Some impressions of pork making

Some impressions of pork making

is a meat market owner, but this market has a unwritten rules, the buyer must give money, meat market management, the customer to confirm whether the fresh meat, I can go to cash. This is actually very good, the market is very standard

here, you should see the market in order to safeguard the interests of both sides and the rules, who in this materialistic society fake everywhere affects the consumer.

one day, I met a look a little lovely man, the story of the second hero debut.

rules to play money, two people chat very speculative, very brief encounter feeling.

second days, I saw that the old man had an opening, I rely on waiting for him, and not to do business, a business to a happy heart,.

brother, ah, your meat, not fresh! This question is a rather baffling, yesterday not to have you seen meat is fresh or not? Why? Well, the old man said: don’t mention it, you want the flesh color no color, no oil to the oil. The pig is not lack of nutrition, today that you don’t want the money, give me so much meat?

I was bored??


also said that eating pork is not good, also want to free? I rely on, what Shidao… No way, two people to the theory of marketing, market management is in a dilemma, two people would argue for two or three days, got a very depressed, business has plummeted, ah, this could encounter rogue it!! encounter this kind of market management and what is the way?


Oh, this little story template with us what is the difference!! let me feel million, and recently, those things happen in my body, after the old man confirmed the function, (meat), appearance, also confirmed that the code, also on his belly again, I rely on, boy, your art, why so bad,

At the end of the story of



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