How does website operations integrate with marketing 4C principles

How does website operations integrate with marketing 4C principles

now with the domestic demand of animation continues to improve, animation website has also ushered in their development in the spring, but there will be a chance to challenge, now animation users become more mature, resulting in the difficulty of increasing web site operators. Moreover, the market is fixed, the product is fixed, but on the whole, can provide products are similar, then how to attract many users, it becomes the top priority of the operation of animation website. It is also a question that we practitioners have been thinking about.

and everyone knows that the core of e-commerce is network marketing, and network marketing is the most important 4C theory. 4C is the American Marketing Master lauteborn created by 4C theory, namely: the customer wants and needs, to meet the cost of customer acquisition, customer purchase convenience and communication. From 4P to 4C, it is clear that everyone has a cognitive shift to website operations, and the guiding role of this 4C principle for website operations is obvious and easy to see.

Customer user

animation site is the most important is that consumers in the marketing theory in the most basic elements of the consumer, how to improve the viscosity of the user and allow users to attract more users, which not only saves the cost of marketing, but also play the scale effect makes a drive, let the whole animation site and vitality power are guaranteed, but we see that most of the animation website same forums and discussion the way to attract users to distinguish between each of the viscosity is very low, which also resulted in the animation site homogeneity, thus make the site difficult to highlight, so do the animation site must make its own characteristics to bring the user, through the characteristic viscosity more.

of course design some things or to pay attention to the combination of use and users, such as clear navigation, search smoothly, can quickly find the comic, if you use the login system, you can take the method of watercress imitate website, I want to let customers to mark and read comic books, websites and users the interaction process in the process of forming and attract log viscosity.

Convenience convenient

Of course,

in the operation of the animation site on some mainstream comics monopoly right to publish is of little significance and major websites in the mainstream comics on the competition, but the domestic cartoon market should be quite large, the cartoon needs a lot of people, how to attract consumers by convenience can also be said to be a means, since the mainstream comics no way the first time updates, then it can be divided into many, do some niche and not be domestic agent in the comics, leading Internet time and release, to attract more individuals to pay attention to the website, provide convenient comic media is for the customer, and the ultimate beneficiaries or website only by itself, meet the interests of users, the site itself is reflected in the value, so when the operation of the animation site, service object is the need to carefully Investigation and research。


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