What problems should you pay attention to when correcting the website

What problems should you pay attention to when correcting the website

The result of the revision of the

website is to make the website better and attract more visitors. But sometimes website revision will not taste loss, because some keywords ranking will be affected. Then, in the process of website revision, should pay attention to those details,


1, space and domain name does not, the domain name is one of the weights of the website. The longer the domain name, the higher the search engine’s weight to the site. If you do the revision is to space and domain name change, the equivalent of a new website and not the website revision, all the weight of the site is not, search engines could take a long time to collect your site.

2 of the website, it is best not to change the directory folders directory is best not to change, so the search engine will quickly collect the information in the file, if you get rid of it, the search engine will be re included files. Of course, for those who are unreasonable and unfriendly to search engines, you can change them.

3, website keyword best not to change before the new construction site, the old site of the title, content and keyword best not to change, because it may make the website ranking is not stable, like my site www.21ytnet.com, when I change often go to change the key word, ranking has been up and down, is very unstable. But after Admin5 saw a piece of article, did not change keyword, the ranking of the result website is relatively stable.

4, Sitemaps update allows search to save time on the site included, to speed up the new site to include speed. Suggest the best to establish Sitemaps, so Sitemaps will tell the search engine, my website is changing, guide "spider" to include the new page after the website revision.

5, the original web site is best not to change, in doing website revision, you can change the structure and content of the page, but it is best not to change the web page. Even if the information in the web page is modified, but also to find the "spider" "according to the previous path, this new web content will be included in the web spider faster, the original ranking and PR value also won’t have what change.

6, late maintenance, after the website revision, a new site came out, then want to update the website content, such as writing some original articles. Then add a little outside the chain, do not add garbage or dead links, it is better to high-quality, so that search engines will be faster included new web pages.

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