Pay the same effort you can do Taobao passenger earning 5K

Pay the same effort you can do Taobao passenger earning 5K

Taobao guest is one of the important ways for personal webmaster to get income, but many people still have no access to the road, and have been hovering to join the door of Taobao customers. I believe that Internet users have been online shopping needs, Taobao promotion will always exist. So you want to join Taobao,


June 9th A5 version of the chat activity, invite guest Master Jiang Junjun shared Taobao customer experience and product promotion experience, this order exceeded some questions and answers, welcome to discuss.


Jiang Junjun, born 87 years, net: small head with rejoice, married in 2010, there is a lively son. Is a rural disabled, just finished a high when an illness left thigh, learn the simple graphic design a prosthetic leg. Has been working for nearly 5 years, because of some factors resulting in disability work was dismissed in 2010 after the start of the network business contact Taobao customer, now Taobao customers, the monthly income of hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, May income is more than 27 thousand.

asked: "Taobao customers are so competitive now, what are the unique advantages of the webmaster,


: I started making Taobao off with a lot of domain name, then consider what no domain name, just registered, after it was found that the domain name contains some popular keywords, first on a map, I believe you have seen the word, a month is maintained at about 4000 of the amount. I was doing when the word is in the first row, because the word brings a lot of Taobao passenger revenue, the unique advantage of the domain name I want to count a bar.


: since the emergence of shopping assistants and all kinds of shopping plug-ins, Taobao has become more and more difficult. How do you keep it up,


answer: when you join the profession to do Taobao customers, life makes you have to adhere to, as usual work, they did not like the work, and to live, you have to adhere to. At the beginning of doing Taobao customers, for several months without income, because I am disabled, in order to support themselves, do not insist on it.

asked: "now Taobao’s competition is particularly large, no longer than that year, guests joined the webmaster industry, how do you think of doing Taobao customers?


: I remember the first time I do Wangzhuan time is 06 years, the Internet marketing, I am one of the victims, the Commission also pull off the assembly line, after being cheated in that open shop, because there is no supply in the Mom Forum casually looked, understanding of advertising alliance, made of garbage station, earn a few cents, or do not understand, give up.

In fact, I know Taobao

passenger is the first, then I am still working, because not too much time to spend 300 yuan to buy a program before you know is reselling N times N hand, until this do Wangzhuan work in the enterprise after the dismissal of the mind.


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