Taobao guest website is intensive and meticulous farming on the road of sustainable development

Taobao guest website is intensive and meticulous farming on the road of sustainable development

from June 5th Baidu large area K Taobao guest website for some time, these days, I always think about a question: the next Taobao guest website model will be like?

from my own 2 years of experience: do Taobao customers rely on search engines, sending the connections are not the road of sustainable development, can get a harvest, but every day is always worried about traffic volume, especially when their hard to flow up, trading volume also increased, and when their own at the height of their income, are worried about the problem has occurred naturally from the top as the bottom, the taste is really funny, but I think the Taobao customer profit model is currently the best choice for all advertising in recent years, because it tasted all kinds of advertising, from SP to do the Google alliance to large and small, of every hue of other advertising alliance, had on $200 per day, a day into the RMB500 download into each mode, but each None of the sites will last long, almost earn some money and live the money they spend today. Now think back, before doing the station, some have hung, eventually become dead stop, and some even domain name can not remember.

since the emergence of the Ali Mama, Taobao customer, I have been using the advertising deal into the channel for their Wangzhuan Road, I say Taobao customers is the best choice, is observed, compared with data before the conclusion, because Taobao customer as long as Taobao, electronic business, Taobao off the pattern must exist, this is the observation that, there is a variety of comparison after I do Wangzhuan site around the past few years, through the website to make money is nothing more than the content and flow, when do Google union basically rely on the collection content, but such stations insist on keyword optimization it does not take a long time, then had thunderbolt download into content is almost on the acquisition of it, along with the increase of the content of the flow is also increasing, although the income increased High, but the server bandwidth cost has become the bottleneck of the development. So, finally, it’s worth giving up. The data through the income data it can reflect, when Google advertising alliance reached 200 dollars, up to 500RMB download into, but Taobao has had 6000 days into the guest experience, this data is not just talk, I believe you have heard "on the shit" story.

but the past is past, and glorious history cannot be as brilliant and stay, now rely on search engines to do Taobao off the pattern has become the past tense, ranked by search engines every day, worried that one day will fall from the first page or simply disappear, if you want to develop in the Amoy Road, we should be thinking of the new Taobao customer mode. In the previous Taobao customer mode: forums, mailing, software group, the establishment of promotion blog, API station and so on, when these methods more natural effect is poor, and even some blog shield connection to the work you do come to naught, although the website.

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