Three years 7 22 up with vigour and vitality

Three years 7 22 up with vigour and vitality

woke up today to open my website, suddenly I even have the heart to jump off, the first is the use of Baidu search engine input site:+ domain name, said that no direct access to this page, advice, lost a few times like this, then I found a SEO query let me crash information by:


The entire site was

K, is 3 years of painstaking efforts in vain? I really not willing to lose, but a few have found that Baidu search engine included in the 0, the chain also reduced a lot, 3 year old site because of a 7.21 K, three years of my effort how to face up to his girlfriend and his family.

08 years from the start in the Internet has been around, regardless of the family chose the Internet site blocking career, I have been in the operation of the site, from the beginning to now, his family persuaded many times I seek industry, in reality every day to accompany me girlfriend on the site more than 11 points, this is the power of love. But because an update to let me make a living website is K, we can say is really with vigour and vitality three year site, up 7.21 empty, in the face of this situation I have taken several measures below, hope they can Baidu mercy, I have a bright day.

1, quickly check the website Links, during the inspection I saw several K sites, like me have no Baidu snapshot, I hurried through the background of the link management function will delete these no Baidu snapshot web links.

2, clean up the site dead links, through the website information query in Chinaz dead link inspection, found throughout the site more than 800 links in the presence of 23 dead links, when I see so many dead be startled at the link, and then spent half an hour time to the dead link is deleted, and hope that these will not delete which website again by Baidu hate.

3, to enhance the user experience, users want to see in the web site is what he needs content, so that it can fundamentally improve the site’s conversion rate, reduce the site’s jump out rate, so as to provide a support for the Baidu website boost forward. So I immediately released 1 yuan 100 yuan in the pig’s task, hoping to get high quality articles related to the theme of the website.

4, uninstall the 51 install Baidu statistics, Baidu seems to have no way this menacing, not to install some Baidu products is not enough, so I will delete the 51 statistics on the site, the installation of a Baidu statistics, statistics after installation, I also found there is also statistical advice function, and then try to make the corresponding modify.


5, Baidu statistics I installed on the web site of the chain fell reasons were analyzed in theory, my site outside the chain has been very stable, is to rely on manual hair links, why the chain will fall in this update? After I released the chain of several > on the previous

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