Teach you how to locate your website’s profit model

Teach you how to locate your website’s profit model

profit, profit or profit! Most of the purpose of the station is for profit, of course, do not rule out a part of lovers in order to meet their own interests and build the station. Then a web site from the early site, after a normal flow, how to let the oneself put a lot of thought, and even your site dug the first pot of gold? So today, how old Wei to talk with you position yourself profitmodel, hope to have a little to see some inspiration to their own website "money view" of the small webmaster comrades.

profit is not a site can be achieved immediately after the establishment. So, what kind of Web site will start to profit from it? This is from your website positioning mentioned.

1, if you are industry station, then congratulations, your site in more than 50 of traffic can begin to make money for you. Why? Because is the specific population industry itself for this population, strong professional nature, your website in any related content links they will not let go, then, select the Google Baidu advertising and promotion is the industry have more than 50 standing on the flow of the most simple profit model, Google advertising keywords high degree of matching, it is easy for the user to click and produce for you to easily earn $. Some people say that Google advertising and Baidu promotion in the site only more than 50 traffic when the application can not ah, not rigid, so many people provide applications for these services, to find them to apply for one. Of course, pay attention to the account security.

with the rich content of the web site, as well as the growth of the chain, the industry station money scene has become increasingly prominent. When you enter the flow of more than 500 of the time, you can continue to do the above mentioned Google advertising or Baidu promotion, but also to open up the market a belong to your own – sell related products and the nature of the industry. Access to your web site, it is your greatest potential customers, as long as the site to the corresponding page or contact, ask the product and buy products will be more and more, and a product will sell you a cumulative reputation, for a long time the site will be your business the more and more.

2, and if you are a recreational station, then congratulations. Your website has a broad view of the money, but it’s different from the industry. You need a huge amount of traffic to make a profit. As for how to do big flow, this article will no longer say, do not understand the webmaster can see more A5 article, may get more inspiration from it.

has more than 1000 of the traffic, entertainment nature of the station, my personal advice is to do sales, of course, you can still put some click ads as a pre subsidy. But at a later stage, I suggest webmaster can remove entertainment click advertising to do product sales, after all, a site is not filled with advertisements, just click on the position of those ads is the most effective display position, why don’t you get rid of the low price of the click on the ads to put their products for? >

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