Buy American space please pay attention to distinguish between true and false evaluation informatio

Buy American space please pay attention to distinguish between true and false evaluation informatio

recently, due to the well-known reasons, many personal webmaster tend to choose American space to put their own web site, one does not need Beian, and secondly, the cost is also higher than the domestic. In this regard, the American space shopping guide ( made the following recommendations:

don’t believe the "American space review" or "American space ranking, this site is personal maintenance (if you are careful enough can also search the space in Google, found on the right side of the Google ad). They usually rank according to the level of commission, not the quality of the mainframe. The hosting plan contains the content should be provided to the virtual host’s official site as the standard, not to be part of the review site misleading information obsolete, should pay attention to those hosting plan sometimes changes (such as agonists or stop promotion). Choose a foreign virtual host, because the relative information is relatively small, so you must be careful before you choose. Friends who are good at English are advised to go to such forums as WebHosting and Talk. Here’s an important tip: look at the name of the virtual host provider with the "sucks" search. For example: use Google to search for globat sucks or Dreamhost sucks (what did you find? Many foreigners were complaining about the two hosts).

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buy abroad, don’t be tempted by the very price advantage of the package, many foreign virtual host supplier OverSelling (i.e. over the service capability of sales) habits, such as the now famous Dreamhost notes, excessive pursuit of cheap, often the quality of service is not guaranteed. Similar OverSelling host business, as well as Globat.

domestic access is a very critical factor, I think you do not want to see domestic users in order to visit your site and busy looking for proxy server it. Because the general virtual host space is Share IP service, so once the IP or the server on some sites out of the question, is China’s telecommunications sector shield, then only for space or other server, so if the budget is enough, you can consider buying a separate IP, of course some host is now independent IP, but in the long run, if the same price to send you an independent IP, then you have to pay attention to his other quality of service have shrunk, send independent IP company

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