Game sweep fence with Baidu

Game sweep fence with Baidu

the second half of 2009, is sweeping the fence the most difficult year of life, from this difficult and hard game between the overlord Baidu search. Sweep the fence is a pure literary website, an advocate of "original, pure and beautiful" of the literature website, from its inception in May 2008, catch is that the pure literature website end bus. In such a site, like tea and other old pure literary website, have defected to the love, only a fool, no place to spend money to adhere to the pure and beautiful talent. Although in 2009, sweeping the fence PR has reached 5, but traffic is still very small, only a day less than 300 IP, has launched a Google advertisement — of course, is in the website does not affect the position of the line of sight, a total of only $12 – $12 this has yet to get to know about Google 100 dollars to fight money. My website is relatively early in the US, I was originally with the boy, now I have to show people do crack stand $more than 200 a month brilliant performance, poor Anzhe old brother is still so beautiful and pure clear heights. Not only no income, it is difficult to site to survive, a year more than 3000 server costs, by holding their own work to subsidize wages last year — as I did the slaves escaped the server has become a big problem. Because there is no money to continue to invest, change to promote the site, the site will have to die, I do not know hang, a few want to stop food.

until one day, I suddenly in Adsense nets see, the original use of the PR value is also can make money, life drops. My PR is 5, is not low, now should be able to make money. With the attitude of trying to see, and a link to buy a link, he asked, "how much a month?" I said 30. The man made a clean payment and made a link. Then I found one, and I said 40, and so did the man. Another one, I said 50, and so did the man. The highest one is 70. It’s a private terminal. Oh, this is good, two hundred or three hundred of the income calculation for a month, enough to feed a website. I am not greedy for money, or do not insist on doing such stations. I know I should take this money out of the website, and I’ll give it to the author of the website. The pure literary website to the author to press charges, you heard of it? And stick to a fence, but later had to stop. How do you stop? This time it’s Baidu.

link on our website webmaster, has suddenly stopped renewals, is stopped. I wonder, ask what happened, they say, your station was Baidu down right. It turned out that since I made a number of paid links, it was cheating on the search button and was punished. The way is to reduce the punishment, including your website, snapshot a few days tens of days or even months not update your web page, the page is not updated, people do link do in your home page, it will lose the value and significance of delivery? So, natural person to withdraw. Well, not only can not earn a penny, owed royalties paid by the website, included sharp, site visits also dropped, cold day.

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