Low key gorgeous analysis of the new version of the same process network home

Low key gorgeous analysis of the new version of the same process network home

same course network (www.17u.net) revised, the news recently learned.

from time to time, perhaps this is not news, because the on-line time for July 28, 2009, has been half a month’s time. But the author discovered through the search engine, this half month, actually does not have one to relate with the way new home page information, therefore, is still reluctantly counted as the news. Half a month without related reports, we can see a low profile. But to evaluate its website operators, but it failed, home page revision is a big event, but did not make good use of speculation, and then set off a wave of media waves, it is a pity.

above as a temporary explanation of the title of the article "low-key", and "gorgeous" can be changed from the following simple analysis:

, from narrowband to broadband

is one of the largest tourism e-commerce platform, with the way the old version of the home page always gives people a feeling of inadequacy, do not accord with the identity. Even the narrow screen looks very worthy of trust, this is a large version of the home page? Open instantly give a person a kind of amazing feeling, from the bottom of my heart will agree this is a station. The light blue looks formal, even serious, commercial, and more in line with an B2B website.

two, from the face of travel practitioners to tourism practitioners and tourists both sides

the new version of the page navigation in addition to retain the industry concern, inquiry, quotation, business directory, travel news and other traditional content, and directly associated with tourists, such as tourist destination Raiders, train, bus query etc.. It also includes hotel, ticket booking and other product information.

this is an innovative attempt, can understand this from two seemingly contradictory settings, one is to provide a chance for members and visitors of their exchanges, so that its members can better understand the needs of tourists, and improve their service; on the other hand can be seen in the same way network tourists pay more attention on the rise, hotels, air tickets, tickets and booking line, this is a trend.

three, the first frequency content is still focused on the industry

said, although the new version of the home page the same way for the tourism practitioners and tourists two people, strengthen the propaganda for tourists, but it is still a subject for the B2B cooperation website, this is the fundamental reason why started the same way network, is the advantage.

four, new hotel direct marketing network

hotel direct marketing network, known as "righteousness", that is, the hotel directly for tourists selling rooms website. The same process originally provided the hotel booking service, such competition project settings can not help but make people doubt. But think carefully, the other is the same way to vision, whether it is seven days of success, or "carry case events" indicate a problem, although the hotel distribution can not be replaced, but the hotel direct but will continue to develop, in the market share.

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