Han Hongxiang how to improve website traffic

Han Hongxiang how to improve website traffic

these days, more and more websites make it easy to make websites, but it’s still a little difficult to make a website with high traffic. Well, how to improve the flow of a site? Han Hongxiang according to some of their own experience, to list some of the more useful methods for reference.

one, through the website page optimization to enhance website traffic

1, paging the article

pages to read longer pages, longer page will increase the page size, is not conducive to the user to browse the page, page after can improve website PV, specifically how long the paging, follow a principle: do not cause the user antipathy.

2, enhancing the readability of related articles

is mainly links to articles, keywords, links to previous articles in the article, articles on the right side of the web, lists of recommendations, articles published recently, and so on.

3, do some adjustments where the user is operating,

this download station uses more, for example, when the software content page hits the download, it pops up a special download link page.

in addition to the three point, web page design need to think from the perspective of a search engine, the important is talked about in the second point, some other details not specifically, can see this article "website design is how to search engine friendly".

two, through the search engine optimization to enhance website traffic

first you have to make sure your website has a certain amount of content, at least 300-400 pages. If each page can bring 10 IP from the search engine, there will be a lot of traffic. Here comes specific about how to improve traffic flow through the search engine optimization

1, web design is a search engine friendly

only your website page is taken by search spider, your page can be searched only, just can bring IP for you. So your website design must be friendly to search engines.

2, keyword research,

uses keyword tools to do research to see which keywords fit your website and understand the key words that competitors use. How to do keyword analysis, you can read this article: http://s.hanhx.cn/post/70.html.

3, around the keyword to create content

many web designers often say: "web content is for users to see.". But I personally think: Web content is not only for users to see, but also to the search engine to see. This time, you need to use the keywords you have identified to build web content. Such as: let keywords appear frequently in the article, keywords appear in the title, mate, keywords, mate, descripti>

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