchn). The first two may be a lot of people are the same, may three a lot of webmaster webmaster heart will including Ali mother community or portal or other webmaster, webmaster Chinese may be a lot of people have different ideas, and even a lot of people have forgotten this station. However, Adsense China from the very beginning I like, from the beginning of his information, his style, his program source code, I like it very much, at that time, in addition to Admin5, is my most frequently went to the place. But then there was change, which led to a lot of people may have forgotten it. But I believe there are still many webmasters concerned about zzchn.


accidentally with a picture, do not know the three stations to their rankings, there is no specific rankings, because the three stations each one has its own merits is really good, what to do first rank, that he is a rookie, as seen recently on zzchn ready for rectification, so I want to put my heart the three station to write, just write, I hope you take a look at.

1. Chinese station: to tell you the truth, before the China station concerned is not very much, because it is the main news, he is not very concerned about the Internet news, unless it is hot news, since Linghu to join Chinaz to solitary news, do much better than before, in an interview with much. Daily news updates about three or four page appearance, not only the quality of news and the number of news are greatly improved. And now China station in efforts to increase popularity, do a lot of activities, including reading information now win coins and nostalgic classic website prize essay activities, are very attractive, but may now grassroots webmaster are not very concerned about the news, is more concerned about how to promote the operation of our website. My website how to profit and so on, on the Internet webmaster often go to NetEase IT, DoNews or other websites, so popular feeling is not very high, in fact, you carefully found that Chinaz now has changed a lot, including forums and websites.

webmaster with China Adsense station, and there is check ranking and webmaster tools, really do very well, should be deeply welcomed by many webmaster. Of course also includes its cnzz, webmaster statistics, and 51 it should be roughly the same? Or I don’t know who is higher with very limited knowledge and scanty information is low, but their use is 51. China stationmaster station content is very much, still have a lot of other content to do very good, oneself used to include its source code to download, model download, and software download.

said, China Adsense station is the three Webmaster Station in the boss, I think it should not be too, from the Alexa ranking can also be seen, its comprehensive ranking is >

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