To discuss the nternet plus farming my boss the owners of the road from the farmers

To discuss the nternet plus farming my boss the owners of the road from the farmers

Hello, everyone. My name is Tian Lei. I’m a real farmer. I graduated from the primary school, through the "Internet plus farming" this wave of business trend, finally have their own farm, set up a registered capital of more than 10 million of the company. Now also began his webmaster road. The following are my own real experiences:

, the peasant experience has brought me a breakthrough in life

I was a farmer in Zhengyang County of Henan Province, but Zhengyang county is the first county in Zhengyang peanut, 2 million acres of arable land, 1 million 500 thousand acres are peanuts, peanut oil, as we all know, can eat, and the wine is delicious. But the peanuts have been harvested. How about so many peanut seedlings? It’s a big problem for the farmers. Throw it away. It’s a pity to find a place to pile up. Feed the animals. I can’t eat that much. Therefore, there is grassland, the existence of this industry.


in 2010, I came into contact with agriculture and animal husbandry, so my life changed. I was busy when only farming, slack time will go out to work, some construction sites to do coolie, life is also passable. But I see so many people in the village folks are unable to deal with peanut, I thought: peanut is a good fodder for farmers, even more than feed nutrition. Because peanut seedlings are rich in nutrients. According to analysis, the peanut leaves and stems of creeping growth contain 12.9% crude protein, 2% crude fat and 46.8% carbohydrate, among which the content of crude protein in peanut leaves is as high as 20%. You can digest protein, 1 kilograms of dried peanut seedlings containing digestible protein about 70 grams, but also contains 17 grams of calcium, 7 grams of phosphorus. The crude protein content in peanut seedlings was 1.6 times that of pea seedlings and 6 times that of rice straw. The energy produced by livestock feeding 1 kilograms of peanut seedlings is equivalent to the energy produced by 0.6 kg barley. In general, 300 kilograms of peanuts per acre will yield 300 kilograms of peanut seedlings, which are used to feed livestock, which is equivalent to the feeding effect of 180 kg barley. Peanut seedlings not only rich in nutrition, but also soft texture, livestock and poultry can be eaten. Feeding livestock and poultry with peanut seedlings is an important way to develop feed and animal husbandry in rural areas. At that moment, my heart secretly vowed: "we must fight to the end, change the fate of the present!"

with these precious experience, I had to open the farm idea, to Shandong immediately, Hebei and other regions with farmers, through communication they really need a lot of forage peanut, and then quickly returned home to buy a small device, near the village built a small meadow, in the autumn, nearby villagers it can’t handle the peanut seedling to me. After I bought a lot of them, I contacted the wagons and sent them to foreign farms. After a good cycle, my pasture slowly went into size.

as the volume of business continues to expand, my pasture and nearby towns have been unable to meet the needs of my tourists. I’ll look for the grass nearby

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